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Dimitri Yolkin was an SVR operative working with Arkady Bazin to track down and kill Jack Bauer after the events of Day 8.

Yolkin and several other SVR agents were given the assignment to kill Jack Bauer on orders from President Suvarov. While at a debriefing with Bazin, Yolkin was quick to point out that Suvarov needed Bauer dead as payback for him murdering Pavel Tokarev and Mikhail Novakovich, amongst many other Russians. During their search, Yolkin repeatedly updated the team, letting them know that Bauer stole a Bell 206 Long Ranger helicopter and left the city.

Yolkin found a lead through Mike Roker and arrived at his house impersonating an NYPD detective. After he broke in, Yolkin held Mike and his wife, Barbara, at gunpoint, and interrogated them. Once he found out what he needed to know about Bauer and his accomplice, Chase Edmunds, he killed Mike and his wife.

Bazin sent Yolkin, Mager, and two other operatives to intercept a freight train Bauer planned on riding to Los Angeles. When the team's contractor, Mandy, contacted Yolkin and told him Bauer was dead, Yolkin demanded she produce a body. He quickly realized that Mandy betrayed them and instructed Mager and the others to kill her as well. Yolkin and his team boarded the train to intercept them, but were ultimately killed by Bauer and Mandy. (Deadline)

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