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*[[Kal Penn]] as [[Ahmed Amar]]
*[[Kal Penn]] as [[Ahmed Amar]]
*[[Raphael Sbarge]] as [[Ray Wallace]]
*[[Raphael Sbarge]] as [[Ray Wallace]]
*[[Eric Bruskotter]] as
*[[Eric Bruskotter]] as Stan
*[[Steven Schub]] as
*[[Steven Schub]] as Middle Eastern Man
=== Co-starring ===
=== Co-starring ===

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Following a series of devestating terrorist attacks that have killed 900 people in many different cities over eleven weeks, many Americans have become suspicious of Middle Easterners, and amid a feeling of being 'under seige', President Wayne Palmer has arranged for a prisoner exchange bringing Jack Bauer back from China.

Episode guide

The following takes place, between 6:00am and 7:00am...

The Fox News broadcast

A group of people are watching a news broadcast, which is describing the events of the last eleven weeks; a wave of attacks has devastated America, the lastest of which occured in San Antonio.

A Middle Eastern man joins them, and gathers furtive and suspiscious glances, just as the newsreader announces that evidence points to Islamic militants as being behind the attacks.

He sees his bus pulling away, and runs towards the bus attempting to get the driver to stop. However, the driver ignores him, and the bus pulls away. Inside, and Asian man is sitting with bag, playing with an MP3 player. He presses a button and the bus explodes.

At the White House, Thomas Lennox and Karen Hayes are arguing over whether or not the new President, Wayne Palmer, should set up 'detention facilities' according to Lennox and 'concentration camps' accroding to Hayes, to detain the American Muslim population.

Blake Simon tells President Palmer that there is precendent to this sort of action, citing Abraham Lincoln's suspension of habeus corpus during the American Civil War, and Franklin Roosevelts internment of Japanese-Americans during World War Two.

Memorable quotes

  • Newsreader: America has been victimised again. Last night's terrorist attack in San Antonio is now the latest in this series of bombings that began eleven weeks ago in ten different cities. Over nine hundred people have been killed thus far, and though no one has claimed resposnibility for this wave of death, evidence points to Islamic militants. Here in Los Angeles the mood can only be described as tense and fearful, as the Department of Homeland Security is urging all citizens to report, without delay, any suspicious persons or activities. We spoke with a Department spokesperson, who says, quote, "We don't want to start a witch hunt, but we would rather err on the side of caution, then become the next target." He then went on to say that the vigilance of the public is the best line of defense against attack.

  • Thomas Lennox: Our country is under siege. Now you're the National Security advisor Karen, frankly I'm surprised by your resistance.
  • Karen Hayes: These places that you keep building are nothing more than concentration camps.
  • Thomas Lennox: Detention facilities, and the criteria for determining who should be detained are very reasonable.
  • Karen Hayes: Reasonable? This revised plan of yours justifies locking up every American who prays towards Mecca!

  • Thomas Lennox: Security has its price!
  • Wayne Palmer: So does freedom, Tom.

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