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The Department of Justice (or DOJ) is a branch within the United States government. The department is designed to enforce the laws and defend the interests of the United States, according to the law. It is also responsible to ensure justice and equal rights for all Americans. The Attorney General is the leader of the department. The DEA, FBI, and the United States Marshals Service are part of the department.

Day 4[]

During the events of Day 4, a federal judge prevented Joe Prado from being interrogated or tortured by CTU Los Angeles. Bill Buchanan attempted to bring the case to the Department of Justice and have them grant permission for Prado's torture, but the process would take a longer time frame than CTU needed. Buchanan had Prado released and Jack Bauer interrogated Prado illegally.

Day 6[]

After an assassination attempt was made on President Wayne Palmer during Day 6, the DOJ had Peter Hock lead the investigation. During his interrogation of Reed Pollock, Hock learned that Bill Buchanan had terrorist leader Abu Fayed in custody at CTU Seattle, eighteen months earlier. Pollock claimed that Buchanan's wife Karen Hayes, Palmer's National Security Advisor, deliberatively covered it up when she worked for the Department of Homeland Security. Hock confronted Karen and he told her either her or Bill would be the scapegoat for the terrorist actions of the past 11 weeks. Karen was forced to fire her husband.

Day 7[]

Day 8[]

Kristen Smith was sent from the DoJ to CTU New York to prosecute Renee Walker for the murder of Vladimir Laitanan.


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