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"A man is either alive or dead."
— Yakub Syed, "Day 1: 4:00am-5:00am"

This is a list of deaths from the Indian version of 24. Only deaths confirmed to have happened during the 24-hour periods covered by each season of are included. Some times are approximate.

Day 1 Edit

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Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1 Max Ferraro Mehr 12:57am Broken neck
2 Kiran Thappar Mehr 12:57am Broken neck
3-302 Plane passengers & crew Mehr 12:59am Plane explosion
303 Ticket clerk Yakub Syed's hitmen 1:10am Shot
304 Sahil Joshi Yakub Syed's hitmen 1:11am Shot
305 Yakub Syed's hitman Jai Singh Rathod 1:20am Shot
306 Yakub Syed's hitman Jai Singh Rathod 1:25am Shot
307 Yakub Syed's hitman Jai Singh Rathod / Wassim Khan 1:31am Shot
308 Wassim Khan Yakub Syed's hitman 1:35am Shot
309 Yakub Syed's hitman Jai Singh Rathod 1:36am Broken neck
310 Shaina Gajavathanan 2:37am Shot
311 Nagwekar Parvez 3:35am Shot
312 Dev Sharma Yakub Syed 4:59am Shot
313 Jhanvi Gupta Kartik Chandrashekhar 5:44am Suffocated
314 SFG agent Gajavathanan 7:55am Shot
315 Jiah Pastakhia Jiah Pastakhia 9:33am Slit wrists
316 Tarun Khosla Jai Singh Rathod / Tarun Khosla 10:29am Asthma attack
317 Mehek Ahuja KK's assassin 10:59am Electrocuted
318 Qureshi Trisha Rathod 11:05am Shot
319 Nepali Jai Singh Rathod 12:28pm Shot
320 Yakub Syed Jai Singh Rathod 12:54pm Shot
321 Kartik Chandrashekhar Bala Ravindran 1:35pm Stabbed
322 Singh Mani 2:59pm Shot
323 ATU agent Gajavathanan 3:19pm Shot
324 Omar Sheikh Gajavathanan 3:20pm Shot
325 Veena Gajavathanan 3:30pm Shot
326 Dibakar Pandit Gajavathanan 3:30pm Shot
327 Chandrashekhar Rao Gajavathanan 3:31pm Shot
328 Nakul Gajavathanan 3:32pm Shot
329 Ronak Tiwari Roshan 3:59pm Shot
330 Gajavathanan Kiran Rathod 4:02pm Shot
331 Deepak Patil Saxena 5:59pm Shot
332 Sridhar Raja Talapathi 7:29pm Shot
333-337 Prison staff (5) Raja's men 8:13pm Shot
338 Aravind Bala Muruga Raja's men 8:13pm Shot
339 Murad Ali Raja Talapathi 8:13pm Shot
340-341 Raja's men (2) Gandhi's men 8:15pm Shot
342 Gandhi Raja's men 8:28pm Explosion
343-348 Gandhi's men (6) Raja's men 8:28pm Explosion
349 Radhika Ravindran 9:29pm Shot
350 Sivam Ravindran 9:34pm Shot
351 Bala Ravindran Pooja Bharadwaj 10:12pm Stabbed
352-355 Raja's men (4) Jai Singh Rathod 11:16pm Shot
356 Mani Jai Singh Rathod 11:17pm Shot
357 Roshan Jai Singh Rathod 11:17pm Shot
358 Raja Talapathi Jai Singh Rathod 11:17pm Shot
359 Fireman Mathur 11:17pm Choked
360 Ravindran's driver Jai Singh Rathod 11:20pm Car crash
361 Rasheed Jai Singh Rathod 11:20pm Shot
362-363 Ravindran's men (2) Jai Singh Rathod 11:21pm Shot
364 Ravindran Jai Singh Rathod 11:21pm Shot
365 Sniper Mathur 11:40pm Choked
366 Mathur Jai Singh Rathod 11:43pm Shot
367 Trisha Rathod Gajavathanan 11:59pm Brain hemorrhage

Day 2 Edit

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Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1 Abu Tandoori Jai Singh Rathod 10:17am Garotted
2-4 Abu's men (3) Jai Singh Rathod 10:19am Stabbed
5 Horse handler Haroon Sherchan 10:46am Shot
6 Laxman Marathe Roshan Sherchan 12:34pm Strangled
7 Prisoner B.E.S.T. Shankar 2:28pm Burned
8 Guard Mussa 2:46pm Shot
9 B.E.S.T. Shankar B.E.S.T. Shankar 2:57pm Shot
9 Mussa Jai Singh Rathod 3:01pm Shot
10-13 Prisoners (4) Prison guards 3:01pm Shot
14 Shinde Muzzaffar 3:04pm Stabbed
15 Muzzaffar Roshan Sherchan 3:04pm Stabbed
16-18 Chang's men (3) ATU agents 3:33pm Shot
19-24 Dhruv's men (6) Nikhil Kamath, Bhaskar and Vivek 10:27pm Shot
25-26 Dhruv's men (2) Jai Singh Rathod 10:28pm Shot
27 Nikhil Kamath Roshan Sherchan 10:30pm Stabbed
28 Haroon Sherchan Haroon Sherchan 10:32pm Stabbed
29 Dhruv's man Nikhil Kamath, Bhaskar and Vivek 10:32pm Shot
30-31 Bhaskar and Vivek Dhruv's sniper 10:58pm Shot
32-33 Dhruv's men (2) Jai Singh Rathod 10:58pm Shot
34 Omkar Balraj 11:10pm Shot
35 Shantaram Jadhav 12:00am Shot
36 Ali Roshan Sherchan 12:43am Shot
37 Pillai Roshan Sherchan 12:46am Shot
38 Roshan's man Vedant Acharya 12:47am Shot
39 Amar Mane Shinde Naina Singhania 1:14am Heart attack
40 Maintenance man Chang 1:16am Stabbed
41 Balraj Roshan Sherchan 2:25am Explosion
42 Atul Veer Singh Rathod 2:26am Shot
43 Yotam Bodyguard 2:54am Shot
44 Anjali Sharma Vasudev Varman 3:06am Shot
45 Gyan Thakkar Chang 3:30am Virus
46 Guard Vedant Acharya 3:42am Shot
47 Guard Ravi 3:42am Shot
48 Guard Vedant Acharya 3:42am Shot
49 Guard Vedant Acharya 3:43am Shot
50 Guard Vedant Acharya 3:44am Shot
51 Shibani Mallick Jai Singh Rathod 3:59am Shot
52 Child hotel guest Chang 4:05am Virus
53 Senior hotel guest Chang 4:05am Virus
54 Senior hotel guest Herself 4:59am Suicide pill
55 Dhruv Awasthi Bhisham Bhowmick 5:11am Poisoned
56 Roshan's man Vedant Acharya 6:08am Shot
57-58 Roshan's men (2) Vedant Acharya 6:09am Shot
59 Roshan's man Jai Singh Rathod 6:09am Shot
60 Vasudev Varma Jai Singh Rathod 6:09am Shot
61 Captain ATU troops 6:12am Shot
62-64 Roshan's men (3) ATU troops 6:12am Shot
65 Mohsin ATU troops 6:12am Shot
66 Kabir's care taker Jabbar 6:35am Shot
67 ATU soldier Roshan's man 6:38am Shot
68 Roshan's man Abhishek 6:38am Shot
69 Roshan's man Jai Singh Rathod 6:38am Shot
70 Antara Mane Shinde Antara Mane Shinde 7:05am Shot
71 Roshan's man Abhishek 8:12am Shot
72 Roshan's man ATU sniper 8:12am Shot
73 Roshan's man Siddharth Saigal 8:12am Shot
74-77 Roshan's men (4) ATU snipers 8:12am Shot
78 Jabbar Abhishek 8:12am Shot
79 ATU agent Roshan Sherchan 8:12am Shot
80 Abinash Roy Chang 8:30am Virus
81 Roshan Sherchan Jai Singh Rathod 8:32am Hanged
82 Bus driver Virus courier 8:56am Shot
83 Shoaib Abhishek 8:57am Shot
84 Mehr's guard Jai Singh Rathod 9:07am Shot
85 Victor Jai Singh Rathod 9:07am Shot

Totals Edit

Day Deaths Total
1 367 367
2 85 452

Not included Edit

The following characters could not be included in their respective tables. Reasons include, but are not limited to: they were last seen in extremely life-threatening situations and whether they survived was unspecified; they died before the Day started; or they died off-camera at unknown times. Included are relevant details and approximate times of last appearance.

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