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This page lists and transcribes miscellaneous documents that are legible on-screen in 24, usually on computer monitors or paper. For character dossiers seen on-screen, see character profiles.

Season 1[]

Ira Gaines' contacts[]

Gaines' contact list.jpg
Episode: "Day 1: 7:00am-8:00am"

When Ira Gaines contacts Jamey Farrell via her PDA, a list of contacts and their remote network devices is visible on his computer monitor. As would later become commonplace, many of the names are those of 24 crew members.

Connection Remote IP Address Status
Michael Loceff 945.658.174.298 Comlink 7 321
Virgil Williams 135.035.385.112 Off Line
Jamey Farrell 485.698.175.64 Off Line
Nicole Burke 854.128.956.325 Comlink Channel 12
Todd Wasserman Off Line
Tony Pacheco 120.364.698.485 Off Line
Doug Miller 425.398.517.495 Connected
Jason Savage 185.674.312.360 Connected
Randy Engle 135.021.225 ISP 898.132.896
Manny Hernandez 147.125.369.452 Not Connected
Scott Smith Not Connected

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Omicron International visitor list[]

Episode: "Day 5: 4:00pm-5:00pm"

In order to gain access to Christopher Henderson, Chloe O'Brian inserts "John Barrie," an alias for Jack Bauer, into the visitor registry at Omicron International. The security guard verified Jack's identification and presence on the list and cleared him through.

Omicron International phone directory[]

Episode: "Day 5: 4:00pm-5:00pm"

To distract Henderson's secretary, Audrey Raines accesses the company's telephone directory to find her extension.

WET List[]

Episode: "Day 5: 8:00pm-9:00pm"
Main article: WET List

Jack Bauer has Chloe O'Brian hack into an NSA server and send the WET List to his PDA. The list contains the names, aliases, and last known addresses of important terrorist operatives in western Europe.

Season 6[]


D.C. Times[]

Main article: D.C. Times

Season 7[]

Operation Hatteras file[]

Episode: "Day 7: 8:00am-9:00am"

With Jack Bauer's assistance, Sean Hillinger accesses a detailed dossier on Gabriel Schector, as well as an overview of Operation Hatteras.

Project Directors
Dir. Alan Burkette
Scott Dinsmore
Michael Gravel
John Surre
Project Team
Agent Jack Bauer (Team Leader)
Agent Anthony Almeida
Agent Coburn
Agent Pellegrini
Agent Shea
Military Oversight
Admiral Derek Gentile, 501st Army, Fort Retzler
Threat assessment
  • Terrorist activity with ties to U.S. fencing operation. Suspect shipment to terrorist cell located in Karachi, Pakistan was led by Gabriel Schector, arrested November 2, 1998
  • Information essential for recognition, procurement and threat assessment relating to terrorist planning and infrastructure overseas.
  • Accurate inventories for vessels and equipment.
  • Analysis, how they work, who has them and measures to halt proliferation.

Up-to-date open-source analysis of offensive and defensive systems in use or under development including land-based, ship/submarine-based.

Defense review: A complete assessment of a country's future defense posture for the army, navy and air force, covering organization, equipment, training and support structures, as well as border security and asset protection.

  • Procurement support to government: Omicron's reviewed the list of potential suppliers to meet an equipment procurement program, assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the technology and applicability to the client's operational requirements, and advised on the most cost-

Season 8[]

Ricker weapons inventory[]

8x19 weapon list.jpg
Episode: "Day 8: 10:00am-11:00am"

While Jim Ricker allows Jack Bauer through security at his apartment, a list of weapons can be seen on his monitor. The list is actually made up of weapons from the video games GoldenEye (in the first column) and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (in the second column).

  • automatic shotgun
  • cougar magnum
  • DD44 Dostovei
  • Hunting knife
  • KF7 Soviet
  • PP7
  • Proximity mine
  • Remote mine
  • Sniper rifle
  • Throwing knife
  • Timed mine

Assault rifles

  • M4A1
  • SCAR-H
  • TAR-21
  • FN FAL
  • M16A4
  • ACR
  • FN 2000
  • AK-47
  • CheyTac M-200
  • Barrett .50 cal
  • WA2000
  • M21 EBR

Sub-machine guns

Sniper rifles

  • M16A3 rifle 16 scope options 58 high-capactiy magazines
  • M4 18 15 full Sopmod kits M203 8 40mm grenades
  • M14 rifle 10 sniper kits (infrared scopes available)
  • AK47 rifle 15 folding stocks (scope mounts)
  • AK-74 rifle 4 folding and fixed
  • M24 bolt action ???
  • 9mm SMG 8 full auto
  • .45 caliber ???
  • Pistol grip, folding
  • M9 pistol 16 various accessories
  • .45 1911 pistol10 flashlights / tactical configurations
  • .380 subcompact pistol 4 ankle holster
  • MP5 = MP40 or Sten auto
  • M14 = Garand/G43 semi-auto
  • M14 / bipod must be used deployed