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Debrah Drexler was a Democratic senator from California. She was the mayor of San Francisco, California prior to Veto Power, and lived there during the events of the Day. Drexler was divorced and a mother of one daughter.

Veto Power Edit

Senator Drexler was intent on voting against the New American Privacy Act when she repeatedly received threats to vote in favor of it. People working for Attorney General James Quincy blackmailed Drexler with photographic evidence that Drexler once worked as a prostitute prior to her political career. Quincy forced her to hold a press conference announcing that she would change her position on the privacy bill, or else they would go to the press with these pictures. Drexler arranged for her friend, CTU Los Angeles Director Kelly Sharpton, to hack into the Justice Department's server and destroy the files. Meanwhile, at her press conference, Drexler was awaiting for confirmation that the evidence was destroyed, stalling for time to make her announcement on her change of intended voting. Once she received confirmation of such, she held her ground, and reiterated her stance, to the irritation of the present news crews. Quincy was prepared to retaliate.

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