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Jack Bauer finds another lead to Gredenko through two brothers. Karen Hayes goes to Sandra Palmer in hopes of getting President Palmer to stop Daniels. Mike Doyle finds evidence that Nadia is innocent, and she is released. President Palmer is awakened and stops the retaliatory strike, but not before Daniels expresses his belief and resolve to see that there is a strike on Fayed's country.

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  • Dmitri Gredenko warns Abu Fayed the Americans know their location, and insists they launch one of the aerial drones immediately and find another way to use the remaining two nuclear bombs later. They watch as the nuclear drone takes off.
  • The Counter Terrorist Unit loses track of the nuclear drone on its satellites. Chloe O'Brian discovers it is able to stay hidden because the pilot has access to their systems through Nadia Yassir's workstation. Mike Doyle accuses Nadia of relaying the data deliberately and violently interrogates her, but Milo Pressman stops him after they track down the pilot himself.
  • Jack Bauer leads an assault against the pilot's hideout. He discovers the nuclear drone's target is San Francisco and uses the pilot's control panel to force it into a crash-landing, successfully preventing its detonation.
  • Vice President Noah Daniels is informed by Bill Buchanan the aerial drone was brought down, though the core was damaged, releasing radioactive material in the area. Daniels insists this represents an attack on their nation and that they must retaliate against the Middle East with an "in kind" military response. He gives Secretary of Defense Ethan Kanin the order to launch a missile as soon as the nuclear submarine is in range.
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between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Buchanan tells Jack that they have no leads


At the drone pilot's location, Victor is being wheeled out as Jack Bauer lets the med team know that he needs to stay alive because of the two remaining suitcase nukes. Mike Doyle lets him know that CTU has detected the radiological spill that was released from the nuclear bomb Bauer just crash landed. Upon hearing that there are minimal casualties, Jack tells Doyle to start searching for leads to Dmitri Gredenko. He then receives word that the Victor died. Jack calls Bill Buchanan at CTU to apprise him. Bill tells him that no leads have come up on their end either. He then tells Jack that the spill has created a problem in Washington, D.C., as Vice President Noah Daniels has still ordered a strike against Abu Fayed's country. Jack is in disbelief at the act of aggression that Daniels is willing to take. Bill tells him to find Fayed or Gredenko before the strike happens in less than an hour. Jack ends the call.

Gredenko calls someone on his satellite phone, but gets no answer. He then goes back to Fayed, who is watching the news. Fayed tells him that the Americans discovered their plan, as there is no news of another detonation. Gredenko says that they are safe. Fayed then turns on him and tells him that the operation is over because he failed. Gredenko says it isn't over, because they have two more bombs. Fayed throws him against the wall at gunpoint and claims ownership of the bombs. Gredenko reminds him that only he can provide Fayed with the targets. He then tells Fayed to shoot him or put down the gun. Fayed releases him, and Gredenko calls someone else on his sat phone.


Dmitri Gredenko talks to Mark Hauser

Mark Hauser picks up and Gredenko tells him that the access that he paid for is void. Hauser tells him that it'll take time to get the new protocols. Gredenko tells him to be ready in 40 minutes, and hangs up. Mark then goes back to his brother, Brady, and gives him the eggs he was just cooking. Brady complains about the peppers he put in, and Mark offers to take them out. Brady thanks Mark for taking care of him. Mark then asks him to access the files he needs from his office. Brady goes to do so as Mark looks on.


Gredenko gets into his cars to start moving towards the Hausers, but leaves Fayed behind. At CTU, Milo Pressman is watching Nadia Yassir, who is in holding, from his station. Buchanan walks up to him and tells him that Nadia is being treated as an enemy combatant. Milo expresses that he doesn't believe she betrayed them. Buchanan says that the facts indicate that she indeed was. Chloe O'Brian walks up and lets him know of a lead. She tells him that through monitoring Gredenko's associates, she found that Mark Hauser called Gredenko a few minutes before. She pulls up his file, which includes work on many facilities. Buchanan tells her to get his address to Jack so he can lead a team over. Back at the pilot's location, Doyle goes over to talk to Connell Johnson.


Connell shows Doyle a remote access module, which gave him access to CTU's servers. Doyle tells him that Nadia was the one who gave him the access. Connell tells him that she didn't, but he did through one of the radical sites that Nadia was monitoring, and the access module is proof. Nadia was compromised. Connell tells him that this puts Doyle in a tough position, as he led the interrogation against her. Doyle defends himself, but Connell tells him that it may not play out that way in court. He also does say that he does owe him, and gives him the module. Jack then walks in, on the phone. He tells Doyle of a lead on Gredenko. Doyle asks to stay behind. Jack tells him ok, then goes to get a team together. Doyle stares at the module in his hand.

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Sandra Palmer looks at her comatose brother

President Wayne Palmer is still in his coma as his sister, Sandra stares on. Karen Hayes then walks up to her. She asks how Sandra is doing, and gives her a hug. Sandra says that the situation doesn't seem real as Karen offers her condolences. Karen tells her that she needs her help with the situation at the White House. She tells her about the imminent nuclear strike, and how she has no support in stopping it. She says that Daniels, and the Cabinet, are just scared. She then tells Sandra how Wayne tried to reach out to the Middle East governments to stop Fayed, and the strike is a reversal of what he was working for. Sandra figures out that she wants Palmer out of the coma. Karen tells her that she needs her consent. Sandra tells her the doctor's prognosis, but Karen says that they don't have a few days. Sandra is perturbed at the uncertainty of Wayne's condition if they do this. Karen says that they need to try, because it is necessary. Sandra tells her that she can't. Karen begs her, but she says that she's lost one brother, and can't lose another. Karen tells her that the responsibility is hers to help stop the nuclear strike. Sandra then agrees to talk to Dr. Welton, but asks for forgiveness if she is wrong.

Vice President Daniels is notified that the USS Vickery is closing in on Fayed's country, and will reach it in 40 minutes. Admiral John Smith lets him know of the blast radius of their nuclear warhead, and that the message will be heard. Daniels commends him on his work, and asks Tom Lennox for the damage estimates. Lennox hesitates, then starts to tell the table, as Lisa Miller hands Daniels a note. Daniels then interrupts him, and steps out. Daniels asks Lisa why they're taking Wayne out of his coma. Lisa says that Sandra gave her consent. Daniels thinks that Karen is behind this. He calls Dr. Welton, who is with Sandra and Karen. He tells them that President Palmer is breathing on his own. Dr. Welton says that it's still too soon to see if he will regain consciousness. He then receives Daniel's call. Daniels lets him know that he knows the situation, and that he may be risking the life of the President. He tells the doctor of the real reason why Sandra wants him stable, and Dr. Welton says that he isn't concerned with that. Daniels assumes that he agrees and wants Palmer to pull through. Daniels threatens him to stop, but Dr. Welton tells him that he is required to follow Sandra's wishes. Daniels continues to threaten him if Palmer dies. They end the call.



Jack talks to Brady Hauser

At the Hausers', Jack's team has arrived. They see both of them in the house. Chloe sends him a photo of Mark to confirm his residence. Jack then gives them a go ahead. Mark picks up a shotgun as the team busts into the house. Mark is shot and the rest of the team secures the house, including Brady. Jack sees Brady, and tells the team to take him out of the room. Jack is notified that Mark needs medical treatment, but knows that they don't have enough time. Jack goes over to Brady to talk to him. Brady asks to see his brother, but Jack needs to ask him some questions. Brady expresses the fact that he won't answer them, but Jack says that it's okay to talk to him. He asks Brady what he was working on, and Brady tells him about the files that he was manipulating. Jack tells him that he can see Mark soon. Jack goes out of the room and talks to Mark. He tells Mark of the situation, and how he was using his brother. Jack threatens Mark by telling him that his brother will be shown no mercy in court unless Jack helps. Jack does offer his help, but only for Gredenko. Mark tells him that he was selling security for the Edgemont Nuclear Power Plant.

Back at CTU, Doyle walks in and introduces Connell to Buchanan. Connell tells Buchanan of what they found. He goes to work as Doyle asks if Nadia gave up any more information. Buchanan says that she's still denying. Milo walks up with a call from Jack for Bill. Bill takes the call, and Jack tells him the situation. Bill asks Jack to take care of the situation, but Jack tells him about Brady, who he plans to use.

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Jack goes back to talk to Brady. Brady realizes that his brother has done something wrong. Jack asks for Brady's help by talking to Mark with him together. Brady runs over to him, but Mark tells him that he is ok. Mark tells him to stay with Jack's team, and to follow Jack's orders. He promises that Jack will take care of him. Jack then starts the call to Gredenko



Mark Hauser is forced to call Gredenko

Gredenko picks up, and Mark makes up a story about not being at their meeting site. Mark tells him that he's sending Brady to give them to him unless he wants to wait. Gredenko agrees, and tells him to meet in the parking lot across the street from his house. Mark agrees, then ends the call. Jack allows Mark to be taken to a hospital, and reassures Brady that he will be ok.


Back at CTU, Connell talks to Milo. He mentions Nadia to him, which strikes his attention. He tells Milo about the evidence that proves Nadia's innocence. Connell tells him that her system was breached, and Doyle has the evidence. He tells Milo that he still hasn't submitted it, and Milo rushes over to Doyle, ready to grab him. Buchanan restrains him, but Milo yells about the evidence. Buchanan asks if it's true, and Doyle says yes. Then, Morris O'Brian runs over and tells them that Doyle gave it to him. Doyle explains that he wanted verification before he brought it to Buchanan. Morris confirms that Nadia's innocent. Buchanan says that he will view the evidence for further clarification, but yells at both Doyle and Milo to go back to work. They agree, and Morris goes with Buchanan. Connell looks on as Milo apologizes. Doyle tells him it's not his fault, and to forget about it. He goes back to Connell, and threatens him before walking away.

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Milo and Nadia

Nadia is still in her holding room, when Buchanan walks in and demands her uncuffed. He sits down and tells her about the evidence. He clears her from suspicion, and apologizes for the situation. Nadia is about to walk out, but Bill tells her not to quit and take legal action. He asks her to stay because of the crisis. Nadia looks at him, and agrees to stay. Chloe walks over to Milo to tell him that Nadia should be ready to go. She expresses the discomfort that will probably be felt between then because of her detainment. Milo asks why so. Chloe points out his feelings for her. They see her come back to the main floor, and Chloe walks away. Milo tells Nadia that she has regained all access. She tells Milo not to say anything and walks away. Milo follows her. She tells him that there is nothing between them, and she doesn't blame him for believing she was guilty. Milo then gets closer, and eventually kisses her. He tells her that she was right, but he still wanted to apologize. Nadia then goes back to work.

Sandra is watching Wayne as Karen comes back in. Sandra is worried that they haven't heard from Dr. Welton. He then comes him and tells them that there's more swelling on Wayne's brain. He says that Wayne could be permanently brain damaged and suggests to start up the coma again. Sandra tells him no, and asks if there's a chance that he'll be ok. Sandra tells him to go through. The nurse then calls Dr. Welton over. Wayne begins to crash. Sandra and Karen go out. More doctors come to work on Wayne.

At the Hauser's, Jack tells one of the agents that they have no option but to work with Brady. He goes over to Brady and gives him a comm unit. He puts it in Brady's ear, and lets him know that he doesn't want Gredenko to hear him. Brady understands, and Jack gives him a disk to give to Gredenko. He then leads Brady outside. He tells him not to be scared. Brady then goes off to his position across the street. The three teams respond in. Jack tells the third team to take out Gredenko and tells the other teams to protect Brady.


Jack radios Brady, who acknowledges him. Brady asks to see his brother, and Jack tells him after they are finished. The teams are still in position as an SUV comes up. Jack tells Brady to get ready. Gredenko comes out, and Jack tells the third team to take their shot when they have one. Gredenko asks for the files. Brady gives them to him. One of the agents tells Jack that Brady is in the way of his shot. Gredenko then reads the data on his computer. He tells Brady that he looks nervous. Brady looks worried. Jack then reads that Gredenko has ordered Brady to be killed. The team still does not have a shot. Jack radios Brady and tells him to duck down when he tells him. The files are verified by Gredenko. Jack tells Brady to get down, but he doesn't. At the very last second, he gets down, and Gredenko is shot with a tranquilizer. The rest of the teams shoot everyone else. Brady is on the ground, as is Gredenko. He asks to see his brother. Jack tells the teams to get Gredenko in the house and tell Buchanan that they have him. Gredenko is taken away.

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Jack comforts Brady

Jack takes Brady to a car, and tells him that he's going to see his brother. He then leaves him. Jack watches the car leave, then changes his facade. He goes into the house, and is notified that he doesn't have the bombs. Jack tells the agent that he needs no help interrogating him. Jack walks inside the house. Gredenko knows all about him. Jack tells him to give up the locations of the bombs. He tells him that President Yuri Suvarov won't be happy to see him when he is sent back to Russia. Gredenko tells him that Fayed has the bombs. Gredenko claims not to know his location, but offers his help. Gredenko tells him why he came, for the security protocols. He tells Jack that the power plant is his next target, and Fayed is waiting for him. Jack tells him to call Fayed, but Gredenko says no. He offers his terms: amnesty, and a guarantee not to be sent back to Russia. Jack looks at him in disbelief. Gredenko tells him that he isn't a martyr, but a realist. Gredenko says that Fayed will get suspicious soon.

Vice President Daniels asks Admiral Smith if the Vickery is ready. Smith says yes. Lennox tells him that Buchanan has notified them that they have Gredenko in custody, and Jack is questioning him. Daniels hopes that Jack can break him, but is then notified that the Vickery is in position. Daniels tells him to proceed with the strike. Lennox tries to convince him otherwise due to the new development. Daniels tells him that he's not going to wait, even if Gredenko does give up the bombs. Daniels tells him that this is a strike for the earlier nuclear bomb. He tells Smith to proceed with the launch.


Split screen: Fayed rides along in his car to Gredenko. He looks at the two bombs in the back. Nadia is back to work. Gredenko sits in custody. Lennox has his fist against his face, knowing that he can not do anything to stop the strike.


Wayne Palmer calls off the strike

Smith then tells Daniels that the Vickery has been ordered to stand down. President Palmer gave the order. Just then, Lisa picks up a call, and gives it to Daniels. Palmer is awake and out of his coma. Daniels expresses his content to hear him. Palmer tells him that he's called off the strike. Daniels continues to defend his actions. Palmer tells him that the decision is his alone. He says that he's taking his place back as President. Sandra smiles at Karen as Palmer tells Daniels that there is to be no action taken against Fayed's country without his authorization. Daniels understands. Wayne then hangs up.

Daniels says to the Joint Chiefs that he believes that Palmer is still suffering from the effects of the attempt on his life. He believes that he is not fit to run the country. He asks for the attorney general.

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Memorable quotes[]

  • Jack Bauer: Why? What's he trying to do? Start World War III?

  • Jack Bauer: You know who I am?
  • Dmitri Gredenko: I know all about you, Agent Bauer.
  • Jack Bauer: Then you know what I'm gonna do to you, unless you tell me where the bombs are.

  • President Wayne Palmer: Noah, it's Wayne...

  • President Wayne Palmer: Be that as it may, the decision is mine and mine alone. I'm resuming my duties as Commander-in-Chief.

  • Vice President Noah Daniels: In my judgment he is not capable of discharging his duties. I can't let him remain in power. Get me the Attorney General.

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