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District Headquarters

District Command, known simply as District, was a branch of the Counter Terrorist Unit that reported directly to CTU Headquarters in Washington, D.C. District covered a large area, such as a state, and oversees the operation of Division and the domestic units.

During his time in Los Angeles during Day 2 and 3, President David Palmer operated out of District Command's local office.

During Day 5, District received pressure from the White House regarding the recent assassination of David Palmer and the hostage crisis at the Ontario Airport. They sent Lynn McGill to the CTU Los Angeles unit to oversee the investigation of these crisis, as well as the involvement of Jack Bauer in them.

District Headquarters in Los Angeles contains a primary holding facility, to which Vladimir Bierko was to be sent during Day 5. Jack Bauer and Cheng Zhi were both interrogated at that facility as well following their respective arrests on Day 6.