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Devin was a computer technician working surveillance with Jack Bauer and Nina Myers during Day Zero.

Day Zero[]

Devin was running surveillance with Jack and Nina, keeping track of Laszlo, who was suspected of selling agency secrets. When Devin noticed the surveillance feed in Laszlo's apartment had gone dark, Jack decided to go into the building. He ordered Devin to cover him.

Jack and Devin approached Laszlo's apartment, room 307. They entered room and found Laszlo not as his computer. After a quick search of the dark room, Jack noticed Laszlo's dead body on the floor with a gunshot wound to the head. At around 10.26 p.m. Devin found a bomb in the room, set to explode in less than three minutes. Jack ordered Devin to leave the room.

Devin got out of the building as Jack downloaded encrypted files to a flash drive with the help of Jamey Farrell. Jack narrowly escaped being blown up by the detonator. He was buried under a pile of rubble, and emerged as Devin and Nina arrived. Jack, Nina and Devin later returned to CTU to report the operation to George Mason. Devin was with Jack when he was revealing to Mason that there must have been a mole in CTU who Laszlo was getting information from. He pressed for a Division investigation, but Mason denied it.


Jack threatens Devin

At around 11.35 p.m., Jack was attacked in the CTU parking lot as he was leaving the office. Jack managed to give his attacker a bloody nose, and began asking him who he was and who he was working for. Without answering, his attacker stepped into the light and it was revealed to be Devin. At gunpoint, Devin admits to working for Laszlo as he needed the money. Jack demanded to know the names of the buyers, but Devin claimed that he would not know that until the transaction initiates. Devin told Jack that its too late to stop the transaction now. Devin offers for Jack to "get in" on the game for the money, but Jack scolds him for betraying his country, and the oath his took as a federal agent. Jack jumps at Devin and puts his gun to his head, telling him that he won't ask again for his co-conspirators. Devin decides to give up the information, but just before he could tell Jack the names of the people he was working with, he was shot dead by someone nearby.

At 11.46 p.m., CTU medics inspect Devin's dead body. Jack, Nina, Mason and Tony are stood in the parking lot and observe this. Jack summarises what happened with Devin, and told them that Devin was just about to reveal the people he was working with. The final episode ends with Jack and Nina leaving the parking lot to get a drink, and Devin's body being wheeled away by CTU medics in a body bag.

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