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After Simone Al-Harazi is taken to the CIA infirmary, agent Kate Morgan does whatever is necessary to keep her alive. Meanwhile, Jordan Reed finds himself fighting for his life. Finally, as Margot and Ian Al-Harazi settle in their new hideout, President James Heller forces Jack Bauer and Mark Boudreau to support his difficult decision to surrender to Al-Harazi.


Previously on 24[]

  • Naveed Shabazz tells Simone that he hid evidence underneath the house where they are now.
  • Simone tells Farah to flee London, but kills her. She chases after Farah's daughter, Yasmin, but is hit by a bus.
  • At the hospital Jack questions Simone Al-Harazi about her mother's whereabouts, but are forced to flee the hospital because of an incoming drone. The drone then destroys the hospital.
  • CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro is told by Adrian Cross that Jordan Reed is retrieving the files that incriminate him. Navarro then assigns Reed on a "field mission", but is shot in the shoulder. He survives and flees.
  • Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau meets up with Anatol, who demands that Jack should turn himself over to the Russian government and that forging the President's name would be treasonous, but Mark states that once the threat is over, everyone will have what they want.
  • Margot Al-Harazi is contacted by President James Heller and tells him that if he turns himself in, this will all stop.
The following takes place
between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.


Simone is rushed into the CIA medical clinic and Navarro and Kate ask the doctor if she can talk. The doctor answers that any attempt of injecting adrenaline into her might result her in death. The doctor then says that they will try to stabilize her and should take an hour or two. As the doctors work on Simone, Navarro asks Kate to keep him updated as he leaves the room.

The Al-Harazi’s and their men are leaving their location and Margot informs Ian that the worst case scenario is that Simone is still alive and possibly spilling information. She then tells him that President Heller called and that he will surrender himself in exchange for the destruction of the drones. Ian says it’s a lie and that he would never agree to this. Margot thinks that he might be serious. Ian asks if they would actually destroy the drones once this is done. Margot states that if Heller could keep his word, so would she. The Al-Harazi’s then leave their location. Ian is given the device that controls the drones as they drive off.

At President Heller’s suite, Jack receives a call from Kate, who tells him that Simone is badly injured and is in a coma and that waking her up would kill her. Jack tells her that they have no choice but to question her as they are running out of time. Kate asks Jack what the President wants, but he doesn’t know yet. Jack insists that Kate should pressure the doctor into waking her up and hangs up.

At the CIA, Navarro calls James Harman and asks if Jordan is dead. The hitman informs Navarro that he was wounded and still out there. Navarro says that as long as Jordan’s out there, he’ll figure out Navarro wants him dead. The hitman understands and they hang up. The hitman then finds a trail of blood and follows it.

An injured Jordan continues away from the scene and sees that his phone has been water logged and is no longer useful.

At President Heller’s suite, Jack meets with President Heller, who tells him that there’s not much time left. Jack says that they are not giving up, but the percentage of them finding Margot in time is unlikely. President Heller tells him that there’s no need to apologize and asks him to do a favor that he will not like. Jack responds that he will do whatever he needs. President Heller proceeds to show him a recording between a conversation between him and Margot.

In the recording, President Heller tells Margot that he will surrender himself to any location of her choice and she will destroy all drones and dump them in the channel afterward to verify their destruction. Margot doesn’t believe him, but President Heller encourages her to shed his blood instead of more innocent people. Margot answers that he will be at the Wembley Stadium by 7:00. President Heller agrees and tells Margot to swear on the soul of her husband to destroy the drones once he is dead. Margot agrees.

Jack then reminds President Heller that it is against the policy of not negotiating with terrorists. President Heller turns off the recording and answers that it’s not a policy issue and he has already announced his letter of resignation, which will be effective in an hour; it will be a personal decision. Jack insists that there must be another way and asks what if she doesn’t keep her end of the deal. President Heller says that the world will then see her as a liar and a hypocrite. Jack admires the bravery, but will not be a part of this, as there is still a chance to find Margot in time. Jack prepares to get up and leave, but President Heller stops him by saying that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s for the past six months. In one year, he will no longer recognize anyone and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes public knowledge and be forced to resign. Jack says that this isn’t about him. President Heller yells that he knows that this isn’t about himself—it’s about the lost lives at the hospital and the thousands of lives on the line. President Heller then asks Jack what he would do if he was in his position. Jack thinks for a moment and asks what would he want him to do. President Heller answers that he wants him to take him to Wembley Stadium without anyone’s knowledge. Jack asks if he told Audrey about this yet. President Heller glumly shakes his head. Jack then says that in order for this to work he needs to find another person he can trust as Jack would need help on the inside in case Secret Service catches him. President Heller hesitates and orders Jack to stay and give him a minute to think as he leaves the room.

6:09:33... 6:09:34... 6:09:35...


Mark insists to President Heller that Margot will not keep her word. President Heller reminds him that her goal is personal to kill him only and that once he’s dead, she’ll have no reason to launch any more attacks and he believes her. President Heller tells Mark as a friend and supporter to not deny this last service. Mark isn’t able to say anything, to which President Heller takes as an agreement. President Heller than says that he wrote a letter to the Vice President and he wants Mark to deliver it and that he is sure that Mark will serve him faithfully as he did him. Mark is still unable to answer.

At the CIA, Kate’s phone rings. She answers and Jack asks for an update about Simone. Kate says that it’s the same, but Jack insists that she needs to wake her up now. Jack then proceeds to tell her something that will stay between him and her—President Heller is willing to surrender himself to Margot within the hour. Kate can’t believe this, but Jack tells her that in order to stop this, they need to stop Margot and “wake the bitch up”. Jack then hangs up and Kate does as well. Kate then enters the clinic and asks the doctors to keep her awake, but they refuse once more. Kate then pulls a gun on them and forces them to inject an adrenaline to wake her up. Simone’s eyes open slowly and Kate asks if she remembers about the hospital explosions. Simone nods weakly. Kate reminds Simone that Margot tried to kill her and was willing to save her niece. Kate tells her that she knows what it’s like to be betrayed and asks for information. Simone reluctantly tells her the address: 10 Broadmoor Hampton, but she won’t be there now. Kate asks where she might be now, but Simon doesn’t know and that they won’t find her. After Kate pleads for Simone to give her something to go on, Simone tells her that her husband, Naveed, hid a disk drive that could possibly help them access Margot's system under the floorboards in their house. As the words leave her, Simone is barely able to breathe as her heart rate monitor begins to accelerate. The doctors move in and try to stop it and Kate calls to send a team to the address given from Simone.

At the President’s suite, Jack stands up to hear the door open and President Heller and Mark Boudreau enter the room. President Heller informs the two that they are now the only ones who know about President Heller’s surrender and wants the two to put their differences aside and work together. President Heller tells Jack to call him once he has a plan and leaves the room. Mark tells Jack that he never thought that this would happen.


Mark asks Jack what he needs and Jack answers that he wants Secret Service protocols for the day, deployments and names of every agent as well as security. Mark agrees and Jack tells him to clear the hallways as long as possible. Mark suggests calling a staff meeting to lure everyone away. Jack agrees and to lure Audrey away too. Jack tells Mark to make the meeting in fifteen minutes and also needs a car and helicopter outside the perimeter. If he needs anything else he’ll call him. Mark heads for the door, but stops. He tells Jack that Audrey “won’t forgive me for this”. Mark then leaves the room and Jack receives a call from Kate. Kate tells him that there might be a disc that will get into Margot’s system. Jack tells Kate that if it’s anything digital, upload it to Chloe’s system. Kate agrees and the two hang up as the doctors continue working on Simone.

President Heller enters Audrey’s office and sees that she’s working. President Heller asks if she’s working on the staff meeting. Audrey says yes and preparing a statement for the British about the drone attack at the hospital. President Heller nods and sits down. He then asks her if she still has a picture of him, her and his wife at the beach when Audrey was little. President Heller asks if he could see it. Audrey says it’s her good luck charm and believed that as long as she had it with her, nothing bad would happen. Audrey finds it in her bag and gives it to her father. Audrey and her father laugh at the memories they has as they see the photo. Audrey notices that President Heller’s smile begins to fade. Audrey asks if he’s okay. Her father answers that besides that it's worst day of his life, he is great. President Heller continues to stare at the photo and Audrey says that she has to get back to work. President Heller agrees and exchange ‘I love you’s’ as Audrey returns to her desk. President Heller looks at the photo and tries his best to hide his emotions. Before leaving the room, he places the photo on her desk where it’s facing her.

6:21:42... 6:21:43... 6:21:44...


Jack is waiting the President’s suite. Mark enters the room and hands Jack a chip that has information about Secret Service details. Mark is still working on the prints, but has a location of the chopper and the gate code for Wembley. Mark then reminds Jack that the staff meeting will happen in three minutes and the halls will be deserted. Jack thanks him and calls President Heller and tells him that they need to leave in five minutes. President Heller answers that he’ll be there. Jack hangs up and heads for the door. Mark tells him good luck to which Jack says, “Thank you. We’re gonna need it.”

At the CIA, Navarro receives a call from Jordan. Jordan is at a phone booth and frantically tells Navarro that someone tried to kill him and that he needs someone to bring him in. Navarro asks who tried to kill him and if he saw his face. Jordan says no and that he needs help. Navarro tells him to calm down and asks where he is right now. Jordan answers that he’s in a back alley behind a market on the south side of the canal. Navarro tells him to stay there until help arrives. Jordan understands and hangs up. Navarro then calls his hitman and reveals Jordan’s location. Navarro pressures him to finish it now.

At the President’s suite, Jack is opening a case with rubber gloves. President Heller asks him if everything’s ready to go. Jack answers yes and that they might be able to access her computer files. President Heller asks when did he figure this out, which was a few moments ago, but it’s still a long shot. President Heller says he can’t count on this and asks if what he’s doing is necessary. He informs Jack that Secret Service doesn’t check the president’s transponder very often. Jack says that they can’t take that risk. Jack warns President Heller that what he’s about to do is going to hurt. Jack cuts into President Heller’s arm and he winces in pain. Jack gets the transponder out and President Heller thanks God that he didn’t become a surgeon seeing how much damage he’s caused as a federal agent. Jack asks President Heller that if he asked his staff that he wants to be undisturbed. President Heller nods as Jack places the transponder in a box and puts a band-aid on President Heller’s open wound. As President Heller puts on civilian looking clothes, Jack says that they won’t move until Mark confirms that everyone is at the staff meeting. Jack then receives a text from Mark that confirms that everything’s clear. Jack and President Heller head for the door and Jack asks him if he’s sure about this. President Heller answers he is and the two head out. Jack and President Heller exit the room and lock the door. Jack checks his phone to see if anyone’s coming and they proceed carefully down the hall.


Jack and President Heller come to a corner and stop; there’s an agent outside the window that looks to where they’re about to turn. The agent leaves and Jack and President Heller proceed. Jack and President Heller enter the storage and Jack sees that the schematics on his phone are glitching. They then see a fire exit and prepare to make for it, but a door opens and a Secret Service agent appears. President Heller gets his attention. The agent asks if there’s anything wrong and President Heller says that he’s just getting exercise by running up and down the stairs. Jack appears from behind and knocks the agent out and decide to lock him in the bathroom. Jack enters the code for the fire exit door and he and President Heller exit the building. Jack and President Heller are now on the streets of London, where the sky is getting darker and cloudy from the oncoming evening.

6:30:57... 6:30:58... 6:30:59...


Ron Clark is waiting on a roof with a helicopter beside him. Ron sees a car approaching and Jack and President Heller step outside. Ron informs Jack that Mark requested a chopper with no pilot and Jack confirms that this is correct. Ron is shocked to see President Heller, who thanks him and asks to keep this between them. Ron can only stare in confusion as Jack and President Heller enter the chopper and take off. Once they’re in the air, President Heller asks how long it will take them to get to the stadium. Jack answers about ten minutes.

Meanwhile, the hitman continues his search for Jordan and hears a police siren behind him. A police car passes by, but doesn’t stop. The hitman finds another trail of blood that leads into a garage for motorcycles. The hitman equips his silenced pistol and proceeds into the garage. Suddenly, Jordan appears from behind and strikes him in the face with a metal pole. The hitman falls and Jordan grabs his gun as well as his other weapon from his ankle. Jordan backs away and aims. Jordan orders him to get up and put his hands on his head. The hitman reaches for his ankle, but the weapon is gone. Jordan reiterates his orders of standing up. The hitman places his hands on his head and Jordan tells him that he knows that Navarro ordered him to kill him, hence he’s the only one who knew where he was. Jordan demands to know why and he’ll let him go. The hitman asks if he knows to use a pistol and if the safety is on. Hesitantly, Jordan checks his pistol. Using the opportunity, the hitman lunges forward with a knife and tackles Jordan.  The hitman’s phone rings from Navarro and the hitman drives a knife into Jordan, but he manages to grab the gun he snatched from his ankle and shoots him fatally. Navarro looks at Jordan’s desk and sees that Kate is wondering where he is. Jordan is barely able to breathe from his wound and loses consciousness.


The helicopter soars over London as Jack and President Heller share glum looks as they know what must be done.

A CIA track team makes their way to Simone’s given address. Nothing is found outside and they infiltrate inside. The building is clear and they search the floorboards upstairs. One of them finds a disk and hands it to their commander, who asks Kate back at the CIA if this is what they’re looking for. Kate says it might be, but keep looking around for more evidence just in case and they hang up. The commander orders one of his men to upload the disk back at the station.

Kate then asks where Jordan Reed is, and one of the analysts, Gavin said that he left about an hour ago to an unknown location and doesn’t know why. Kate then asks Gavin to send the data they recovered from the disk to Chloe O'Brian. He reluctantly does so. Kate then calls Jordan’s phone, but no answer. She walks over to Navarro and tells him that they’re uploading the disk now, but she doesn’t know where Reed is. She asks him if he might know and Navarro says he doesn’t know, but he’ll get security on it. Navarro asks if there’s any chance of finding Margot, but Kate says that she left the address thirty minutes ago, she could be anywhere within five hundred square miles anywhere else.

The Al-Harazi’s and their men have moved to an apartment and Ian confirms that the drones are still under their control and they should be safe for a while. Margot orders to drive one drone to where President Heller will be and prepare the destruction for the others. Ian agrees but remarks that it would be a waste. Margot argues that they will let the world see that justice will be done. Ian asks if President Heller could keep his word. Margot responds that they will find out soon.

In the helicopter, Jack finds the Wembley Stadium. President Heller looks down to see the lights on. Jack lowers the chopper and lands right outside the stadium. As they land, Jack receives a call from Chloe. Chloe confirms that the disk might be a way to look into Margot’s systems, but it might be tough to get into. Jack tells her that they need to hurry and Chloe says that they might not be able to stop Margot in the next few minutes. Chloe then tells Jack that she wanted him to know that she’s doing the best she can. Jack tells her to do what she can and get back to him and hangs up. Jack tells President Heller he’s sorry, but they need to go. They both exit the chopper and approach the stadium.

6:47:00... 6:47:01... 6:47:02...


At the CIA, Steve Navarro receives a call from Adrian Cross, who asks if the analyst is dead. Navarro answers that it’s been taken care of and there’s nothing to worry about. Adrian hangs up and then calls Chloe, who extemporaneously exclaims that she’s doing the best she can. Adrian then asks if she thought she was talking to Jack. Chloe answers that she’s really busy at the moment. Chloe says that she has to go and Adrian asks if that’s her new place. Adrian asks her to come back and that they’re working on something. Adrian remarks that Jack changed her mind about what’s important. Chloe defends herself saying that she still believes in what they do and that she’s helping Jack right now and hangs up.

At the President’s suite, Mark walks to Audrey’s office, but finds it vacant. He walks up to Secret Service agent Williams and asks where she is. He answers that she’s with the President. Mark says that the President was strictly clear about not being disturbed. The agent answers that she insisted. Mark asks how long and he answers just now. Mark enters the room to find a horrified Audrey. She gets up and hugs him expressing her disbelief. She then looks into his eyes and sees that he has a look of guilt. She asks if he knew about this. Mark is unable to answer. Audrey wants him to tell her that it’s not too late. Mark reluctantly answers that it is. Audrey asks, “You helped him?!” Mark replies that it’s what he wanted. Audrey tells him that he knows he’s not well and how could he help him.  Audrey then says she could have changed his mind and that she never got to say good-bye. Distraught, she then tells him that he as good as killed President Heller personally. She tells him that he should have told her and that she will never trust him again. Mark says that President Heller was one of the greatest men he had ever known and that he hated making this decision. He then tells her that if she can’t live with this then he's okay with it. Mark then tells her to keep this quiet as this is what her father wanted. Breaking into tears, Audrey asks when they will know it’s over. Mark answers that they will receive a call from someone else. Audrey wants to know who and he replies that it’s someone President Heller trusts deeply. Mark leaves the room in shame and Audrey breaks down.


Jack and President Heller are about to enter the field. President Heller sighs and tells Jack that he gave him a presidential pardon, exonerating him from all charges from four years ago as well as any charges against him today and that he can go home again. Jack responds that he's not looking for a pardon and disagrees with what President Heller is doing. President Heller answers that he thinks it's right. Jack then receives a call from Chloe, who tells him that she managed to isolate the drones into three data streams. One that controls the drone is impenetrable. The other two are more vulnerable, but she doesn't know their function. Jack asks how long, but President Heller says that they don’t have any more time. President Heller walks out onto the field. Jack calls out to him, but he doesn't look back. Still on the phone, Chloe calls for Jack's name, but he watches President Heller walk to his doom.

Split screen: President Heller walks to the center of the field. Kate overlooks the doctors trying to revive Simone. Jordan Reed is unconscious. Chloe continues working. Audrey is overwhelmed by emotions.

President Heller stops in the center of the field of Wembley Stadium. Facing his destiny, he takes his cap and glasses off.

Ian pilots the drone to Wembley Stadium and asks if he’s really there. Margot says they’ll find out and orders him to move in. They find a man standing in the center of the field. Margot requests face recognition and it confirms that it is President Heller. Margot asks if the missiles are ready to fire. Ian confirms this and Margot asks that she wants to do it. Ian lets his mother’s hand take control of the drone. She presses the button and one missile is fired from the drone. The missile hits where President Heller is standing and destroys the center of the field. Margot and Ian watch and see that the target has been destroyed. Margot sighs in relief as her revenge is finally complete.

6:59:57... 6:59:58... 6:59:59... 7:00:00

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Guest starring[]



Production staff[]

Memorable quotes[]

"President Heller has agreed to comply with Margot Al-Harazi's demands."
"I don't believe it..."
"Well, you'd better believe it. He's arranged to turn himself over to her within the hour, he's asked me to help. The only way we can stop this from happening is to find Margot, fast. So wake the bitch up."

Jack Bauer and Kate Morgan, regarding Simone

"You okay, Dad? I mean, apart from everything..."
"Apart from this being the worst day of my life, I'm doing great."

Audrey Boudreau and James Heller

"Yikes! Yow!"
"I'm sorry, sir."
"You've done enough damage as a federal agent, Jack. Thank god you didn't become a surgeon!"

James Heller and Jack Bauer, while removing Heller's transponder

"Is the safety on or off? Careful now. You can't afford to make a mistake."

the assassin, to Jordan Reed

"Prep our nearest drone for the attack. Position the others for destruction once Heller is dead."
"If you say so. Just seems like such a waste..."
"No. Let the world see that justice was done. And that even a so-called terrorist can keep her word."
"Do you think Heller can keep his?"
"We'll find out soon enough."

Margot and Ian Al-Harazi

"Your father was the greatest man I ever knew! It was a privilege to serve him. Today he asked for one last service. I hated doing it, with every fiber of my being, but I'd do it again if he asked me to. And if you can't live with that, then... then so be it. You do what you have to do, but we will be quiet about this. Because that is the way your father wanted it, do you understand me?"

Mark Boudreau, to Audrey

"End of the road, Jack. I gave you a presidential pardon."
"A pardon?"
"Yeah. All charges against you from four years ago vanish, along with any charges that might come up with today. You can go home again, Jack."
"Mr. President, I'm not looking for a pardon. Especially not for this. I think what you're doing is wrong."
"This is the right way for me to go."
"Yes, sir."

James Heller and Jack Bauer

"Jack, I've been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I've known it for six months, and in another year, I won't recognise one face in the room. It's only a matter of time before it becomes public knowledge, then I will be forced to retire."
"Mr President, this isn't just about you!"
"I know it's not just about me! It's about those dead bodies in the hospital parking lot! It's about the thousands who will die next time she attacks! And you and I both know that she'll attack again!"

James Heller and Jack Bauer

Background information and notes[]


Cast and crew[]

  • Gbenga Akinnagbe (Erik Ritter) does not appear in this episode and is not credited. This is also the only episode which didn't feature Erik Ritter during 24: Live Another Day.
  • In a 2016 interview for Variety, writer Evan Katz chose this episode as his favorite from this season, praising William Devane's performance as "dynamite".[1]

Story and script[]

Filming locations[]

Director Jon Cassar along with William Devane and two crew members at Wembley Stadium.

See all: Live Another Day filming locations
  • The scenes at Wembley Stadium were filmed at the actual location. According to director Jon Cassar, only four or five people were allowed on the field at the same time.

Props and minutiae[]

See also: Weapons on 24/Live Another Day

The Heller family

  • For the Heller family photograph seen in this episode, an image of William Devane in Testament (1983) was combined with a photo of two unknown actresses playing a younger Audrey and Audrey's mother, Alicia.
  • The CIA IP address Agent Harris uploaded files to was "". Though an invalid IP address, it was actually the number of √50.
  • This episode features Wembley Stadium, home of the England football team. Two days after the episode's British Irish airing, the team were eliminated from the 2014 World Cup.


See also: Weapons on 24/Live Another Day



  • The music that appears when Jack Bauer and James Heller are in the helicopter is the same music used when Jack Bauer and Ryan Chappelle were in a helicopter before Ryan was killed in Day 3: 6:00am-7:00am.
  • The silent clock, typically used after the death of a major character, is not used at the end of this episode, possibly foreshadowing the fact that Heller may not have been killed by the missile.

Errors and inconsistencies[]

  • James Heller asks Audrey if she's preparing for the staff meeting only a minute after Mark and Jack decided to have one, with no communication or time for Mark to alert the president or Audrey that the meeting existed.
  • After taking off in the helicopter, a shot shows Jack and Heller initially flying east towards Tower Bridge, rather than north-west towards Wembley.




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