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Adam Kaufman discovers the next phase of Madsen's plan.

Summary Edit

Back in CTU, Adam Kaufman tells Michelle Dessler that he has completed a system scan. He says that there is a screen hooked into the sat-nav system, and Tony deduces that that is why their teams cannot find the locations of the bombs. Adam then realizes that when he did the scan the system initiated "some sort of countdown", and Tony says that the system must have a self-destruct timer. If it destroys itself, they will never find the bombs locations.

Adam has to deactivate the signal screen by using the circuit breaker, which shows the device's circuitry as CPU cubes linked by colored data paths. Adam finds the device's trigger switches, indicated by yellow cubes, and successfully stops the self-destruct timer.

Jack arrives back at CTU with Kim. He is met at the door by an angry Ryan Chappelle. Jack tells Kim to go wait in his office, and Chappelle begins to bawl at Jack for breaking protocol and putting national security at risk. Jack says that he will answer for his mistakes later, but now they need to focus on stopping Madsen.


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  • Time: 00:50
  • Connections Used: 8

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