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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Delta-3 was the call sign of a Delta Force team from the United States Army that was assembled in Northern Mexico.

Day 3[]

In Day 3, Delta Force teams were called by CTU to Northern Mexico to engage in an operation to secure the Cordilla virus. First, an attack was launched on Ramon Salazar when it was confirmed that he had the virus and that he was in a tactically disadvantageous time and place. Jack Bauer, Chase Edmunds and a Delta Force team rushed to corner Salazar. He was killed by a bomb concealed in the vial that is supposedly carrying the virus. The seller of the virus, Michael Amador, had escaped with the real one.


Amador's men ambush and take out Delta-3.

Delta Force was cautious to secure all exit points, and Captain Reiss with a second Delta Force team, cornered Amador before he would escape. Amador's team of hidden snipers attacked, taking down Reiss and his Delta-3 members.