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This article's subject relates to Season 7 of 24.This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

This is a list of characters with articles or unnamed characters entries who were antagonists during Day 7.

Day 7's antagonists can be split into three categories, all connected variously to one another; agents of the Sangalan People's Freedom Army (including Iké Dubaku and Benjamin Juma) using terrorism to force the US military out of Sangala; Starkwood, a mercenary company that led a plot with the Prion variant whose end goal was the claiming of a PMC role in national security; and the Prion variant cabal, which facilitated Starkwood (and subsequently Juma) to his own ends.

People's Freedom Army & conspirators[]

Colonel Dubaku's plots[]

Ike Dubaku, mastermind of the first 10 hours events, holds First Gentleman Henry Taylor hostage

Colonel Iké Dubaku: General Juma's second-in-command of the People's Freedom Army; Dubaku entered the United States and began collaborating with Nichols to force President Allison Taylor to cancel the planned US intervention in Sangala by breaching the CIP firewall, and later tried to use Henry Taylor as a hostage, eliminated by Udo to prevent him from revealing further information.

CIP Device plot[]

Henry Taylor hostage crisis[]

  • Elemu: Dubaku's right-hand-man at the 12451 Arlington Avenue hideout, helped chop off Henry Taylor's finger and later shot him before he was killed by Jack Bauer
  • Edward Vossler: another corrupt Secret Service agent; Gedge's partner, who kidnapped Henry Taylor for Dubaku and gave up his location to Bauer when his family was taken hostage; fought Bauer and lost
  • Dubaku man #1: leader of a group of Dubaku's heavily-armed subordinates at the Stanswick Power Plant who exploded an American convoy pretending to deliver the Matobos
  • Dubaku's driver: Dubaku's last subordinate, who intended to drive him and his girlfriend to a private plane to escape but was killed after drawing a gun on Jack Bauer
  • Ryan Burnett: he was the chief of staff for Blaine Mayer and a mercenary contracted by Dubaku; after Dubaku failed to take out Taylor and was ready to flee, Burnett conspired to have him eliminated but was forced by Dubaku to continue to help
    • Sean Hillinger: the deep-cover mole in the FBI from Burnett's group, had plans to betray Dubaku, was exposed and arrested
    • Erika: had an affair with Sean and assisted him in the plot, but Sean killed her in an unsuccessful gambit to frame her for everything

General Juma's group[]

Benjamin Juma attacks the White House

General Benjamin Juma: the leader of the rebel People's Freedom Army who staged his second power grab in Sangala during Redemption, which resulted in the deaths of two hundred thousand Sangalans. Staged the White House siege, which killed 14 American servicemen and almost killed President Allison Taylor, but was killed in self-defense by Jack Bauer

  • Ryan Burnett: personally involved with Juma "from the beginning", assisted Juma after Dubaku's arrest/death; tortured by Jack Bauer to expose the truth, killed by John Quinn soon afterwards
  • Udo: killed Dubaku in his hospital bed for Juma to keep him from talking; functioned as subcommander in the White House invasion, killed in the explosion caused by Bill Buchanan
  • Ngozi: Juma's technical expert who worked through White House security; killed by Bauer
  • Laurent Dubaku: Juma's remote reconnaissance officer during the siege; while guarding Juma's boat in the Potomac, he observed Renee Walker and pursued her, he was the son of Iké Dubaku, killed early on by Larry Moss
  • Abo: One of Juma's commandos who was a low level employee at the White House who assisted in the squad's entry, killed in the explosion by Bill Buchanan
  • Cimbe (hall guard): gathered hostages after the siege
  • Cimbe (torch operator): dismantled an underground layer of protection beneath the White House with a blowtorch
  • Commando #2: another of Juma's best soldiers


Jonas Hodges, CEO of Starkwood who was part of a large conspiracy to attack the United States.

Jonas Hodges: an executive at Starkwood and key ally of Juma's who provided him with the intelligence needed to raid the White House

  • Greg Seaton: Hodges' personal assistant and advisor
  • Tom Chapman: worked with Hodges in selecting targets for a weapons system
  • Stokes: Starkwood mercenary tasked to retrieve the bioweapon from the Port of Alexandria and later guard the compound
    • Reese: one of Stokes' subordinates, he drove the flatbed at the port
    • Mitch: one of Stokes' subordinates, he was ordered to run a diagnostic on the bio-weapon at the port
    • Cooper: one of Stokes' subordinates, assigned to kill Carl Gadsen, but was shot dead by Jack Bauer
    • Dolen: one of Stokes' subordinates, he was sent to find Cooper
    • Greer: one of Stokes' subordinates, he drove the container mover
    • Robert Galvez: a mercenary at the Starkwood headquarters, secretly in league with Tony Almeida; killed by Tony after trying to betray him.
    • Murphy: a guard at the Starkwood headquarters
    • Mercenary: apprehended chairman Doug Knowles
  • (Edward Vossler, Brian Gedge, possibly other Taylor administration conspiracy members): although working under Dubaku during Day 7, they were beholden to Starkwood

Jonas Hodges murder[]

Olivia Taylor: started the plans for Hodges' murder; she did not give the final permission, but the assassin proceeded

Prion variant cabal & operatives[]

Tony Almeida as he reveals his true loyalties to Jack Bauer.

Alan Wilson: the most influential member of the prion variant cabal who was also a top-ranking executive in Day 5's Sentox nerve gas conspiracy; ultimately captured


  • Carl Gadsen: an unwitting Port Authority officer who was bribed to allow Starkwood's bioweapon to pass through security under the pretense that the container actually held electronics from South Korea; about to be shot by Starkwood operative but saved by Jack Bauer
  • Ken Dellao: threatened to run the story of the bio-threat unless Olivia Taylor gave into his demands, who did so and then used it against him to blackmail him