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The Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) is an American federal law enforcement agency under the Department of State, responsible for the protection of foreign dignitaries on U.S. soil, criminal investigations, counterintelligence, fugitive apprehensions overseas in support of the U.S. Marshals Service, and security for U.S. officials overseas at U.S. embassies.

Before joining CTU Los Angeles, Peter Jiminez worked for several years as a special agent with the Diplomatic Security Service. (Chaos Theory)

Live Another Day[edit | edit source]

During Day 9, Jack Bauer disguises himself as a DSS agent with a package to get into the US Embassy to gain access to Lieutenant Chris Tanner and his flight key. The deception fails when Adrian Cross purposefully sabotages Jack's cover identity so he causes a riot to get into the building. Once inside, he knocks out two DSS agents and uses one of their keycards to get around before it is discovered and the keypads are locked down, preventing him from escaping with the agent's keycard. Jack locks himself in the secure communications room to upload the flight key data, taking hostages and wearing a DSS jacket throughout the whole incident. In the end, Jack surrenders himself to CIA agent Kate Morgan who believes his story and sets out to help him prove it.

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