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You may be looking for a list of deaths of 24 cast and crew. For deaths in 24 spin-off media, see Deaths on 24/Expanded universe.
"Well, I'll tell ya, Dan. You're either dead or you're not dead. There's no such thing as "sorta dead"."
— Ira Gaines, "Day 1: 4:00am-5:00am"

This is a list of deaths confirmed to have happened during the 24-hour periods covered by each season of 24, as well as the time period covered by 24: Redemption. Some times are approximate.

Day 1[edit source]

Main article: Season 1
Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1 Flight 221 flight attendant Mandy 12:56am Injection
2 Martin Belkin Mandy 12:57am Plane explosion
3 Flight 221 flight attendant Mandy 12:57am Plane explosion
4 Flight 221 flight attendant Mandy 12:57am Plane explosion
5-6 Paul and Georgia Coulander Mandy 12:57am Plane explosion
7-360 Flight 221 passengers & crew (354) Mandy 12:57am Plane explosion
361 Scott Baylor Ira Gaines' hitmen 1:11am Shot
362-363 Ira Gaines' hitmen Jack Bauer 1:35am Shot
364 Richard Walsh Ira Gaines' sniper 1:54am Shot
365 Bridgit Jonathan Matijevich 2:55am Shot
366 Jessie Hampton Greg Penticoff 3:52am Shot
367 Dan Mounts Ira Gaines 4:59am Shot
368 Janet York Kevin Carroll 5:47am Suffocated
369 Jamey Farrell Nina Myers 9:12am Slit wrists
370 Ted Cofell Jack Bauer / Ted Cofell 10:36am Heart attack
371 Eli Stram Teri Bauer 10:58am Shot
372 George Ferragamo The Latham Group 11:30am Fire
373-374 Ira Gaines' henchmen (2) Jack Bauer 11:59am Shot
375 Neil Nagi Jack Bauer 12:23pm Shot
376 Ira Gaines Jack Bauer 12:56pm Shot
377-379 Ira Gaines' henchmen (3) Alexis Drazen 1:35pm Explosion
380 Kevin Carroll Alexis Drazen 1:36pm Shot
381 Robert Ellis Drazen hitman 2:59pm Strangled
382 Daniels Jovan Myovic/Mishko Suba 3:22pm Shot
383 Undercover CTU agent Jovan Myovic/Mishko Suba 3:22pm Shot
384 Ron Jovan Myovic/Mishko Suba 3:32pm Shot
385 Jeff Breeher Jovan Myovic 3:36pm Shot
386 Mishko Suba Ted Paulson 3:44pm Shot
387 Williams Jovan Myovic 5:55pm Shot
388 Alan Morgan Teddy Hanlin 5:59pm Fall after being shot
389 Frank Allard's accomplice SWAT officer 6:53pm Shot
390 Chris Jovan Myovic 6:57pm Shot
391 Jovan Myovic Tony Almeida 6:58pm Shot
392 Lawrence Harris' commandos 8:06pm Shot
393 Ray Harris' commandos 8:08pm Shot
394-399 Department of Defense staff (6) Harris' commandos 8:08pm-8:20pm Shot
400 Mark DeSalvo Andre Drazen 8:20pm Shot
401 LAPD officer Drazen henchmen 8:59pm Impact by car
402 Mila Luminovic Victor Drazen 9:28pm Shot
403 Ted Paulson Jovan Myovic/Mishko Suba 9:29pm Shot
404 Nikola Luminovic Victor Drazen 9:34pm Shot
405 Alexis Drazen Elizabeth Nash 10:08pm Stabbed
406 Marko Jack Bauer 11:21pm Shot
407 Serge Jack Bauer 11:21pm Shot
408-410 Drazen henchmen (3) Jack Bauer 11:21pm Shot
411 Andre Drazen Jack Bauer 11:22pm Shot
412 Victor Drazen Jack Bauer 11:23pm Shot
413 CTU technician Nina Myers 11:33pm Shot
414 Teri Bauer Nina Myers 11:54pm Shot
415-416 CTU security guards Nina Myers 11:55pm Shot

Day 2[edit source]

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Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1 Marshall Goren Jack Bauer 8:54am Shot
2-3 Bomb makers Second Wave terrorist 9:05am Unknown
4 Danny Eddie Grant 10:11am Shot
5 Barber Second Wave terrorist 10:21am Shot
6 Second Wave terrorist Arroyo 10:21am Shot
7 Ivers Eddie Grant / Chris Jones / Scott Owen 10:57am Explosion
8 Appell Eddie / Chris / Scott 10:57am Explosion
9 Clark Eddie / Chris / Scott 10:57am Explosion
10-25 CTU personnel (16) Eddie / Chris / Scott 10:57am Explosion
26 Scott Owen Jack Bauer 11:09am Shot
27 Chris Jones Jack Bauer 11:09am Shot
28 Eddie Grant Jack Bauer 11:09am Shot
29-30 CTU personnel (2) Eddie / Chris / Scott 11:10am Explosion
31-36 CTU personnel (6) Eddie / Chris / Scott 11:36am Explosion
37 Carla Matheson Gary Matheson 11:41am Unknown
38 Joseph Wald Joseph Wald 11:58am Shot self
39-40 CTU personnel (2) Eddie / Chris / Scott 12:03pm Explosion
41 Paula Schaeffer Eddie / Chris / Scott 12:12pm Explosion
42-43 Shareef & Farhad Salim Stanton's conspirators 12:58pm Helicopter crash
44 (At least 1 chopper crewman) Stanton's conspirators 12:58pm Helicopter crash
45 FBI SWAT agent Faheen's henchman 2:46pm Shot
46 Mamud Faheen's henchman Jack Bauer 2:46pm Shot
47 FBI SWAT agent Faheen's henchman 2:46pm Shot
48-49 Faheen's henchmen FBI agents 2:46pm Shot
50 FBI trapdoor SWAT agent Faheen's henchman 2:46pm Shot
51 Crescent Collectibles clerk FBI agent 2:46pm Shot
52 Faheen's henchman Nina Myers 2:47pm Shot
53 Marko Khatami Basheer 3:32pm Shot
54 Basheer Marko Khatami 3:32pm Shot
55 Mamud Rasheed Faheen Nina Myers 3:46pm Throat slit
56-57 Butcher & co-pilot Coral Snake soldiers 4:06pm Plane crash
58 Harris Coral Snake soldiers 4:06pm Plane crash
59 Rick Phillips Coral Snake soldiers 4:32pm Shot
60 Coral Snake soldier Jack Bauer 4:33pm Flare gun
61 Coral Snake soldier Jack Bauer 4:34pm Shot
62 Coral Snake soldier Jack Bauer 4:40pm Shot
63 Coral Snake soldier Jack Bauer 4:41pm Shot
64-67 Coral Snake soldiers CTU search and rescue team 4:41pm Shot
68 Paul Koplin Syed Ali 4:58pm Shot
69 Mohsen Mohsen 5:34pm Cyanide capsule
70 Barbara Maccabee Marie Warner 5:57pm Shot
71 Richards Marie Warner 5:58pm Shot
72 Reza Naiyeer Marie Warner 5:59pm Shot
73 Man in mosque Syed Ali 6:58pm Set on fire
74-79 Coral Snake commandos (6) Jonathan Wallace 7:30pm Shot
80 Second Wave terrorist CTU agent 9:58pm Shot
81 George Mason George Mason 10:59pm Nuclear explosion
82 Syed Ali Jonathan Wallace 11:26pm Shot
83 Frank Davies Ramon Garcia 12:09am Shot
84 Peter Kingsley's henchman Jack Bauer 1:01am Shot
85 Kingsley's henchman Jonathan Wallace 1:01am Shot
86-88 Kingsley's henchmen (3) Jack Bauer 1:02am Shot
89 Kingsley's henchman Yusuf Auda 1:02am Shot
90 Kingsley's henchman Jonathan Wallace 1:28am Shot
91-93 Kingsley's henchmen (3) Jack Bauer 1:28am Shot
94 Kingsley's henchman Kate Warner 1:29am Shot
95-96 Kingsley's henchmen Jack Bauer 1:29am Shot
97 Young boy National Guard 1:45am Rubber bullets
98 Riot leader National Guard 1:45am Rubber bullets
99 Jonathan Wallace Peter Kingsley hitmen 1:58am Shot
100 Ronnie Stark driver Jack Bauer 2:20am Shot
101 Injured civilian Davis 3:02am Shot
102 Ronnie Stark Raymond O'Hara 3:04am Shot
103 Davis Jack Bauer 3:26am Shot
104 Trask Jack Bauer 3:27am Shot
105 Raymond O'Hara Jack Bauer 3:28am Shot
106 Yusuf Auda Marcus, Rouse, Cole 3:44am Beaten
107 Rouse Jack Bauer 3:57am Shot
108 Deputy sheriff Gary Matheson 5:45am Unknown
109 Gary Matheson Kim Bauer 5:55am Shot
110 Alex Hewitt Jack Bauer 6:21am Fall after being shot
111 Eve Peter Kingsley 6:56am Stabbed
112 Scott Jack Bauer 7:38am Unknown
113-114 Kingsley's henchmen (2) Jack Bauer 7:38am Shot
115-116 Kingsley's henchmen (2) Jack Bauer 7:39am Shot
117 Kingsley's henchman Jack Bauer 7:40am Neck broken
118 Peter Kingsley CTU sniper 7:42am Shot

Day 3[edit source]

Main article: Season 3
Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1 Douglas Shaye Ramon Salazar 1:07pm Throat slit
2 Parker's accomplice Chase Edmunds 2:44pm Shot
3 Luis Annicon Jeff Benson 3:22pm Choked
4 Prison guard Peel 5:09pm Shot
5 Prison guard Peel 5:21pm Shot
6 Buchanan Buchanan 5:24pm Shot
7 Peel Jack Bauer 5:38pm Shot
unknown Prisoners SWAT officers 5:34pm Shot
8-9 Salazar's henchmen CTU agents 5:58pm Shot
10 David Gomez CTU agents 5:58pm Shot
11 Pedro Jack Bauer 7:24pm Neck broken
12 Ted Packard Ted Packard 8:25pm Shot self
13 Rafael Gutierrez Salazar's henchmen 8:46pm Shot
14 Eduardo Chase Edmunds 10:34pm Stabbed
15-16 Salazar's henchmen Chase Edmunds 10:34pm Shot
17 Claudia Hernandez Salazar's henchmen 10:36pm Shot
18-20 Nina Myers' guards Jack Bauer 10:46pm Shot
21 Cale Nina Myers 10:55pm Shot
22 Hector Salazar Ramon Salazar 12:01am Shot
23 Salazar thug Chase Edmunds 12:46am Shot
24 Salazar thug Jack Bauer 12:46am Stabbed
25 Luis Chase Edmunds 12:46am Shot
26-27 Salazar thugs Jack Bauer 12:46am Stabbed
28-29 Salazar thugs Delta Team in helicopter 12:46am Explosion
30-31 Salazar thugs Delta Team on ground 12:46am Shot
32-33 Salazar thugs Delta Team in helicopter 12:46am Explosion
34 Ramon Salazar Michael Amador 12:56am Explosion
35 Reiss Amador's men 12:58am Shot
36-39 Delta Team Amador's men 12:58am Shot
40 Delta Team member Nina Myers 1:03am Throat slit
44 Alan Milliken Sherry Palmer/Julia Milliken 1:49am Heart attack
42-43 CTU agents (2) Nina Myers 2:57am Throat slit
44-45 CTU doctors (2) Nina Myers 2:57am Stabbed
46 CTU security guard Nina Myers 2:57am Stabbed
47 Nina Myers Jack Bauer 2:59am Shot
48 Jim Wong Michael Amador 3:35am Shot
49 Amador's guard Jack Bauer 3:35am Shot
50 Penzo Marcus Alvers 3:54am Shot
51 Michael Amador Stephen Saunders 4:54am Explosion
52 Dorman Stephen Saunders 4:54am Explosion
53 Danny Michelle Dessler 4:58am Shot
54 Marcus Alvers Marcus Alvers/Michelle Dessler 5:11am-? Cordilla virus/
55 Diana White Saunders' men 5:45am Shot
56 Trevor Tomlinson Saunders' men 5:45am Shot
57-59 MI6 staff Saunders' men 5:45am Shot
60 Saunders' henchman MI6 security guard 5:46am Shot
61 MI6 security guard Saunders' henchman 5:46am Shot
62 Pach Jack Bauer 5:47am Shot
63 Young Jack Bauer 5:47am Shot
64 Gael Ortega Marcus Alvers 5:50am Cordilla virus
65 Saunders' henchman CTU agent 6:44am Shot
66 Saunders' henchman Tom Baker 6:44am Shot
67 Saunders' henchman Chase Edmunds 6:44am Shot
68 Saunders' henchman Graves or Martinez 6:46am Neck broken
69 Saunders' henchman Chase Edmunds 6:46am Shot
70-868 Guests in the Chandler Plaza Hotel
including Craig Phillips and William Cole
Marcus Alvers 6:53am-? Cordilla virus/
Suicide capsule
869 Ryan Chappelle Jack Bauer 6:59am Shot
870 Lennox Kim Bauer 7:59am Shot
871 Osterlind Stephen Saunders 8:33am Shot
872 Frederick Tony Almeida 10:57am Shot
873 Saunders' thug CTU field agent 10:57am Shot
874-875 Saunders' thugs CTU field agents 10:58am Shot
876-879 Saunders' thugs Marine pilots 10:58am Explosion
880 Ian CTU sniper 11:25am Shot
881 Denver courier CTU agents 11:35am Shot
882 Sherry Palmer Julia Milliken 11:58am Shot
883 Julia Milliken Julia Milliken 11:59am Shot self
884 Stephen Saunders Theresa Ortega 12:09pm Shot
885-886 LAPD officers (2) Arthur Rabens 12:21pm Stabbed
887 Frank Cassar Arthur Rabens 12:21pm Stabbed
888 Arthur Rabens Jack Bauer 12:40pm Shot

Day 4[edit source]

Main article: Season 4
Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1-32 Commuter train passengers Dar 7:01am Train crash
33 Brody Dar 7:03am Shot
34-35 Andrew Paige's coworkers Abdul Mahnesh/Kalil Hasan 7:44am Shot
36 Melanie Abdul Mahnesh 7:46am Shot
37-43 Secretary Heller's agents Omar subordinates incl. Kevin and Rasheed 7:58am Shot
44 Jeannie Paige Kalil Hasan 8:09am Unknown
45 Train station guard Kalil Hasan 8:56am Shot
46 Ronnie Lobell Kalil Hasan 8:57am Shot
47-48 Kalil Hasan's thugs Jack Bauer 9:37am Shot
49 Ahmet James Heller/Audrey Raines 10:18am Choked & beaten
50-51 Omar's terrorists James Heller 10:18am Shot
52 Debbie Pendleton Dina Araz 10:40am Poisoned
53 Kalil Hasan Kalil Hasan 11:35am Car crash
54-55 Compound terrorists Jack Bauer 12:00pm Shot
56 Compound terrorist Jack Bauer 12:01pm Shot
57-59 Compound terrorists Jack Bauer 12:05pm Shot
60 Kevin Jack Bauer 12:06pm Shot
61-62 Compound terrorists Jack Bauer/James Heller 12:06pm Shot
63-64 Compound terrorists Jack Bauer 12:07pm Shot
65-71 Compound terrorists Jack Bauer/James Heller/Marines 12:08pm Shot
72 Duman Marines 12:08pm Shot
73-77 Compound terrorists Marines 12:09pm Shot
78 Omar Marine 12:10pm Shot
79 Tariq Behrooz Araz 12:56pm Beaten
80 Craig Erwich Powell's hitmen 1:46pm Shot
81 Rick Powell's hitmen 1:46pm Shot
82-84 CTU agents (3) Powell's hitmen 1:46pm Shot
85-92 Felsted Security employees (8) Henry Powell hitmen 1:46pm Shot
93-94 Powell's hitmen Jack Bauer 1:46pm Shot
95 Gary Powell's hitman 1:47pm Shot
96 Henry Powell hitman Jack Bauer 1:55pm Shot
97-98 Henry Powell hitmen Jack Bauer 1:56pm Shot
99-100 Henry Powell hitmen Tony Almeida 1:57pm Shot
101 CTU agent Powell's hitman 2:56pm Car bomb
102 Henry Powell Marwan sniper 2:59pm Shot
103-107 Derek Rosner and coworkers Habib Marwan Unknown Nuclear meltdown
unknown San Gabriel Island residents Habib Marwan N/A Nuclear meltdown
108 Naseem Navi Araz 3:50pm Shot
109 Lucy Stiles Lucy Stiles 3:59pm Unknown
110 Navi Araz Behrooz Araz 4:13pm Shot
111-112 CTU driver & partner Adam/Jason 4:56pm Shot
113 Marianne Taylor Adam or Jason 4:57pm Shot
114-5 Adam and Jason Curtis Manning 5:08pm Beaten
116 Rockland building guard Curtis Manning 5:45pm Shot
117 Rockland building guard Lee Castle's team 5:54pm Shot
118 Ali Lee Castle 5:54pm Shot
119 Maya Driscoll Maya Driscoll 5:56pm Slit wrists
120 CTU field agent Habib Marwan 5:59pm Shot
121 Solarz Habib Marwan 5:59pm Shot
122 McLennen-Forster security guard Jack Bauer 7:02pm Shot
123 James Jack Bauer 7:02pm Shot
124 Stevens Jack Bauer 7:02pm Shot
125-126 McLennen-Forster commandos (2) Jack Bauer 7:46pm Shot
127-129 McLennen-Forster commandos (3) Jack, Paul, Safa or Naji 7:46pm Shot
130-131 McLennen-Forster commandos (2) Jack Bauer 7:48pm Shot
132 McLennen-Forster commando Paul Raines 7:48pm Shot
133 McLennen-Forster commando Safa 7:49pm Shot
134 Specter Jack Bauer 7:54pm Stabbed
135 Dave Conlon Jack Bauer 7:58pm Shot
136-138 Nathan, Jenn, & Dorrie Hansen terrorist(s) 8:37pm Shot
139 John Hansen Mitch Anderson 8:39pm Shot
140 Joseph Fayed Joseph Fayed 8:49pm Car bomb
141 Baron Joseph Fayed 8:49pm Car bomb
142 Dina Araz Marwan subordinate 8:58pm Shot
143 Lenkov Mitch Anderson 9:05pm Shot
144 Marwan's sniper Lee Castle 9:55pm Shot
145 Warehouse terrorist Jack Bauer 10:08pm Shot
146 CTU field agent Warehouse terrorist 10:08pm Shot
147-151 Warehouse terrorists (5) Jack Bauer 10:09pm Shot
152 Rasheed Jack Bauer 10:10pm Shot
153-154 Warehouse terrorists (2) CTU field agents 10:10pm Shot
155 Warehouse terrorist Jack Bauer 10:10pm Shot
156 Rafique CTU field agent 10:12pm Shot
157 Drake Nicole 10:22pm Shot
158 Hart Nicole 10:45pm Stabbed
159 Nicole Jack Bauer 10:45pm Shot
160 Escort fighter pilot Mitch Anderson 10:59pm Missile
161-235 Air Force One passengers and crew (at least 75, incl. Kevin Keeler) Mitch Anderson 11:03pm Missile
236 CTU agent Abdul Mahnesh 11:36pm Shot
237 Abdul Mahnesh Jack Bauer 11:45pm Shot
238 Habib Marwan henchman Jack Bauer 11:49pm Shot
239 Steve Simmons Jack Bauer 11:55pm Shot
240-241 Military aboard convoy (at least 2) Marwan's men 12:20am Shot
242 Yosik Khatami Joe Prado 12:22am Shot
243 Hikmat Palpatine Jack Bauer 1:28am Shot
244 White Morrison's hitman 1:57am Shot
245 Bergen Morrison's hitman 1:57am Shot
246 Angry neighbor Morrison's hitman 1:59am Shot
247 Morrison's hitman Chloe O'Brian 1:59am Shot
248 Koo Yin Chinese Consulate guard 2:35am Shot
249 Paul Raines Dave Conlon/Jack Bauer 2:58am Shot/
cardiac failure
250 Factory terrorist CTU sniper Michaels 3:56am Shot
251-252 Factory terrorists (2) Curtis Manning 3:57am Shot
253 Yassir Jack Bauer 3:57am Shot
254-257 CTU agents (4) Factory terrorists 4:09am Explosion/shot
258 Marwan's shooter Curtis Manning 4:09am Shot
259 Marwan's shooter Curtis Manning/Jack Bauer 4:09am Shot
260 Gary Mandy 4:49am Shot
261 Lee Castle Mandy 4:58am Shot
262 Joz Mandy 5:20am Shot
263 Ian Mandy 5:33am Explosion
264 Shari Mandy 5:33am Explosion
265 Marwan's helicopter pilot Jack Bauer 6:08am Shot
266 Habib Marwan Habib Marwan 6:10am Fall

Day 5[edit source]

Main article: Season 5
Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1 David Palmer Conrad Haas 7:03am Shot
2 Michelle Dessler Conrad Haas 7:15am Car bomb
3 Kohler Jack Bauer 7:54am Stabbed
4-5 Haas' mercenaries (2) Jack Bauer 7:55am Shot/car crash
6 Conrad Haas Jack Bauer 7:59am Shot
7 Chevensky Chevensky 8:59am Suicide capsule
8 Tanaka Anton Beresch separatists 8:59am Shot
9 Airport security guard Anton Beresch separatists 8:59am Shot
10 Hostage calling for help Anton Beresch separatist 9:01am Shot
11 Hostage Anton Beresch 9:24am Shot
12 Ibrim Jack Bauer 9:45am Explosion
13 Beresch's separatist Jack Bauer 9:45am Shot
14 College student Anton Beresch 10:03am Shot
15-22 Beresch's separatists incl.
Beresch's lieutenant (8)
CTU field agents 10:44am Shot
23 Vlad Jack Bauer 10:45am Shot
24-25 Beresch's separatists (2) CTU field agents 10:45am Shot
26 Beresch's separatist Jack Bauer 10:45am Shot
27 Anton Beresch Anton Beresch 10:45am Explosion
28 Paulson Hank 11:56am Unknown
29 Hank Jack Bauer 11:58am Stabbed
30 Schaeffer Ivan Erwich or his men 12:22pm Shot
31 Rossler's penthouse guard 1 Jack Bauer 1:26pm Shot
32 Rossler's penthouse guard 2 Jack Bauer 1:26pm Shot
33 Walt Cummings unidentified Sentox conspirator 1:30pm Hanged
34 Cal Ivan Erwich 1:56pm Shot
35 Jacob Rossler Inessa Kovalevsky 1:59pm Shot
36 Moreno Komar 2:30pm Shot
37 Komar Jack Bauer 2:44pm Neck broken
38-48 Civilians at Sunrise Hills Mall (11) Polakov's nerve gas 2:47pm Sentox gas
49 Polakov Polakov 2:59pm Shot self
50 Ivan Erwich Vladimir Bierko 3:01pm Stabbed
51 Nathanson's assistant Ostroff 3:01pm Shot
52 Alpha 7 Ostroff separatist 3:02pm Shot
53 Ostroff assailant James Nathanson 3:33pm Shot
54-55 Ostroff assailants Jack Bauer 3:34pm Shot
56 James Nathanson Ostroff 3:36pm Shot
57-58 Police escorts Ostroff's lieutenant 4:47pm Shot
59-60 Secret Sevice escorts Ostroff separatists 4:48pm Shot
61 Ostroff's lieutenant Aaron Pierce 4:48pm Shot
62 Eric Aaron Pierce 4:48pm Explosion
63 Ostroff separatist SWAT team 4:48pm Shot
64 Tyler Memorial Hospital orderly Viktor Grigorin 5:20pm Shot
65 Viktor Grigorin Curtis Manning 5:46pm Shot
66 Dwayne Thompkins Ostroff 5:59pm Shot
67 Jenny McGill Ostroff 5:59pm Shot
68 Carrie Bendis Ostroff 6:38pm Stabbed
69 CTU security guard Ostroff 6:54pm Shot
70 Ostroff Jack Bauer 6:56pm Shot
71-122 CTU personnel (51) Ostroff 6:57pm-6:59pm Sentox gas
123 Edgar Stiles Ostroff 6:59pm Sentox gas
124 Harry Swinton Ostroff 7:43pm Sentox gas
125 Lynn McGill Ostroff 7:44pm Sentox gas
126 LAPD officer Bierko's separatist 9:07pm Strangled
127 R. Gunter Bierko's separatist 9:07pm Shot
128 Wilshire Gas security guard Mikhail 9:31pm Shot
129 Wilshire Gas engineer Mikhail 9:32pm Shot
130 Wilshire Gas engineer Bierko's separatist 9:34pm Shot
131-132 Bierko's guards Jack Bauer/Curtis Manning 9:55pm Shot
133 CTU agent Crewcut separatist 9:55pm Shot
134 Bierko's separatist Jack Bauer 9:56pm Shot
135 CTU agent Vladimir Bierko 9:56pm Shot
136 Bierko's separatist Jack Bauer 9:57pm Shot
137 Mikhail Jack Bauer 9:57pm Shot
138-139 Henderson's sentries Jack Bauer 10:53pm Shot
140 Henderson's mercenary Wayne Palmer 10:54pm Shot
141 Brennan Jack Bauer 10:55pm Throat slit
142-143 Henderson's mercenaries Jack Bauer 10:57pm Shot
144 Henderson's mercenary Wayne Palmer 10:57pm Shot
145 Henderson's mercenary Jack/Wayne 10:57pm Shot
146 Henderson's mercenary Christopher Henderson 10:58pm Shot
147-148 Paramedic, partner Christopher Henderson 11:39pm Shot
149-151 Cooper's mercenaries Jack Bauer 11:59pm Shot
152-155 LAPD officers (4) Cooper mercenaries 11:59pm Shot
156-157 Cooper's mercenaries Military patrol 11:59pm Shot
158 Cooper Military patrol 11:59pm Shot
159 Carl Mossman Cooper 11:59pm Shot
160-161 Henderson's mercenaries (2) Jack Bauer 12:53am Shot
162 Mark Wexler Christopher Henderson 12:54am Unknown
163 Henderson's mercenary Jack Bauer 12:54am Shot
164 Henderson's mercenary Doug Masters 12:54am Shot
165 Doug Masters Henderson's mercenary 12:54am Shot
166-168 Henderson's mercenaries (3) Jack Bauer 12:54am Explosion
169-170 Stipes' mercenaries (2) CTU field agents 1:46am Shot
171 Stipes Curtis Manning 1:46am Shot
172-176 CTU agents escorting
Bierko (5 minimum)
Bierko's separatists 3:57am Explosion/shot
177 Justin Adams Martha Logan 4:35am Shot
178-180 Harbor patrolmen (3) Bierko's separatists 4:55am Shot
181 Southern Vladimir Bierko 4:57am Shot
182-195 Natalia personnel (at least 14,
incl. Russian officer, Avilla & Skeet)
Vladimir Bierko 4:58am Sentox gas
196 Bierko's sentry inside sub Tim Rooney 5:12am Stabbed
197 Bierko's sentry outside sub Jack Bauer 5:13am Shot
198 Bierko's technician Jack Bauer 5:16am Shot
199 McCullough Bierko's terrorist 5:18am Shot
200 Bierko's terrorist Jack Bauer 5:18am Shot
201 Bierko's separatist Jack Bauer 5:19am Gas pipe
202 Vladimir Bierko Jack Bauer 5:19am Neck broken
203 Christopher Henderson Jack Bauer 5:21am Shot

Day 6[edit source]

Main article: Season 6
Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1 Suicide bomber Himself 6:01am Explosion
2-23 Metro bus riders (22) Suicide bomber 6:01am Explosion
24 Fayed's sentry Jack Bauer 6:59am Neck bitten
25-28 Assad's man, 3 other subordinates Marine pilots 7:14am Missile
29 Omar Hamri Al-Assad 7:36am Stabbed
30 Stan Miller Ahmed Amar 7:45am Shot
31 Nasir Trabelsi Nasir Trabelsi 7:56am Explosion
32-78 Civilians at Chicago hotel (47) Remote car-bomb terrorist 7:56am Car bomb
79-278 Civilians at Baltimore mall (at least 200) Fayed terrorist 7:56am Car bomb
279-390 Civilians at St. Louis airport (at least 112) Fayed's suicide bomber 7:57am Explosion
391 CTU field agent Masheer Abu-Marzuq 8:45am Explosion
392 Masheer Abu-Marzuq Masheer Abu-Marzuq 8:46am Explosion
393 Marcus Ray Wallace 8:56am Beaten
394 Prison bus driver Corrupt sergeant 8:59am Shot
395 Curtis Manning Jack Bauer 9:54am Shot
396 Ahmed Amar CTU agent 9:56am Shot
397 Fayed's terrorist CTU field agent 9:57am Shot
398 Henchman #2 CTU field agent 9:58am Shot
399 CTU field agent Fayed's terrorist 9:58am Shot
400 Hasan Numair Hasan Numair 9:58am Nuclear explosion
401 Ray Wallace Hasan Numair 9:58am Nuclear explosion
402 Sabir Hussain Hasan Numair 9:58am Nuclear explosion
unknown CTU field agents, including Witt Hasan Numair 9:58am Nuclear explosion
unknown Fayed's terrorists Hasan Numair 9:58am Nuclear explosion
403-12,402 At least 12,000 Valencian citizens Hasan Numair 9:58am Nuclear explosion
12,403 Helicopter pilot Hasan Numair 10:00am Helicopter crash
12,404 Agent Mark Graem's henchman 11:55am Shot
12,405 Agent Mark's partner Graem's henchman 11:55am Shot
12,406 Irv Jack Bauer 12:09pm Shot
12,407 Graem's henchman Phillip Bauer 12:09pm Shot
12,408 Graem Bauer Phillip Bauer 12:59pm Overdose
12,409 Darren McCarthy Rita Brady 1:11pm Shot
12,410 Rita Brady Abu Fayed 1:37pm Shot
12,411-12,412 Fayed's henchmen (2) Jack Bauer 1:50pm Shot
12,413-12,414 Fayed's henchmen (2) CTU field agents 1:50pm Shot
12,415 Taj CTU field agents 1:50pm Shot
12,416 Fayed's henchman CTU field agents 1:51pm Shot
12,417-12,421 CTU field agents (5) Phillip Bauer's henchmen 2:57pm Explosion
12,422 Phillip Bauer henchman Jack Bauer 3:08pm Shot
12,423 Ed Jack Bauer 3:08pm Shot
12,424 Dan Reed Pollock 4:58pm Explosion
12,425 Hamri Al-Assad Reed Pollock 4:58pm Explosion
unknown Rehearsal room workers Reed Pollock 4:58pm Explosion
12,426 Stovich Vasili 5:59pm Shot
12,427 Vasili Jack Bauer 6:06pm Shot
12,428 Russian security guard Jack Bauer 6:57pm Shot
12,429 Russian military Jack Bauer 6:57pm Shot
12,430-12,431 Russian military (2) CTU field agents/Mike Doyle 6:57pm Shot
12,432-12,434 Russian security guards (3) CTU field agents/Mike Doyle 6:58pm Shot
12,435-12,438 Russian military (4) CTU field agents/Mike Doyle 6:58pm Shot
12,439 Anatoly Markov CTU field agent 6:59pm Shot
12,440-12,441 Victor's terrorists (2) Jack Bauer 7:53pm Shot
unknown Civilians at port Victor N/A Radiation poisoning
12,442 Victor Jack Bauer 8:03pm Shot
12,443-12,444 Gredenko's thugs (2) CTU snipers 8:48pm Shot
12,445 Gredenko's thug Jack Bauer 8:48pm Shot
12,446 Hasan Jack Bauer 9:53pm Shot
12,447 Hasim Jack Bauer 9:53pm Shot
12,448 Dmitri Gredenko Dmitri Gredenko 9:58pm Blood loss
12,449 Halim Abu Fayed 10:44pm Shot
12,450 Talit Abu Fayed 10:44pm Shot
12,451 John Abu Fayed 10:45pm Shot
12,452 Fayed's thug Jack Bauer 10:54pm Neck broken
12,453-12,456 Fayed's thugs (4) Jack Bauer 10:56pm Shot
12,457 Halil Jack Bauer 10:56pm Shot
12,458 Fayed's thug Jack Bauer 10:56pm Shot
12,459 Abu Fayed Jack Bauer 10:58pm Hanged
12,460 Cheng's sniper Mike Doyle 12:56am Shot
12,461-12,462 Cheng's henchmen (2) CTU field agents 12:56am Shot
12,463-12,464 Cheng's henchmen (2) Jack Bauer 12:57am Shot
12,465 CTU security guard Zhou Yong 2:43am Shot
12,466 CTU security guard Zhou's lieutenant 2:43am Shot
12,467 Benson Zhou's mercenary 2:44am Shot
12,468 Zhou's mercenary Jack Bauer 2:44am Shot
12,469-12,470 Zhou's mercenaries (2) Jack Bauer 2:45am Shot
12,471 Milo Pressman Zhou Yong 2:45am Shot
12,472-12,473 Zhou's mercenary and partner Jack Bauer 2:51am Shot
12,474 Zhou's technician Zhou's mercenary/Jack Bauer 3:05am Shot
12,475 Zhou's mercenary Jack Bauer 3:05am Shot
12,476 Zhou's mercenary Morris O'Brian 3:06am Strangled
12,477 Zhou Yong Jack Bauer 3:06am Neck broken
12,478 Zhou's mercenary Mike Doyle 3:06am Shot
12,479-12,480 Cheng's mercenaries (2) Jack Bauer 3:16am Shot
12,481 Cheng's operative Jack Bauer 3:16am Shot
12,482 Ike Mike Doyle 3:16am Shot
12,483 Cheng's mercenary Jack Bauer 3:17am Shot
12,484 Zhou's lieutenant Jack Bauer 3:18am Shot
12,485-12,494 Cheng's mercenaries (10) Jack Bauer 5:21am Shot/explosion
12,495 Cheng's spotter Jack Bauer 5:21am Shot
12,496-12,497 Phillip Bauer's henchman and partner Jack Bauer 5:27am Shot
12,498 Phillip Bauer Air Force pilots 5:32am Explosion

Redemption[edit source]

Main article: 24: Redemption
Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1 Prisoner "cockroach" Kabila Machete
2 James Youssou Dubaku's man 3:21pm Shot
3 Rebel soldier Jack Bauer 3:40pm Shot
4 Rebel soldier Jack Bauer 3:41pm Shot
5 Rebel soldier Jack Bauer 3:41pm Shot
6 Rebel soldier Jack Bauer 3:41pm Shot
7 Rebel soldier Jack Bauer 3:42pm Shot
8 Rebel soldier Jack Bauer 3:42pm Shot
9 Rebel soldier Jack Bauer 3:43pm Shot
10 Rebel soldier Carl Benton 3:53pm Shot
11 Dubaku's soldier Carl Benton 3:53pm Shot
12 Rebel soldier Carl Benton 3:53pm Shot
13 Youssou Dubaku Jack Bauer 3:54pm Neck snapped
14 Carl Benton People's Freedom Army operatives 4:40pm Landmine
15-19 Rebel soldiers (5) Carl Benton 4:40pm Landmine
20 Rebel soldier Jack Bauer 4:48pm Shot
21 Rebel soldier Jack Bauer 4:48pm Shot
22 Rebel soldier Jack Bauer 4:48pm Shot
23 Chris Whitley Halcott and/or John Quinn 4:40-4:50pm Unknown

Day 7[edit source]

Main article: Season 7
Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1 Unspecified person Alan Tanner 8:57am Shot
2-3 Gabriel Schector & Ari Alan Tanner 8:57am Shot
4 Donnie Fox Renee Walker 9:54am Shot
5 Masters Jack Bauer/Renee Walker 9:55am Shot
6 Morgan David Emerson 11:26am Shot
7-8 Matobo's security guards David Emerson 11:58am Shot
9 Matobo's security guard Tony Almeida 11:58am Shot
10 Litvak Tony Almeida 1:09pm Shot
11 David Emerson Tony Almeida 1:20pm Shot
12-281 People on Flight 131 & 471 (270) Dubaku's technician 1:25pm Plane crash
unknown Civilians on the ground Dubaku's technician 1:25pm Plane crash
282 Samantha Roth Brian Gedge 1:45pm Stabbed
283 Nichols's bodyguard Jack Bauer 1:55pm Shot
284 Nichols's bodyguard Tony Almeida 1:55pm Shot
285 Brian Gedge Henry Taylor 1:58pm Strangled
286 Nichols's security guard Tony Almeida 2:26pm Shot
287 Nichols's security guard Bill Buchanan 2:26pm Shot
288-290 Dubaku's technician and 2 other operatives Jack Bauer 2:26pm Shot
291 Nichols Renee Walker 2:27pm Shot
292 Nichols's mercenary Tony Almeida 2:27pm Shot
293-294 Nichols's henchman, mercenary Jack Bauer 2:27pm Shot
295 Nichols's mercenary Tony Almeida 2:27pm Shot
296 Nichols's mercenary Bill Buchanan 2:27pm Shot
297 Nichols's mercenary Jack Bauer 2:27pm Shot
298 Michael Latham Iké Dubaku 2:35pm Explosion
299 Dubaku's bodyguard Iké Dubaku 2:35pm Explosion
300 John Brunner Iké Dubaku/Nichols team 2:38pm Gassed
301 Edward Vossler Jack Bauer 3:39pm Stabbed
302-303 Secret Service Agents Smith & Masden Dubaku's soldier 3:56pm Explosion
304 Store front cashier Jack Bauer 3:57pm Beaten
305 Dubaku's henchman Jack Bauer 3:58pm Shot
306 Dubaku's henchman Renee Walker 3:58pm Shot
307-308 Dubaku's henchmen (2) Jack Bauer 3:59pm Shot
309 Elemu Jack Bauer 3:59pm Shot
310 Marika Donoso Marika Donoso 5:09pm Car crash
311 Dubaku's driver Jack Bauer 5:10pm Shot
312 Erika Sean Hillinger 5:34pm Shot
313 Iké Dubaku Udo 6:06pm Poisoned
314 Thompson Laurent Dubaku 7:05pm Shot
315 Fynn Abo 7:08pm Stabbed
316 Secret Service agent Abo 7:10pm Stabbed
317 Secret Service agent Juma's soldiers 7:10pm Shot
318-319 Secret Service agents (2) Juma's soldiers 7:14pm Shot
320-321 White House staffers (2) Juma's soldiers 7:16pm Shot
322 Meredith Rojas Benjamin Juma 7:16pm Shot
323-324 Secret Service agents (2) Juma's soldiers 7:17pm Shot
325 Laurent Dubaku Larry Moss 7:19pm Shot
326 Secret Service agent Juma's soldiers 7:21pm Shot
327 Cimbe Jack Bauer 7:23pm Shot
328-329 Secret Service agents (2) Juma's soldiers 7:23pm Shot
330 Secret Service agent Juma's soldiers 7:24pm Shot
331 Juma's soldier Secret Service agent 7:24pm Shot
332 Juma's soldier Aaron Pierce 7:49pm Shot
333 White House staffer Benjamin Juma 8:05pm Shot
334 Bill Buchanan Bill Buchanan 8:08pm Explosion
335 Abo Bill Buchanan 8:08pm Explosion
336 Udo Bill Buchanan 8:08pm Explosion
337-338 Juma's soldiers (2) FBI tac team 8:09pm Shot
339-342 Juma's soldiers (4) Jack Bauer 8:09pm Shot
343-344 Juma's soldiers (2) FBI tac team 8:09pm Shot
345 Juma's soldier Aaron Pierce 8:09pm Shot
346 Ngozi Jack Bauer 8:10pm Shot
347 Benjamin Juma Jack Bauer 8:10pm Shot
348 Juma's soldier FBI TAC agent 8:10pm Shot
349 Robert John Quinn 8:40pm Smothered
350 Ryan Burnett John Quinn 8:57pm Throat slit
351 Blaine Mayer John Quinn 9:48pm Shot
352 John Quinn Jack Bauer 9:58pm Stabbed
353 Cooper Jack Bauer 10:45pm Shot
354-355 Starkwood mercenaries (2) Jack Bauer 10:46pm Shot
356 Starkwood commando Tony Almeida 12:35am Shot
357 Doug Knowles Jonas Hodges 12:46am Fall
358 FBI agent Robert Galvez 1:46am Shot
359 Davis Robert Galvez 1:48am Shot
360 Miller Robert Galvez 1:56am Shot
361 Larry Moss Tony Almeida 1:58am Suffocated
362 Patricia Eames Bowden's accomplice 2:02am Poisoned
363 Stoller Robert Galvez 2:35am Shot
364-365 FBI agents (2 minimum) Robert Galvez 2:47am Explosion
366 Paramedic Robert Galvez 2:59am Stabbed
367-368 FBI agents (2) Tony Almeida 3:02am Shot
369 Robert Galvez Tony Almeida 3:07am Suffocated
370 Jonas Hodges Olivia Taylor Hitman 4:48am Car bomb
371 Franks Bob Peluso 5:47am Strangled
372-373 Airport security (2) Bob Peluso 6:26am Shot
374 Bald civilian Bob Peluso 6:26am Shot
375 Sarah Airport security guard 6:26am Shot
376 Airport security guard Bob Peluso 6:27am Shot
377 DCPD officer Bob Peluso 6:46am Shot
378 Bob Peluso DCPD officer 2 6:48am Shot
379-380 Dr. Levinson's assistants (2) Jack Bauer 6:58am Stabbed
381 Dr. Levinson Jack Bauer 6:58am Neck broken
382-385 Wilson's bodyguards (4) FBI field agents 7:17am Shot
386 Wilson's operative FBI field agents 7:18am Shot
387-388 Wilson's bodyguards (2) Renee Walker 7:18am Shot
389 Cara Bowden Tony Almeida 7:20am Shot

Day 8[edit source]

Main article: Season 8
Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1-2 NYPD officer & partner Red Square spotter & sniper 4:54pm Shot
3 Red Square spotter Jack Bauer 4:56pm Axed
4 Red Square sniper Jack Bauer 4:56pm Fall
5 Torres Davros 4:57pm Explosion
6 Johnson Davros 4:57pm Explosion
7 Victor Aruz Davros 4:59pm Explosion
8 Jim Koernig Davros 6:08pm Shot
9 Maggie Koernig Davros 6:08pm Shot
10 Omar's limo driver Davros 6:59pm Explosion
11 CTU agent Farhad Hassan 7:06pm Stabbed
12 Davros Jack Bauer 7:08pm Shot
13 Ziya Dakhilov Vladimir Laitanan 8:57pm Shot
14-15 P. Collins and guard Dimitri & Andre 9:42pm Shot
16 Joel Levine Andre 9:43pm Shot
17-19 Lugo Elson's bodyguards (3) Cole Ortiz 9:55pm Shot
21 Oleg Bazhaev Sergei Bazhaev 9:59pm Shot
22 Vladimir Laitanan Renee Walker 10:45pm Stabbed
23 Lugo Elson Jack Bauer 10:46pm Knife throw
24 Laitanan's henchman Jack Bauer 10:46pm Shot
25 Dimitri Jack Bauer 11:33pm Neck broken
26 Bazhaev's henchman Jack Bauer 11:35pm Shot
27 Bazhaev's henchman Jack Bauer 11:36pm Shot
28 Andre Jack Bauer 11:36pm Shot
29 Bazhaev's henchman Jack Bauer 11:36pm Shot
30 Luka Josef Bazhaev 11:45pm Shot
31 Anton Josef Bazhaev 11:45pm Shot
32 Josef Bazhaev Samir Mehran 12:04am Shot
33 Nick Coughlin Cole Ortiz 12:58am Shot
34 Kevin Wade Nick Coughlin 1:01am Stabbed
35 Farhad Hassan Ali 1:23am Shot
36 Marcos Al-Zacar Ali/Marcos Al-Zacar 2:49am Explosion
37 Amis Tarin Faroush 3:06am Shot
38 Martin Tarin Faroush 3:06am Shot
39 Faulkner Tarin Faroush 3:06am Shot
40-41 Bellows & partner Hamid 3:09am Shot
42 Gerrard Kamistan splinter cell 3:59am Explosion
43-44 CTU personnel (2) Kamistan splinter cell 3:59am Explosion
45 Hamid Jack Bauer 4:33am Shot
46 Ali's henchman Cole Ortiz 4:34am Shot
47 King Ali/snipers 4:34am Shot
48 Owen Ali/snipers 4:50am Shot
49 Sniper 1 Jack Bauer 4:53am Shot
50 Ali Renee Walker 4:55am Shot
51 Sniper 2 Renee Walker 4:55am Shot
52 Bill Prady Dana Walsh 4:58am Strangled
53 Nabeel Brucker's commandos 5:43am Shot
54 Hassan's security guard Brucker's commandos 5:43am Shot
55 Secret Service agent Brucker's commandos 5:44am Shot
56 Dalton Brucker's commandos 5:44am Shot
57 Brucker's commando Molly O'Connor 5:44am Shot
58 Secret Service agent Brucker's commandos 5:45am Shot
59 Brucker's commando Molly O'Connor 5:45am Shot
60 Swofford Brucker's commandos 5:46am Shot
61-62 Mathis & Donner Jack Bauer 5:53am Shot
63 Brucker's commando Jack Bauer 5:53am Shot
64-66 Brucker's commandos (3) Jack Bauer 5:55am Shot
67 Brucker's commando Omar Hassan 5:56am Shot
68 Tarin Faroush Tarin Faroush 6:57am Car crash
69-70 Jim Payne & CTU security guard Dana Walsh 7:08am Shot
71 Samir's roof sentry CTU sniper 7:52am Shot
72 Samir's roof sentry Cole Ortiz 7:52am Shot
73 Samir's hall sentry Jack Bauer 7:53am Shot
74 Omar Hassan Samir Mehran 7:55am Throat slit
75 Female terrorist Renee Walker 7:55am Shot
76 Ahman Jack Bauer 7:56am Shot
77 Navid Jack Bauer 7:56am Shot
78 Office worker Pavel Tokarev 8:23am Stabbed
79 Samir Mehran Pavel Tokarev 8:32am Poisoned
80 Renee Walker Pavel Tokarev 8:58am Shot
81 Mark Bledsoe Jack Bauer 11:14am Shot
82-83 Security contractor 1 & 2 Jack Bauer 11:14am Shot
84 Security contractor 3 Jack Bauer 11:15am Shot
85 Brian Dana Walsh 11:44am Shot
86 Civilian Dana Walsh 11:52am Shot
87 Dana Walsh Jack Bauer 11:59am Shot
88-91 Tokarev's agents (2, 1, 4, 3) Jack Bauer 12:35pm Shot
92 Pavel Tokarev Jack Bauer 12:58pm Stabbed
93-94 Novakovich's bodyguards (2) Jack Bauer 1:45pm Shot
95-97 Novakovich's bodyguards (3) Jack Bauer 1:48pm Shot
98 Mikhail Novakovich Jack Bauer 1:48pm Stabbed
99 Berkov Jack Bauer 1:55pm Shot
100 Jason Pillar Charles Logan 3:48pm Shot

Day 9[edit source]

Main article: 24: Live Another Day
Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1 Hugh Gurney Derrick Yates 11:59am Drone strike
2 Chris Lawson Derrick Yates 11:59am Drone strike
3 Mark Olson Derrick Yates 11:59am Drone strike
4 Ben Wilkins Derrick Yates 11:59am Drone strike
5 Mick Aron Bashir's henchman 12:45pm Shot
6 Bashir's henchman Jack Bauer 12:45pm Shot
7 Bashir's henchman Jack Bauer 12:46pm Stabbed
8 Derrick Yates Simone Al-Harazi 12:57pm Stabbed
9-12 CIA agents (4) Ian Al-Harazi 3:57pm Drone strike
13 Naveed Shabazz Margot Al-Harazi 3:59pm Shot
14 Radko Kate Morgan 4:53pm Stabbed
15 Karl Rask's henchman MI5 agent 4:53pm Shot
16 Rask's henchman Jack Bauer 4:53pm Shot
17 Rask's henchman MI5 agent 4:53pm Shot
18 Rask's henchman MI5 agent 4:53pm Shot
19 MI5 agent Rask's henchman 4:53pm Shot
20 Rask's henchman MI5 agent 4:53pm Shot
21 MI5 agent Rask's henchman 4:53pm Shot
22 Rask's henchman MI5 agent 4:53pm Shot
23 Rask's henchman Jack Bauer 4:53pm Shot
24 Rask's henchman Jack Bauer 4:54pm Explosion
25 Danilo Kate Morgan 4:54pm Shot
26-27 MI5 agents (2) Karl Rask 4:54pm Shot
28 Karl Rask Karl Rask 4:55pm Explosion
29-31 MI5 agents (3 minimum) Karl Rask 4:55pm Explosion
32 Farah Azizan Simone Al-Harazi 4:57pm Stabbed
33 MPS officer Kareem 5:34pm Shot
34 Kareem MPS officers 5:35pm Shot
35-134 Drone strike victims (100 minimum) Ian Al-Harazi 5:43pm–7:20pm Drone strike
135 James Harman Jordan Reed 6:41pm Shot
136 Jordan Reed James Harman 6:45pm Stabbed
137 Al-Harazi henchman Erik Ritter 7:21pm Shot
138-139 Al-Harazi henchmen (2) Kate Morgan 7:21pm Shot
140 Al-Harazi henchman Erik Ritter 7:23pm Shot
141-142 Al-Harazi henchmen (2) Jack Bauer 7:25pm Shot
143 CIA agent Al-Harazi henchman 7:27pm Shot
144 Al-Harazi henchman Cutler 7:27pm Shot
145 Cutler Al-Harazi henchman 7:27pm Shot
146 Al-Harazi henchman Kate Morgan 7:27pm Shot
147 Fazil Kate Morgan 7:28pm Shot
148 Ian Al-Harazi Jack Bauer 7:30pm Fall
149 Margot Al-Harazi Jack Bauer 7:31pm Fall
150-157 Open Cell members (8) Cheng Zhi's henchmen 8:40pm Shot
158 Pete Cheng's henchmen 8:40pm Shot
159 Chell Cheng's henchmen 8:40pm Shot
160 Stosh Cheng's henchmen 8:46pm Shot
161 Adrian Cross Cheng Zhi 8:57pm Shot
162 Russian operative Jack Bauer 8:57pm Shot
163 Russian operative Kate Morgan 8:57pm Shot
164-1,163 Shenyang personnel (1,000 minimum) Cheng's technician 8:59pm–? Torpedo
1,164 Russian operative Jack Bauer 9:04pm Shot
1,165 Russian operative Kate Morgan 9:04pm Shot
1,166 Lead Russian operative Jack Bauer 9:04pm Shot
1,167 Russian operative Jack Bauer/Kate Morgan 9:05pm Shot
1,168 Russian operative Kate Morgan 9:06pm Shot
1,169-1,170 Russian operatives (2) Jack Bauer 9:06pm Explosion
1,171-1,172 Russian operatives (2) Fuller 9:06pm Shot
1,173 Stolnavich's gate guard Jack Bauer 9:53pm Shot
1,174 Stolnavich's bodyguard Jack Bauer 9:54pm Shot
1,175 Stolnavich's bodyguard Jack Bauer/Kate Morgan 9:54pm Shot
1,176 Stolnavich's bodyguard Jack Bauer 9:54pm Shot
1,177 Stolnavich's bodyguard Kate Morgan 9:54pm Shot
1,178 Anatol Stolnavich Mark Boudreau 9:55pm Stabbed
1,179 Secret Service SUV driver Cheng's sniper 9:58pm Shot
1,180 Secret Service agent Cheng's sniper 9:58pm Shot
1,181 Secret Service agent Cheng's sniper 9:58pm Shot
1,182 Jiao Sim Cheng's sniper 10:04pm Shot
1,183-1,184 Russian sentries (2) Jack Bauer & Belcheck 10:26pm Shot
1,185 Russian sentry Jack Bauer 10:26pm Shot
1,186-1,187 Chinese sentries (2) Jack Bauer & Belcheck 10:26pm Shot
1,188-1,189 Chinese sentries (2) Jack Bauer 10:27pm Shot
1,190 Cheng's sniper Kate Morgan/CIA agents 10:30pm Shot
1,191-1,196 Letitcia sentries (6) Jack Bauer & Belcheck 10:30pm Shot
1,197-1,198 CIA agents (2) Cheng's shooter 10:31pm Shot
1,199 Audrey Boudreau Cheng's shooter 10:32pm Shot
1,200-1,208 Cheng's henchmen (9) Jack Bauer 10:38pm Shot
1,209-1,210 Cheng's henchmen (2) Jack Bauer 10:39pm Shot
1,211 Cheng's henchman Jack Bauer 10:39pm Meat cleaver
1,212 Cheng's technician Jack Bauer 10:40pm Shot
1,213-1,214 Cheng's henchman (2) Jack Bauer 10:40pm Shot
1,215 Cheng Zhi Jack Bauer 10:42pm Beheaded

Day 10[edit source]

Main article: 24: Legacy
Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1 Geddes, Jackson or Stewart Rashid Al-Sabi 12:01pm Shot
2 Rashid Al-Sabi Eric Carter 12:18pm Shot
3 Jihadi soldier Nicole Carter 12:18pm Shot
4 Jihadi soldier Eric Carter 12:18pm Shot
5 Grimes' mother Malik's men 12:28pm Unknown
6 Amy Grimes Malik Al-Sabi 12:28pm Shot
7 Jihadi soldier Eric Carter 12:57pm Shot
8 Jihadi soldier Eric Carter 12:57pm Crushed by pipe
9 Malik Al-Sabi Eric Carter 12:57pm Impaled with rebar
10 Jihadi soldier Thomas Locke 2:56pm Shot
11 Jihadi soldier Eric Carter 2:57pm Shot
12 Drew Phelps Amira Dudayev 3:46pm Embolism
13 Ben Grimes Ferro 4:38pm Shot
14 Kusuma Jadalla Bin-Khalid 4:56pm Shot
15 Ferro Eric Carter 4:57pm Shot
16-17 Gabriel's henchmen (2) Eric Carter 4:57pm Shot
18-22 Gabriel's henchmen (5) TAC team agents 4:58pm Shot
23 Gabriel's henchman Eric Carter 4:58pm Shot
24 TAC team agent Gabriel's henchman 4:58pm Shot
25 Gabriel's henchman Thomas Locke 4:58pm Shot
26-29 Gabriel's henchmen (4) TAC team agent 4:58pm Explosion
30 Gabriel Gabriel 4:59pm Throat slit
31 David Harris Amira Dudayev 5:34pm Stabbed
32 Khasan Dudayev David Harris 5:35pm Shot
33-34 CTU agents (2) Bin-Khalid soldier 5:38pm Shot
35-36 Gang members (2) Bin-Khalid soldier 5:38pm Shot
37 Amira Dudayev Amira Dudayev 5:52pm Explosion
38 Jenkins Amira Dudayev 5:52pm Explosion
39-224 Civilians on the George Washington Bridge (186 minimum) Amira Dudayev 5:52pm–? Explosion
225 Jihadi soldier Isaac Carter 7:10pm Stabbed
226 Jihadi soldier Isaac Carter 7:35pm Shot
227-228 Jihadi sentries (2) Isaac Carter & gang members 7:45pm Unknown
229-231 Jihadi soldiers (3) Gang member in van 7:46pm Shot
232 Jihadi soldier Gang member 7:46pm Shot
233 Jihadi soldier Isaac Carter 7:46pm Shot
234-235 Gang members, including Marcus (2) Jihadi soldiers 7:46pm–7:49pm Unknown
236 Jihadi soldier Andre 7:47pm Shot
237 Andre Jadalla Bin-Khalid 7:47pm Shot
238 Jihadi soldier Unknown 7:47pm Explosion
239-240 Jihadi soldiers (2 minimum) Fighter pilot 7:49pm– Missile strike
241 TAC team agent Juliana Mehmeti 8:17pm Shot
242 Juliana Mehmeti Eric Carter 8:17pm Shot
243 Steven Grant Asim Naseri 8:52pm Shot
244 Secret Service agent Asim Naseri 8:53pm Shot
245 Secret Service agent Naseri's gunman 8:53pm Shot
246-248 CTU security guards (3) Asim Naseri and gunmen 8:53pm–8:56pm Shot
249-251 MPD officers (3) Asim Naseri 8:58pm Shot
252 MPD officer Naseri's gunman 8:58pm Shot
253 Jadalla Bin-Khalid Eric Carter 9:57pm Shot
254 Steve Tony Almeida 10:49pm Shot
255 Almeida's operative Eric Carter 11:02pm Shot
256 Almeida's operative Eric Carter 11:04pm Shot
257 Farmhouse guard Tony Almeida 11:05pm Shot
258-259 Jihadi soldiers (2) Asim Naseri 11:15pm Shot
260 Jihadi technician Asim Naseri 11:15pm Shot
261 Asim Naseri Ibrahim Bin-Khalid 11:35pm Shot
262 Ibrahim Bin-Khalid Eric Carter 11:36pm Shot
263 Donald Simms Donald Simms 11:43pm Shot
264 Rebecca Ingram Ibrahim Bin-Khalid 11:44pm Shot

Totals[edit | edit source]

Day Deaths Total
1 416 416
2 118 534
3 888 1,422
4 266 1,688
5 203 1,891
6 12,498 14,389
R 23 14,412
7 389 14,801
8 100 14,901
9 1,215 16,116
10 264 16,380

Not included[edit | edit source]

The following characters could not be included in their respective tables. Reasons include, but are not limited to: they were last seen in extremely life-threatening situations and whether they survived was unspecified; they died before the Day started; or they died off-camera at unknown times. Included are relevant details and approximate times of last appearance. For deaths in the prequels, novels, games, or other expanded universe media, see Deaths on 24/Expanded universe.

Day 1[edit | edit source]

Day 2[edit | edit source]

Day 3[edit | edit source]

  • Before the day started, Ukrainian scientists killed a large number of people (including David Goss) with the Cordilla virus, to demonstrate the weapon to the Salazars. At the Salazar ranch, the remaining corpses were disposed of. (Day 3: 1:00pm-2:00pm)
  • Kevin Kelly disappeared around 12:30am and inconclusive evidence suggests he was killed.
  • In the Chandler Plaza Hotel there was a body count that was unknown, though it had a minimum of 800.
  • Susan Cole (7:17am), Dr. Joyner, Bruce Margolis, Sam Tyler, Anne Schwartz, Kathy McCartney, Ed Miller, and several others were all exposed to a symptomatic victim of the virus, but whether they were infected or immune was not shown.
  • Michelle Dessler left the Chandler Plaza Hotel in a National Health Services van with two NHS men and two others who were immune to the Cordilla virus. A few minutes later she was held by Saunders' henchmen at knifepoint, so the others in the van were likely but not conclusively killed. (Day 3: 8:00am-9:00am)
  • Numerous people in Los Angeles outside of the hotel were placed in quarantine zones and guaranteed to die, including Sara Kaufman; but whether they died before the close of the day is uncertain.
  • Saunders' henchman Kevin was hit on the head with a brick by Michelle Dessler; whether he survived is uncertain. (10:32am)

Day 4[edit | edit source]

Day 5[edit | edit source]

Day 6[edit | edit source]

  • Abu Fayed's brother was tortured to death by Jack Bauer in 1999, long before Day 6.
  • Over 900 people were killed by Abu Fayed's bombings prior to the start of Day 6.
  • It is unknown whether there were any casualties in the Culver City mosque bombing by the mob. (Day 6: 6:00am-7:00am)
  • The total number of people killed by the Valencia nuclear bomb (over 12,000) was never conclusively stated.
  • Whether Rogers and the other San Francisco first responders were actually exposed to lethal amounts of radiation by the "dirty bomb" was unspecified. (7:56pm)
  • It is not revealed whether Leon ultimately survived his injuries. (Day 6: 6:00pm-7:00pm)
  • Whether Jamal Nasawa survived his injuries is unclear. (10:42pm)
  • It is unknown whether CTU personnel in the chopper survived after it was struck by a propelled rocket fired by Cheng Zhi's men. (Day 6: 12:00am-1:00am)
  • Zhou Yong and his mercenaries fired a number of shots off-screen when they took over CTU, possibly killing more security guards than those shown and accounted for here. (Day 6: 2:00am-3:00am)
  • Wayne Palmer died from his injuries—however, it is not known if this happened after Day 6 ended or not.
  • Reed Pollock and Bruce Carson were still awaiting trial for capital treason by the end of Day 6. If they were executed, it occurred afterward.

Redemption[edit | edit source]

Day 7[edit | edit source]

  • At least 300,000 Sangalans were killed during Benjamin Juma's dictatorship, including villagers seen on a video showing experimentation of Juma's biological weapons provided by Starkwood. (Day 7: 11:00pm-12:00am)
  • Roger Taylor was killed (presumably by Brian Gedge) sometime before Day 7.
  • It's currently unknown how many civilian fatalities were on the ground when the two planes collided or whether they were part of the 270 recorded casualties. (1:25pm)
  • It was unspecified if Greer died from his shot wounds. (10:45pm)
  • Whether Tom Chapman and his staff were incinerated by the Pythons' detonations was not shown.
  • Galvez almost certainly killed the driver of the ambulance he hijacked, but this is unconfirmed.
  • The airport security guard may have succumbed to his wounds after being shot by Bob Peluso.
  • The DCPD officer may have succumbed to his wounds after being shot by Bob Peluso.
  • In this day's season finale, Tony shot at a container, causing an explosion and a FBI SWAT team member to knocked back from the blast but it's unknown if that was truly fatal or the officer just lost his balance from the impact.
  • It's unknown if Alan Wilson's remaining bodyguards were either gunned down or merely arrested by the FBI SWAT team agents.

Day 8[edit | edit source]

Day 9[edit | edit source]

Day 10[edit | edit source]

Episodes without deaths[edit | edit source]

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