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This is a list of characters with articles or unnamed characters entries who were antagonists in 24: Live Another Day.

Day 9's conflicts arose from a drone hijacking system. For the first part of the day, this revolved around a gambit by Margot Al-Harazi and her children Simone and Ian to hijack U.S. drones to commit terrorist attacks. For the final hours of the day, this revolved around a gambit by Cheng Zhi to hijack the core components of the override hardware, and use them to bypass security measures of military systems across the world and provoke a third world war.

London drone crisis Edit

9x04 Margot Tea

Margot Al-Harazi, leader of the terrorist plot to hijack a series of American drones to terrorize London

Margot Al-Harazi: an Al-Qaeda operative, architect of a scheme to commandeer U.S. drones; defenestrated by Jack Bauer

  • Ian Al-Harazi: Margot's son, a technological expert who piloted the commandeered drones; defenstrated by Jack Bauer
  • Simone Al-Harazi: Margot's daughter who was used as an operative in the plot
  • Naveed Shabazz: Simone's husband, a drone pilot who expressed hesitancy
  • Fazil: Margot's henchman
  • Kareem: dispatched by Margot to kill Simone, her daughter
  • Yasir: a guard at the Al-Harazi estate

Al-Harazi supportersEdit

Derrick Yates: repurposed and stole Adrian Cross's defense override module for Margot

Karl Rask: arms dealer and business partner of Margot Al-Harazi, and former employer of Jack Bauer, who went undercover with Rask to investigate the threat; committed suicide by grenade during MI5 raid

Open Cell Edit

Day 9- Adrian Cross (Michael Wincott)

Open Cell leader Adrian Cross, who supported Cheng Zhi

Chinese-American war crisis conspiracy Edit

Russian groupEdit

9x06 Russian Minister

Anatol Stolnavich, one of the leaders of the conspiracy to engineer a war between America and China

Anatol Stolnavich: covert Russian intelligence asset who conspired with Cheng Zhi to incite a war between the United States and China to make Russia a superpower

Cheng's groupEdit


Cheng Zhi, Stolnavich's partner in the conspiracy, is finally beheaded by Jack Bauer.

Cheng Zhi: disgraced former Chinese intelligence agent and nemesis of Jack; hired Adrian Cross to design a device to neutralize defense technologies worldwide, in retaliation for China's abandonment of him; used a large count of mercenaries in his plot; beheaded by Jack Bauer

Miscellaneous Edit

9x12 Kevin McNally

The Russian agent arrests Jack Bauer for his crimes four years prior

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