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As Jack Bauer learns the test results of his exposure to the biological weapon, Allison Taylor works to help the FBI ensure a takedown of the Starkwood complex. Larry Moss leads a team there after Tony Almeida provides a helpful lead, and the FBI attempts to find and remove the weapon of mass destruction.

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  • Senator Blaine Mayer is killed.
  • Larry Moss informs Ethan Kanin of the death of Senator Blaine Mayer, and their assumption that Jack killed him. Kanin blames Moss, but the latter says it was Kanin's fault for allowing Jack out of FBI custody.
  • President Allison Taylor is informed by Ethan that he plans to resign. She tries to stop him, to no avail.
  • FBI Agent Renee Walker is brought up to speed. She asks where Jack is, but Moss does not know. She divulges all Jack told her about Quinn and Burnett, and the connection with Starkwood.
  • Jack Bauer tells Tony about Starkwood and the WMD in Sangala. They go to the Port of Alexandria and try to stop the WMD being taking by the Starkwood mercenaries.
  • Tony Almeida engages with the men whilst Jack goes after the truck with the biological device. Tony is captured and recognised.
  • Jack gets the weapon and calls Moss. He sees there is a leak and stops it, but exposes himself to the WMD. The weapon is stolen by the Starkwood employees via a helicopter.
  • Jonas Hodges learns what happened. He says that Jack probably contacted the authorities, and so decided to move up their schedule.
  • Jack calls Moss and explains what happened, informing him of his exposure to the weapon to prove that Starkwood has the WMD.
The following takes place
between 11:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.

Jack is hosed down by the CDC

11:02:27 Edit

Jack waits when CDC arrives to Highway 236 to test him for his exposure to the biological weapon. Sunny Macer approaches him and identifies herself. Jack gets off all of his clothing so the CDC can spray off his body. As he does so, he informs her about the weapon being developed in Sangala and that the villagers it was tested on suffered from dementia and paralysis. When she asks how much of it was released, he just tells her that the canister was breached and he noticed it two minutes after. As he takes his shirt off, Sunny is shocked by his scars, but he tells her that's not a reaction and that he has had these scars. Another agent injects him with an antibiotic and they proceed to hose him down.

Agent Larry Moss talks to Janis Gold about the situation with Jack. He also informs her that Starkwood has the weapon and Tony Almeida is a hostage. He orders her to bring up everything she can find out on Starkwood. She tells him that Starkwood is practically a military base and it would be crazy to infiltrate it. He tells her he'll look up for concrete evidence before bringing up the President.

The canisters containing the bioweapons arrive at Starkwood and so does the hostage, Tony Almeida. Jonas Hodges approaches Greg Seaton and tells him that Tony is not going to talk. He tells him that they must understand the psychology of their subject and sends him in. He returns to the weapon which is being checked by Tom Chapman. He tells Hodges that they secured the breached canister, but that they are still two hours away from being ready. Hodges tells him it's too long and tells his men to have the weapon ready because the FBI already knows they have the weapon.


Tony Almeida is interrogated

Tony is being beat up by Stokes, while Robert Galvez and Dolen hold him up. Hodges approaches Tony and tells him that if he talks he won't have to go through the pain that he is about to get. Tony insists he doesn't know a thing about what is going on. Hodges says that it is his choice. Greg Seaton interrupts Hodges and suggests calling off the plans now since the government already knows what they are doing. Hodges gets angry at Greg and reminds him how much he put into doing this. He advises Greg to keep his doubts to himself and that every one there is as nervous as he is.

Dr. Macer tells Jack she'll need more blood and saliva samples and that he needs to be quarantined. She tells him the preliminary results should take only about 15 minutes. One of Macer's agents tells her that they detected a pathogen in the air but it's not enough to affect the population. Macer tells Jack it was a good thing he sealed that canister. Jack then tells her he needs to go to the FBI.



Larry Moss updates the President

At the White House, President Allison Taylor and Olivia discuss replacements for Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin. Taylor is thinking about Bob Justman, who has been associate counsel for three years and worked closely with Ethan. Olivia then suggests someone from outside the administration, considering what has happened today. She suggests Rick Berman, saying that he has already made his fortune and would gladly take the opportunity to serve his country. After going through some more names, Taylor tells Olivia that she wants her to serve as provisional Chief of Staff for the time being. Olivia is honored by her request. Tim Woods enters and puts Agent Larry Moss through to the President. Larry says that Jack Bauer was framed for the murder of Ryan Burnett and Senator Blaine Mayer. He also tells her that Starkwood is the organization responsible for aiding the day's terror attacks and are now trying to release a bioweapon. Larry asks her for permission to move in his teams on Starkwood and she calls for an assembly of the Joint Chiefs.

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Renee Walker learns that Jack was exposed

Larry goes to Renee Walker and tells her that he is releasing her from FBI custody. He apologizes for arresting her for doing what she thought was right. He tells her that he should have trusted in her opinion instead of basing it on what he thought about Jack. She finds out that Jack might have had a possible exposure to the bioweapon. As he reveals this, Renee starts crying silently. He tells her that he wants her to be the one to debrief Bauer on what he saw of the bioweapon.

Meanwhile, Olivia meets Aaron Pierce, who has just finished submitting his statement of what happened at the White House. She tells him that he wants him to be her head agent while she is the provisional Chief of Staff. He restates the fact that he has been retired agent for years. She says that she needs good people who she can trust and he is the only person that she knows can get the job done. Before he can answer to her offer, she is called in to a meeting of the Joint Chiefs.



Greg Seaton saves Tony Almeida

As they come in, the President informs them of the situation at Starkwood and Tim Woods offers information about the compound. Ben Landry from CDC explains the nature of the chemical weapon and its effects on the population.


Ben Landry updates the White House staff

As President Taylor addresses the fact that they have to stop Starkwood, General Vincent and Admiral John Smith bring up their concerns in handling Starkwood considering the size of the compound and of their military force. Plus, they mention the risk of them using the weapon if they feel threatened by the US military. The Attorney General also mentions that the law doesn't allow them to deploy their military personnel in this manner without Congressional approval. Taylor stresses out the need to come up with a solution to quench this threat.

Stokes comes back to interrogate Tony and questions his loyalty to a government that "screwed" him over. After realizing he wouldn't talk, he pulls his gun on him telling him that he and Mr. Hodges bet on whether he would talk. Before he can shoot, Stokes tumbles over, shot in the back by Greg Seaton to save Almeida. Tony is confused; but Greg reveals his motivation, saying that Jonas Hodges has lost his mind this time. When Tony asks him where the weapons are, he asks for immunity. Tony tells him he can't promise anything but they can call the FBI to arrange a deal. They then leave for Seaton's office.

On their way to FBI, a Biohazard agent gives Sunny Macer the results of Jack's test. As she looks at them and at Jack, she opens the door separating them and shows him the results. He just looks at them and hands them back to her.

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11:30:43 Edit


Renee looks, shocked, at Jack's scars from his time in Chinese custody

Renee Walker is approached by Janis Gold who tells her that Jack Bauer has arrived. When she tells her that he is not being taken to quarantine, Renee is surprised. As he enters, she walks over to greet him. He tells her that he is infected by the weapon. She is surprised to see that he is not under any quarantine, but Macer tells her that he is not contagious.

Renee enters the room where Jack is getting dressed and is shocked to see his scars which he got from his time in China. She tells him that the White House is deciding on a course of action against Starkwood. He asks about Tony, but she tells him they don't know anything about him. She then tells him she has to debrief him about the canisters he saw on the truck. She also tells him she read the statement of the Port Authority supervisor he saved earlier and how he risked the mission to do it.


Tony and Seaton continue to his office. They walk past a few guards and eventually make it there. On their way, Greg receives a call from Hodges requesting him to be with them as soon as possible. Greg tells him he was checking on Stokes and Tony and that he'll be there soon. Hodges tells him that Stokes was supposed to kill Tony if he didn't talk, but Seaton tells him they should give him some time. After Hodges hangs up, Tony tells him to call FBI, and Seaton starts securing a line. As he does so, he confesses Tony he doesn't believe how far Hodges has gone. Tony asks him why he is attacking the US, but Seaton only says it's complicated.


Larry works with Janis gathering all the information they can about Starkwood. Larry tells her to upload it to interagency servers so every agency is brought up to speed. Renee then comes with Jack's description of the canisters, and Larry tells her he's sorry about him. As they are talking, Janis tells Larry that Tony Almeida is on the phone. Tony tells him he was being held in the Starkwood compound but was released by Greg. He also tells Larry that Greg will give up the location of the biological weapon in exchange for full immunity. Tony also asks for Jack and Larry tells him he was infected. Larry tells Tony he has to inform the President and asks Janis to set up a secure connection with her.

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11:40:54 Edit


Tony Almeida contacts the FBI

President Taylor is watching a video footage of Starkwood's weapon being tested on a Sangalan village. Olivia walks in and is shocked to see the effects of the weapon on the villagers. This makes her ever more determined to stop this attack as she questions her own actions against Starkwood in the past. Olivia tells her she did everything she could to stop them in the past and that she has to deal with this now. Tim Woods and Admiral Smith enter the office and tell her that Larry Moss and Tony Almeida are on the video conference. Larry explains the situation regarding Greg and tells her he is requesting immunity in exchange of the weapon's location. Smith tells her this may be a one and only chance. She agrees and grants him immunity and gives Larry authorization to move in on Starkwood. She then walks to another room where she digitally signs the agreement of immunity for Seaton to revise it. However, she still tells Tim to keep looking for other options.



Allison Taylor wishes Larry Moss luck

Larry and Janis assemble their teams together with Agent Remick. Greg then tells them that the canisters are being held in a small warehouse in the northeast quadrant of the compound. He then gives them the coordinates and Larry asks him to get Tony to that warehouse for reconnaissance. Larry tells Remick to coordinate with the Navy and prepare his teams. As they are moving out, Jack goes over to Larry and asks Larry to go with the teams. Larry tells him that he can't allow that because he doesn't want to risk Jack showing any symptoms while he is there. Jack tells him that he is right and that they have not agreed in a long time. Jack walks away as Renee watches sadly.

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11:51:02 Edit


Tony and Seaton wait outside the complex

Greg approaches the warehouse. As the guard, Murphy, asks him what he wants, he identifies himself while Tony approaches him from the back and then knocks him out. They open a gate and approach the warehouse allowing Tony to give Larry information about it. Seaton tells them there are probably twelve men or more inside.

Hodges and Tom Chapman are in the laboratory working on the biological weapon. Chapman tells him they are still an hour away from being ready. Hodges informs him of the FBI approaching and orders Chapman to ready the weapon as soon as possible.


Jonas Hodges hears the approaching choppers


As Larry approaches Starkwood, he asks Tony if he's in position. Tony then informs him of the entrances to the warehouse and how many men might be inside. He then tells FBI Headquarters that they are going in. As they approach the compound, the Starkwood control tower signals them and Larry speaks to the Starkwood air traffic controller ordering him to allow them to land. When the ATC hesitates, Larry tells him they have an executive order from the President. He then grants them permission and they land nearby the warehouse.

Hodges hears the approaching choppers but continues working. Larry meets with Tony, and Seaton leads them to the warehouse. As they approach, they force the two guards to stand down their weapons. As they walk in the warehouse they realize it's empty. Larry tells Greg to tell him where the weapons are but he says he doesn't know and that he only said what he said because Tony threatened him. Tony becomes angered and realizes Greg has been playing them. Tony goes at Greg and demands the truth but he refuses to speak. Tony tells Larry he's lying, and Larry agrees with him. Larry orders him arrested and they prepare to advance on other buildings. Hodges realizes that Greg Seaton has bought him some time for preparing the weapons.


Larry Moss is left unsure of what to do

Split screen: Larry's team investigates the warehouse. President Taylor, Olivia Taylor, and Tim Woods in Oval Office. Hodges and his scientists work towards the completion of the weapon. Jack and Renee watch on live video feed.


As Larry and his teams walk out, they prepare to search every building for the weapon. As they prepare to leave, they are approached by several armed trucks with mercenaries. As they are surrounded, Jack tells Renee to order their men to stand down. Stokes, with a bullet-proof vest on, walks out of one of the trucks and orders Larry to take his men out now that they've searched what they wanted. Larry insists that they won't walk out without the weapon. Stokes says that the charges are absurd and that Starkwood will defend themselves against a hostile government that is trying to shut them down and will be within their legal rights to do so. He tells them that if they advance any farther they will be fired upon.

11:59:57... 11:59:58... 11:59:59... 12:00:00

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  • International airdates:
  • Dr. Sunny Macer, last seen in "Day 3: 9:00am-10:00am," returns in this episode. The gap of 90 episodes between appearances is second only to Milo Pressman at 104.
  • The music played at the end of this episode is reminiscent of "Day 1: 10:00pm-11:00pm," when Nina Myers was discovered to be a mole.
  • The music that plays when Renee finds out that Jack is exposed is the same music that plays when Chloe O'Brian mourns for Edgar Stiles near the end of Day 5: 6:00am-7:00am.
  • The music that plays when FBI advance on Starkwood is the same music used during the gas plant raid of Day 5: 9:00pm-10:00pm.
  • Although it appears that no time elapsed between the end of the previous episode and the sudden appearance of the CDC team at the opening of this episode, the arrival took place during the "real time" of the "Previously on 24" segment. As Larry Moss noted, the CDC was only moments away.
  • The names of the two candidates President Allison Taylor considers for White House Chief of Staff are references to former Star Trek producers: producers Robert Justman was a producer on the original Star Trek and for the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Rick Berman was an executive producer on Star Trek: The Next Generation and executive produced/created Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise, with Brannon Braga and Manny Coto, the writers of this episode.
  • The GPS coordinates (32 44.23N 117 10.42W [1]) given for the bio-weapon in the Starkwood base in Virginia actually point to a house in San Diego, California.
  • The overhead view of the Starkwood compound shown in the White House is based on the Camarillo Airport in California where this episode was filmed. [2]
  • President Taylor states the Starkwood facility is 13 miles outside Washington, DC. Previous dialogue indicates it is in Virginia. Davison Army Airfield is the only airport in Virginia about 13 miles outside the city. This could imply Starkwood took over the facility from the military after it was closed. This location is also inside the Flight Restricted Zone around Washington, DC further implying Starkwood has authority from the government to operate flights unrestricted inside this sensitive airspace.
  • The date on Greg Seaton's Presidential pardon document was November 2, 2007. There is a mistake in the document; the actual year is not printed where it should be, after the words "in the year of our Lord"; the only reference to the year is at the end of the document, where it states the year in terms of how long the United States has been independent.
  • As the headquarters for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are located in Atlanta, it would be highly unlikely for the CDC director to be in Washington to meet with President Taylor and the Joints Chiefs on such short notice.
  • This episode shows that Larry Moss's attitude towards Jack Bauer has changed.
  • The Posse Comitatus Act is mentioned in this episode as a reason not to use the military against Starkwood, but, as has been the case elsewhere in the series, action could potentially be taken by making use of the Insurrection Act. Additionally, depending on the nature of the mercenaries and other circumstances, they could be classified as enemy combatants.
  • The ploy Seaton and Stokes used is similar to the one the Chinese used to pretend to free Jack in the Season 6 Prequel.

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