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Diamond Select Toys is a toy company that made several different type of 24 action figures.

Action Figures[]

Jack Bauer action figures[]

Three 12" cloth Jack Bauer action figures were released, all with different outfits and head sculptures

  • #1: Season 1 - wearing a bullet-proof vest from "Day 1: 9:00pm-10:00pm." Features a high-quality outfit based on the decorated CTU agent's appearances during his first season adventures. Wearing a black uniform complete with bullet-proof vest and sculpted by Bill Mancuso, this twelve-inch Jack Bauer also features 25 points of articulation and accessories.
  • #2: Season 1 - trying to rescue Kim and Teri. Features 25 points of articulation, and detailed cloth and plastic clothing along with a wealth of accessories sure to prove useful defusing bombs, hunting terrorists or uncovering government conspiracies.
  • #3: Season 2 - beginning of Season 2. This figure captures star Kiefer Sutherland's attitude and flare when he is freshest... in the morning.


Minimates are a 2" block-styled miniature action figure that resembles an extremely simplified human form with 14 points of articulation, higher than average for block figures. Four 24 related sets have been released.