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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

Debbie Pendleton was the girlfriend of Behrooz Araz at the beginning of Day 4.

Day 4[]

Debbie was in a relationship with Behrooz until his parents disapproved and forced him to stop contacting her. During Day 4, she called Behrooz, wondering why he had been avoiding her for the past couple of days. He spoke to her nervously, in front of his mother Dina, and abruptly hung up. Thinking that Behrooz was being unfaithful, she tailed him as he went to hand off the Dobson Override to the terrorist coordinator Omar. She was spotted by one of Omar's men, and the security breach was reported back to Behrooz's father, Navi.


Debbie talks to Dina Araz

Debbie, summoned by Dina, went to the Araz home while Navi was out of the house. As she looked at baby pictures of Behrooz, Dina pulled Behrooz aside and told him to shoot Debbie. He refused, but Debbie died from a poisonous drink that Dina had given her.

Later, Debbie's mom, Karen Pendleton, stopped by the Araz house, looking for Debbie. Dina told her that Behrooz hadn't seen Debbie, but suddenly Debbie's cell phone began ringing. Mrs. Pendleton heard the phone and became suspicious, but Behrooz covered for his family and told her that he and Debbie had the same ringtone.

Background information and notes[]


Debbie dies.

  • In the episode Day 4: 11:00am-12:00pm, Debbie's cell phone rang with a valid California phone number on the caller ID, (310) 597-3781. Many fans noticed this and began calling the number as soon as the episode concluded. This was the first appearance of the 24 fan phone.
  • Debbie, along with a few other characters like Alan York and Henry Powell, is one of the few characters to appear in multiple episodes only as a corpse.

Live appearances[]

* — Corpse only