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This is a list of characters with articles or unnamed characters entries who were antagonists during Day 8.

The mastermind behind Day 8's events were high-ranking Russian officials (including Mikhail Novakovich and Yuri Suvarov) who covertly financed Kamistan splinter cell agents to assassinate Kamistani President Omar Hassan.

Russian crime syndicates Edit

Laitanan gun smugglers Edit

Vladimir Laitanan: independent Russian gangster who was CTU's best lead in the Red Square investigation; contact and supporter of RS but not a direct member; stabbed by Renee Walker

Red Square crime syndicate Edit

8x08 Jack Sergei

Jack Bauer interrogates the leader of Red Square, Sergei Bazhaev.

Sergei Bazhaev: boss of the Red Square syndicate who used Davros to attempt the assassination against Omar Hassan, and later personally oversaw the sale of Nuclear fuel rods to the Kamistan splinter cell

Kamistan splinter cell Edit


Samir Mehran, leader of a plot to threaten the use of a dirty bomb against NYC.

Farhad Hassan: betrayed his brother Omar Hassan in an effort to make Kamistan a nuclear power; originally the leader of the cell; after Samir threatened to use the rods against NY, Farhad, fearing the disastrous retaliations against Kamistan that this would cause, backed out; shot and killed by Ali

  • General Wasim: a leader of the opposition party in Kamistan who planned the coup against Omar
    • Farrin: soldier loyal to Wasim
  • General Amiri: another leader of the opposition party who was one of the first arrested in Kamistan

Samir Mehran: leader of the cell's ground conspirators, usurped Farhad's plan after he backed out, and used his own crew to demand the surrender of Omar Hassan leveraging the nuclear fuel rods against the US

American sedition group Edit

General David Brucker: influential military leader who plotted to kidnap Omar Hassan to placate terrorists, against the President's will.

  • Adrion Bishop: serviceman loyal to General Brucker who personally handed over Omar Hassan to Tarin Faroush

Rob Weiss: initially reluctant but key participant in Brucker's plot to subvert President Taylor

Russian conspirators Edit


The mastermind of Day 8's events, Yuri Suvarov.

Yuri Suvarov: President of the Russian Federation; the mastermind behind the day's devastating events who supported the Kamistan splinter cell in regards to the murder of President Omar Hassan as the peace treaty would not be to Russia's benefit; issued orders to Novakovich to destroy the peace agreement, as well as sanctioning the assassination of Renee Walker to cover up Russia's involvement

American cover-up group Edit

8x19 Logan Taylor

Ex-president Charles Logan conspires with current president Allison Taylor to cover-up Suvarov's activity in order to protect the peace treaty.

Charles Logan: manipulated President Allison Taylor into covering up the Russians' involvement in the day's events and sidelining Ethan Kanin, also organized the torture of Dana Walsh by private contractors, and later had Jack Bauer targeted for murder, and covered up Yuri Suvarov's involvement in the conspiracy, all in an effort to preserve the peace treaty by placating the Russians

  • Allison Taylor: allowed President Logan to cover up the Russians' involvement and went along with his plans, later on illegally had a reporter arrested in order to obtain the evidence against the Russians; after seeing Jack's recording, she repented and planned to resign
  • Jason Pillar: Logan's executive assistant who suggested that Mark Bledsoe and his operatives be used to discover what information Dana Walsh knew about the Russian involvement in the day's events.
    • Eden Linley: assistant of Pillar sent with him to CTU to help hunt down Jack Bauer.
  • Mark Bledsoe: private operative working for Charles Logan who took Dana Walsh into custody and took her to a secure location to torture her into giving the evidence of the Russian's involvement under the orders of Allison Taylor.
  • Nantz: commando sent by Charles Logan to ambush Jack Bauer and kill him

Others Edit

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