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Marwan used the Override to melt down nuclear reactors.

The Dobson Override Device was a remote device created by Department of Defense contractor McLennen-Forster to enable the government to control and shut down any nuclear power plant. Unfortunately, during the events of Day 4, this device was stolen by militant Islamic terrorists and was used to attempt to melt down every nuclear reactor within the United States.

Day 4[]

The device was transported by McLennen-Forster courier Brody and an armed escort through the Santa Clarita Valley toward Los Angeles on a train. At very start of the day, the train was wrecked by Dar, a terrorist working for Habib Marwan through Navi Araz and Tomas Sherek. Dar shot Brody, used metal clippers to break the handcuffed chain, and then stole the briefcase. Less than an hour later, Dar delivered the briefcase to Navi Araz.

Navi's son, Behrooz, transported it to sub-cell leader Omar at the terrorist compound where James Heller and Audrey Raines were held captive. Henry Powell inspected the briefcase at Omar's compound, and then took its contents to his collaborators Marwan, Ali, and Forbes at the Rockland Building. The empty briefcase was left at the compound, where CTU discovered it following the successful raid and rescue attempt involving Marines. The execution of James Heller, broadcast live on the internet, allowed the terrorists to subvert the nuclear power plants' firewall without detection, enabling the use of the device.

Marianne Taylor, mole at CTU Los Angeles, leaked to Powell that CTU had learned that the terrorists had possession of the device. Marwan used it at IDS Data Systems in the Rockland Building to try to cause nationwide radioactive poisoning, but Jack Bauer and Curtis Manning caused him to flee before he could do so. Curtis finally retrieved the device. Edgar Stiles was then able to almost completely circumvent the damage set in motion by the Marwan when he used it, except for a single power plant (one out of 104, located on San Gabriel Island) which melted down.

Background information and notes[]

  • According to property master Dick Kyker, the briefcase containing the Dobson Override Device was actually a WiebeTech Forensic Field Kit and the wireframe graphic of the override was a ComboDock, included in three of the five Forensic Field Kit options.

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