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Dietrich was an FBI special agent during Day 10.

In the morning around 11:50am, Dietrich came to the hospital to question Senator John Donovan about the suicide of Director of National Intelligence Donald Simms. Donovan's campaign manager Nilaa Mizrani called Donovan out of the morgue where his deceased wife Rebecca Ingram was at to have him speak to Dietrich about Simms. As Donovan came out, Dietrich apologized to him for disturbing in his time to grieve. Then he informed Senator Donovan about Simms' demise and stated that he knew that he was with Simms last night. Donovan told him that he was asking him about how he was doing on finding Rebecca. Dietrich then asked did Simms say about anything about why he would take his own life and Donovan only stated that he doesn't know. The senator told Agent Dietrich that he was sorry about Simms, but he has own his situation to deal with him now. The sympathetic agent realized that Donovan needed space over his wife's death and thanked him for his time before leaving the room.

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