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Chloe O'Brian manages to convince Jack that assassinating Russian President Yuri Suvarov will not even the score. They formulate a plan to get the data card to the media, but are stopped by Jason Pillar. At the last moment, President Taylor stops the treaty process after realizing Jack was right all along about the greater good and ends up saving his life. On the run from authories, Jack flees the country...

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Background information and notes

  • This is the final episode of 24.
  • Uniquely, the final clock counts not to 04:00:00, but down three seconds to 00:00:00.
  • The original broadcast of this episode does not contain a "Previously on 24" segment.
  • With this episode, Jack Bauer becomes the only character to appear in every episode of 24.
  • Jack Bauer, Chloe O'Brian, Cole Ortiz, and Arlo Glass are the only characters to appear in all 24 episodes in the eighth season.
  • Jason Pillar is the only character to die in the series finale of 24.
  • There was no final split screen at the end of this series finale.

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