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The Director's office was a personal room assigned to the Director of a CTU Domestic Unit.

The office, located on the second floor of CTU Los Angeles, looked down over the main floor, allowing the Director to address analysts from a dominant position. It was above the Situation Room. The windows could be dimmed so the agent can have complete privacy if necessary.

Notable events[]

Day 1[]

Jack's tenure[]

1x01 Jack Mason wrestle

Jack drugs Mason

At the beginning of Day 1, Jack Bauer occupied the office. After being briefed by Richard Walsh, he met with George Mason in the room and requested the source for the intel on the Palmer assassination plot. When Mason refused to give the source, Jack shot him with a tranquilizer gun and kept him in the office until he had enough information to blackmail Mason into handing over the source. ("12:00am-1:00am")

Later Jack was working in his office when he received a call from Walsh asking for help. Jack armed himself from the cupboard in the room and left CTU. He returned later with evidence that apparently Nina Myers was working against them - he distracted Nina in the office while Jamey Farrell investigated her computer. After confronting Nina he had Jamey show Nina the evidence in the office, but it soon transpired she was innocent. ("1:00am-2:00am", "2:00am-3:00am")

After 4am, Nina transferred her laptop to the office in order to assist Jack in investigating a police suspect. A couple of hours later Jack returned to CTU and set himself up in the office, where Ira Gaines secretly gave him instructions to follow. After swapping a key card that Milo Pressman was working on, Nina came to his office and asked where the real card was. He responded by holding her at gunpoint, giving her a flak jacket from his cupboard and leading her out of the building. Tony Almeida watched CCTV footage of the office and saw what had happened. ("4:00am-5:00am", "6:00am-7:00am")

Alberta Green takeover[]

1x10 Alberta in office

Alberta Green settles in

At around 9:45am, Alberta Green arrived at CTU to take charge and she set herself up in Jack's office. Alberta met Nina in the office and asked where Jack was, but Nina maintained that she didn't know. Green operated out of the office for the next few hours, and after Jack was found spoke with Tony there, asking him to tell Ryan Chappelle that Jack's actions weren't justifiable. Chappelle was in the office when David Palmer arrived, and spoke to Tony over the phone telling him not to let Palmer near Jack. ("9:00am-10:00am", "1:00pm-2:00pm", "2:00pm-3:00pm")

After Jack was reinstated, he went up to his office to change into a shirt. George arrived, telling him Green was back at Division, and the two discuss a sting operation involving Elizabeth Nash. Jack left to go to Palmer's hotel, while George stayed in the office co-ordinating. He heard from Tony that the safe house where Teri and Kim were staying was attacked, and also admonished Jack over the phone for the sting operation going wrong. ("3:00pm-4:00pm", "4:00pm-5:00pm")

George then arranged backup at California Plaza for Jack's next lead. Shortly afterwards Tony came to the office to ask for more men to help find the missing women, but George denied it and questioned Tony about his relationship with Nina. George then informed Jack that Teddy Hanlin was running backup, and had to warn Hanlin to stop hassling Jack during the operation. George then left the office to see Jack in person. ("5:00pm-6:00pm")

George Mason's occupancy[]

George arrived back at around 7:45pm and went straight back to Jack's office. He was attempting to get a hold of Chappelle when Teri Bauer entered, asking about her daughter Kim. George reassured her and sent her away. Later Ryan Chappelle called George back and told him to end the situation at 21911 Kipling Avenue in minutes, even if it meant sacrificing Jack. George co-ordinated the raid on the prison facility from the office, finding out that the Drazens had escaped. ("7:00pm-8:00pm", "8:00pm-9:00pm")

After Drazen offered CTU a trade of Jack for his son, George spoke to Nina in his office, telling her Chappelle wouldn't agree to the swap. He stayed in the office, arguing with his superiors over the phone, when Teri entered and demanded that he made the trade. He explained that he had no power to, and that was the end of it. However a short while later David Palmer called Mason in his office and told him to do the trade on his own authority and he would get promoted. Mason spoke on the phone to Andre Drazen, agreeing to the trade, before leaving CTU to go through with it. ("9:00pm-10:00pm")

1x23 George in office

George and Nina talk

Once he returned to CTU Mason spoke to Nina in the office, before Jack called to tell them his location. Mason then found his network access was being blocked, so came down to ask Tony about it. He had just got back to his office when he saw a news report telling of Palmer's death, so he ran down to tell the rest of CTU. Just before 11pm, Mason calls Nina and Tony up to the office to tell them that Palmer was not really killed in the bombing. ("10:00pm-11:00pm")

After hearing that Jack had killed the Drazens by himself, George went up to his office, blowing off Teri Bauer on the way. He then received a call from Jack telling him that Nina was working against them. George locked down the building before being sent evidence that Nina killed Jamey. Jack urged George to find her before she got away, then hung up. Mason left the office when Nina shot her way through security, and went to the parking garage to find Jack holding her at gunpoint. ("11:00pm-12:00am")

Day 2[]

Mason's tenure[]

2x03 Tony and Paula in office

Tony saves Paula from the office

George Mason operated out of the office at the beginning of Day 2. It was there he was briefed about the nuclear bomb by Eric Rayburn, and also where he received a threat assessment that caused him to try and get out of the blast radius. When NSA informed CTU to transfer their files, Paula Schaeffer worked from Mason's office to send the files. She continued working when the building was evacuated, and Tony pulled her out of the office just before explosions tore through the room, seriously injuring her. ("8:00am-9:00am", "9:00am-10:00am", "10:00am-11:00am")

After George returned to CTU, Jack Bauer confronted him in his office about his radiation poisoning, blackmailing George into letting Jack run the Nina Myers operation. Later, George called his son from his office, and after Ken Williams brought John into the room, George explained that he was dying to his son. He gave him access to a secret bank account and told him to get out of Los Angeles, which Michelle Dessler observed from the main floor. ("12:00pm-1:00pm", "2:00pm-3:00pm")

2x07 view from office

John Mason speaks with his father

Several hours later, George, Michelle and Tony assembled in the office for a conference call with David Palmer, who they advised about making a deal with Nina Myers for the location of the bomb. After that, Michelle found out that George was dying of radiation poisoning and came upto his office to offer her sympathies. He told her that his job made him unhappy, and gave her the advice of finding out what made her happy and doing that. ("4:00pm-5:00pm", "5:00pm-6:00pm")

A short while after that, George was in the office and informed Jack that Kim had got into a car accident and was missing. CTU spent the next hour finding out the bomb's location from Syed Ali, and once they had George co-ordinate with Jack while dressing his radiation wounds up in his office. Brad Hammond from Division arrived shortly after to inspect CTU. ("6:00pm-7:00pm", "8:00pm-9:00pm")

Tony Almeida takeover[]

At around 9:40pm, Mason vacated his office and left CTU, not believing himself fit enough to continue. Tony Almeida took on his role and moved into the office, and from there found Kim Bauer and connected her to her father. Michelle Dessler came up a short while later to inform Tony about the decryption of the Cyprus recording. About an hour later, Tony was in the office when Carrie Turner phoned him to tell him Jack was taking Kate Warner out of the building. ("9:00pm-10:00pm", "10:00pm-11:00pm", "11:00pm-12:00am")

2x17 Director's office

Michelle Dessler speaks to Tony

After Jack assaulted Tony, he went to his office and questioned Michelle Dessler about whether she was helping Jack. He also met with Carrie Turner, and authorised her to investigate Michelle. Carrie called Tony in his office during her investigations, and they found out Michelle was helping Jack. Michelle then came upto Tony's office to apologise for lying to him, but he told her to get on with her work. ("12:00am-1:00am", "1:00am-2:00am")

Ryan Chappelle's arrival[]

Tony continued to operate out of the office when he got a call from Jack that evidence had been found, so Tony called to inform the president. He later got a call from Ryan Chappelle, as Chappelle was on his way to CTU to review the situation. After Chappelle arrived, Tony was back in his office when Michelle told him Jack had tried to contact them again. He told Michelle to try to trace the call, but Chappelle came over and told him to stop wasting resources on Jack. ("2:00am-3:00am", "3:00am-4:00am")

When Jack called after retrieving the chip, Tony conferenced in from the office while Michelle talked them through how to retrieve the audio files. However, the files could not be recovered, but Tony briefed Jack on Alex Hewitt, the programmer who created the recording. A little later, Chappelle told Tony he was being reassigned and had 15 minutes to clear out his office. While Tony was doing this he received a call from David Palmer, which he put through the Jack. Chappelle then replaced Tony as Director, but Michelle called him down from the office to holding room 2 where Tony drugged him. ("4:00am-5:00am", "5:00am-6:00am")

2x24 Chappelle in office

Tony Almeida tells Ryan Chappelle to get out of his chair

Ryan was revived and was back in his office when Mike Novick called and ordered him to find Jack Bauer and assist him in taking down Peter Kingsley. After the operation was successful, District Director Vaughn called Chappelle in his office to congratulate him. Tony entered, and told Ryan to either fire him or get out of his chair. Chappelle left, and Tony resumed his position as CTU Director. Michelle then entered and Tony told her she had made a big difference during the day, and she should go home and get some rest. ("7:00am-8:00am")

Day 3[]

Tony's injury[]

When Michelle Dessler became acting director of CTU after Tony Almeida was shot in the neck, she moved up to his office. She received a call from Dr Linzer asking permission to operate on Tony. She then briefed David Palmer and his staff via videoconference from the office. ("4:00pm-5:00pm")

Ryan Chappelle arrived shortly after 6pm to take over, and set up in the director's office. He spoke to Wayne Palmer, and later President David Palmer, about shooting down Jack Bauer's helicopter to stop Ramon Salazar leaving the country. Palmer gave his authorization, and Chappelle oversaw the attempt to shoot down the helicopter. Not long after that Nicole Duncan called to tell Chappelle that Kyle Singer was not infected with the Cordilla virus. ("6:00pm-7:00pm")

Tony returned to CTU after 8pm and was put in charge of the Cordilla virus sting operation. He contacted Miguel to arrange for Rafael Gutierrez to meet Chase Edmunds, however he collapsed in the office due to his injury. He got up and went downstairs to ask Michelle to find the most likely landing sites around Las Nieves, which she brought up to him. She asked how long he had been planning the operation, and said she had no idea he was hiding something from her. Just before 9pm, Gael came to the office to tell Tony that Jack's transponder signal had gone dead. ("8:00pm-9:00pm")

Shortly after 10pm Ryan Chappelle entered Tony's office, and Tony brought him up to speed, as well as mentioning that Nina Myers was involved in the sale of the virus. After he left, Michelle came up and apologised for calling Tony's competency into question. Later that hour, Adam Kaufman ran upto Tony's office and transferred a call from Chase Edmunds. While Tony spoke to Chase, Adam traced the call. ("10:00pm-11:00pm")

After Kim Bauer learned of Nina's involvement, she went to Tony's office to ask him to make sure CTU doesn't let Nina escape again. A couple of hours later, after the Salazar deal had concluded, Chappelle called Chloe into the office to ask about Angela. Chloe refused to divulge any information about the baby, so Chappelle called Eileen to put Chloe under guard. She was kept in the office until Tony had her released to combat the worm released in the computer system. ("11:00pm-12:00am", "1:00am-2:00am")

Chandler Plaza crisis[]

Tony was speaking to Michelle about the situation at the Chandler Plaza Hotel while he walked up to his office. Michelle revealed to him that she was inside the hotel when the virus was released, and he ordered her to get out of the building. She told him she couldn't follow the order as she was needed inside to co-ordinate the situation. Tony then spoke with Nicole Duncan, and briefed Chappelle on the state of play, who enforced a "shoot to kill" policy on anyone leaving the hotel. Tony called Nicole again later to ask about survival rates of the virus, and again a short while later before Kim came into the office and offered her sympathies. Chappelle then told Tony to concentrate on his work or step down. ("5:00am-6:00am")

Just after 6am, Tony called Michelle about the capsules and tearfully expressed his desire to be with her. After he hung up, Jack entered and informed him that Stephen Saunders had ordered the death of Ryan Chappelle. A short while later Chloe brought Tony a list of CTU agent that could double as Jane Saunders - when Tony saw Kim Bauer's name on the list, he summoned her to his office and asked if she was willing to pose as Saunders's daughter. She agreed to go through with the operation. ("6:00am-7:00am", "7:00am-8:00am")

Later, after Tony was relieved of his command, he went to his office and watched Jane Saunders through CCTV footage. Chloe called and told him that she had unscrambled the voice track of a call between him and Stephen Saunders, and then Tony listened in on a call between Adam and Jack. He then locked Chloe in Tech 1 from his computer, then left to escape from CTU. ("9:00am-10:00am")

Brad Hammond arrived at CTU to replace Tony and occupied his office. Michelle Dessler came up to ask why she was unable to see Tony, and he explained that Tony had let Saunders escape and was being charged with treason. ("11:00am-12:00pm")

Before Day 4[]

The Director of CTU LA, Erin Driscoll, fired Jack Bauer because of his former heroin addiction, approximately 15 months prior to Day 4.

Day 4[]

Driscoll's tenure[]

At the beginning of Day 4, Erin Driscoll was in her office when she was informed of a train bombing in Santa Clarita. Chloe O'Brian then entered to inform her that Tomas Sherek was in Los Angeles which was potentially linked to the bombing.

Later, Jack Bauer arrived at CTU and met with Erin in her office. They went through the Department of Defense budget proposals, but their discussions were cut short by Ronnie Lobell phoning in from the field. Erin and Jack observed Ronnie at Maurice Landstrass's cleaners, and Jack observed that Landstrass was hiding something to his right. Ronnie was able to apprehend Tomas Sherek under guidance from Driscoll.

Erin left and Jack called Audrey Raines from the office, bringing her up to speed with Sherek's arrest. He referenced an earlier conversation they had that morning, and told he he was falling in love with her. Erin returned, but avoided Jack's questions about Sherek. ("7:00am-8:00am")

A short while later Erin briefed Ronnie Lobell, explaining that Jack was being reinstated for the investigation into James Heller's kidnapping. She later briefed Curtis Manning about the situation, and when Chloe entered Erin reprimanded her for not trusting her. ("8:00am-9:00am")

Erin received a call from Marianne Taylor, and called Curtis up to her office to discuss him striking Marianne from the list of consultants being brought into CTU. She informed Curtis that Marianne was threatening them with a security breach and that she would be brought in. Erin then ordered Curtis to begin torturing Richard Heller. ("9:00am-10:00am")

4x03 Driscoll's office

Curtis and Erin talk

Shortly after 10am, Curtis came up to Driscoll's office and she told him that Andrew Paige was at the ER of County General and that Bauer and the hostile were still at large. She ordered Curtis to concentrate all of tactical on finding them. Half an hour later, Erin was speaking to Ed on the phone when she received a call from her daughter. ("10:00am-11:00am")

Driscoll got a call from Marianne Taylor not long after, asking her about Chloe's phone logs. ("11:00am-12:00pm")

At around 2:20pm, James Heller entered Driscoll's office to present evidence that Sarah Gavin was relaying information out of the building. Later Curtis and Erin were in the office when Jack sent over details of Henry Powell, their latest lead. After that Scott Borman worked with Erin in the office until Edgar Stiles interrupted them, explaining that Marianne Taylor had framed Sarah. ("2:00pm-3:00pm")

Curtis later entered Driscoll's office and they argued about who would take responsibility for Marianne's presence at CTU. They agreed to alter some of the details of her posting when reporting to Division. ("3:00pm-4:00pm")

At 6:30pm, Tony Almeida had been made interim director, and set himself up in the office. Erin Driscoll came up and gave him the CTU access codes. She retrieved a picture of her daughter before she left. ("6:00pm-7:00pm")

Michelle Dessler takeover[]

Michelle Dessler took over as Director at 7pm and occupied the office. After Jack and Paul were rescued from McLennen-Forster, Tony came up to inform Michelle, and said he was going to leave CTU. Michelle asked him to stay on. ("7:00pm-8:00pm")

At around 3:30am, Michelle got a call in the office from Secretary of State Taylor ordering her to allow Cheng Zhi access to investigate CTU's involvement in the raid on the Chinese consulate. Bill began to plan how to deal with Cheng, and after he left Tony told Michelle he hated being without her. A phone call interrupted their conversation, as Cheng had just arrived. ("3:00am-4:00am")

Tony came up to office an hour later and told Michelle that tactical teams had arrived at Richard Heller's house. They spoke about the awkwardness of Jack having to interrogate Audrey's brother, and Tony then sat beside Michelle and told her he wanted to be with her again, but away from CTU. ("4:00am-5:00am")

An hour later, Michelle went back to her office and received a call from Mandy, who sent her a picture of Tony being held hostage and asked for help in escaping CTU. Michelle agreed to help, and called Edgar Stiles, asking him to send her deployment of agents at the Mercerwood. Bill entered a short while later, and Michelle admitted to being blackmailed, so he called Jack to let him know. After Tony's apparent death, Michelle went up to her office and Buchanan consoled her, ordering her to go home. ("5:00am-6:00am")

Day 5[]

Buchanan and McGill[]

Shortly after 8am on Day 5, Bill Buchanan and Audrey Raines were working on security for Logan's retreat when Edgar Stiles entered and told them the shooter of David Palmer had been identified. Edgar played a security video on Bill's computer, revealing Jack Bauer as the apparent assassin. ("8:00am-9:00am")

5x04 McGill works

Lynn McGill works through transcripts of Jack's communication

Audrey and Bill were working in the office later when Jack called from Ontario Airport informing them of the terrorist attack there. Spenser Wolff then entered to confirm the information. Later when Lynn McGill arrived at CTU, he took over the office and called Buchanan up, asking to see CTU's assault playbook. Chloe O'Brian sent it to his laptop, and he studied it in the office, calling Chloe to get her to unlock Volume 5. He he discovered Jack's distress code in the transcript, and ran down to the situation room to warn Buchanan. ("9:00am-10:00am", "10:00am-11:00am")

Just as he was leaving his office, Lynn McGill received a call from his sister, asking for money. Just before 3pm, he went to his office to speak to Charles Logan about the incident at the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall. He later tried to call his sister again, and later was called by Curtis Manning informing him that Jack Bauer escaped. He attempted to access Audrey Raines's phone logs from his office, but they were deleted before he managed to inspect them. ("1:00pm-2:00pm", "2:00pm-3:00pm", "3:00pm-4:00pm")

Curtis Manning went to the office later and worked with Lynn McGill on efforts to find the nerve gas. They were interrupted by Edgar Stiles, who brought evidence that Yuri Suvarov's motorcade was a possible target. McGill dismissed the claim, but Curtis told him he thought they should take the threat seriously. Audrey Raines then came to the office to convince McGill to investigate the possible threat, but he shouted at her that they should drop it. ("4:00pm-5:00pm")

Gas attack[]

5x13 director's office

Bill during the gas attack

During the gas attack at CTU, Bill Buchanan went up to the office which was then sealed to stop the gas entering. He co-ordinated the survivors of the attack, and ordered Curtis Manning to get CRT teams to the building as soon as possible. When Chloe O'Brian realised the gas was corroding the seals, Buchanan addressed the building to inform them. However, after Chloe managed to flush the gas out of the building, the room was unlocked. ("7:00pm-8:00pm")

When Karen Hayes arrived after the gas attack, Bill took her upto his office to brief her on the threat assessment. He told her he believed CTU were capable of continuing on, but Karen explained that they were harder hit than he first realised. Later, Bill and Karen observed the interrogation of Audrey Raines from the office, with Karen noticing that Jack didn't push her hard enough. After Jack was incapacitated by Rick Burke, he was taken to the office to calm down. Karen told him that if he found evidence that Collette Stenger was withholding information then they would question her instead, so Jack left the office to seek Chloe 's help. ("8:00pm-9:00pm", "9:00pm-10:00pm")

Karen Hayes takeover[]

After Bill Buchanan was relieved of duty, Karen Hayes worked out of his office. She took a call from President Logan at around 11:10pm, where he told her he was issuing an arrest warrant for Jack Bauer. Later, Valerie Harris called her to let her know that Audrey Raines had evaded their tracking attempts, so Karen told Miles to use satellite to track her. After a short while Miles ran upto the office to tell Karen they had located Audrey travelling north towards Mulholland Drive. He used the satellite to send her position to Harris, but the feed broke up - he then noticed Chloe wasn't at her desk, so left the office to find her. ("11:00pm-12:00am")


Miles and Karen try to track down Jack Bauer

Logan then called Karen and told her to prioritise finding Jack. Miles observed that Audrey requested Chloe was kept on, realising he could use her to lead them to Bauer. Later Miles gave Karen the final protocol shifts and told her the transfer from CTU to Homeland was complete two hours ahead of schedule. Karen told him she was curious why Jack had not been apprehended yet, but was interrupted by a call saying Chloe had escaped from holding. Shari Rothenberg was then brought up for questioning, and she admitted that Chloe told her that President Logan was behind the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy. Just before 2am, Miles located Chloe, and after calling Mike Novick to find out more about Logan, Karen warned Bill that a TAC team was coming for them. ("12:00am-1:00am", "1:00am-2:00am")

Karen kept Bill updated with the TAC team's position as Bill told her what Jack was doing. Miles entered the office to oversee Bill's arrest but Karen told him to move downstairs to the situation room. Later, Karen returned to the office and gave Chloe access to the Flight 520 manifest. Karen continued helping Chloe from her office before Bill arrived at CTU, and she left to interrogate him. ("2:00am-3:00am")

5x23 Chloe in office

Chloe asks for a workstation for Morris

After Vladimir Bierko was killed and the terror threat resolved, Karen and Bill were working in the office when Karen was ordered to return to Washington, D.C., as Charles Logan was attempting to "clean house". Chloe O'Brian then entered and asked Bill to sign off on Morris O'Brian being given a high-clearance workstation. Later, at around 6:30am, Bill and Karen worked together in the office. ("5:00am-6:00am", "6:00am-7:00am")

Day 6[]

Bill Buchanan occupied this office most of the day until he was fired by Karen Hayes about an incident involving Abu Fayed. Nadia Yassir later took over as Director.

Day 8[]

In Day 8, the office was occupied by three people: first Brian Hastings, then Chloe O'Brian, and finally Jason Pillar.

Directors occupying this office[]


Christopher Henderson, Jack Bauer, Alberta Green, George Mason, Tony Almeida, Ryan Chappelle, Erin Driscoll, Michelle Dessler, Bill Buchanan, Nadia Yassir.


Brian Hastings, Chloe O'Brian.

Background information and notes[]

  • There is never a single day where this position is held by one appointed agent.