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Dolen was a mercenary working for Starkwood during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Dolen accompanied Stokes and other Starkwood commandos to the Port of Alexandria. Stokes ordered Dolen to find Cooper, who failed to respond to Stokes' radio hails, and Dolen ran off. When he found Cooper's corpse, he reported the news immediately. Stokes notified the men of an emergency, shouted for Greer to load their cargo onto the flatbed, and a shootout ensued with Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida. Stokes, Dolen, and the others managed to capture Tony, and then recapture their cargo shortly afterward.

Shortly after 11pm, Dolen and Galvez had Tony pinned against a fence while Stokes beat him in an attempt to extract information. He kept Tony immobilized while Jonas Hodges and Greg Seaton had a staged argument, and then left with the hostage to place him in a cell.

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