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A dog was a member of the species canis lupus. Dogs were often domesticated and kept by people to guard property and serve as companions.

The word "dog" was also used as a slang expression between acquaintances, as used by a teenager to his friend during Day 1.

Day 2 Edit


Wald's dog

The anti-government American terrorist Joseph Wald kept a guard dog in his hideout at 221 Canyon View Road, Simi Valley, California. When Jack Bauer attempted to arrest Wald at about 11:30am, the dog rushed to its master's defense. Jack killed the dog before it could harm him, but the incident bought Wald enough time to flee to his secure panic room.

The Rookie Edit


Maude's dog runs away

When the new CTU agent Jason Blaine went on a coffee run, he encountered Maude and her small dog in the street. He assisted her with the stubborn dog and saved her from a speeding van full of bank robbers. When Maude entered the Merchant Security Bank, her dog barked at them, annoying one of the robbers.

Background information and notes Edit

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