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Diana Christie worked for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and discovered that Alaska Airlines Flight 442 had been bombed.

Before Trinity Edit

Diana Christie was considered one of the coolest and calmest people to have worked for the NTSB. She’d worked on the go team that investigated TWA 800. She’d headed the investigation of the American flight that went down over Chicago, and the Amtrak derailment in Denver.

During the investigation of Flight 442, which exploded into flames over the Pacific Ocean on its way from Alaska to Los Angeles, she worked with members of the Federal Avionics Administration. The team determined that it was a malfunction in the fuel tank, the result of faulty wiring. However, Diana disagreed and felt the airline was bombed from inside the cabin.

When neither the FAA nor the NTSB backed Diana's theory, Diana decided to try the Counter Terrorist Unit.

Trinity Edit

Christie arrived at CTU around 7:00pm and tried to convince Ryan Chappelle that the plane bombing of one month before was an act of terror and not a fuel tank malfunction. Chappelle said that she was not being backed by the NTSB and therefore he could not support her.

Christie discovered the name Ali Abdul and went back to CTU, where she discovered that he was involved in something that they were investigating. She accompanied Jack in going to see Andre Farrigan, the plastic explosives dealer who was another lead. She went back to see Farrigan on her own, where she was knocked unconscious and had C-4 put in her arm as human bomb. It exploded when Christie was being interrogated by Nina Myers, and the former died.

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