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Donald Frick was a Department of Defense official killed during the events of Conspiracy.

Before Conspiracy[]

Frick was part of Operation Blind Justice, an emergency government program in which he and three other DoD agents (Chris Jarvis, Kenneth Proctor, and Steven Kinsey) could work together to authorize a missile strike in the event of a national crisis. Prior to the events of Conspiracy, Frick offered to sell his palm print to the highest bidder, and Kelly, a mole within CTU Washington, helped arrange with terrorists the capture of the other three palm prints.


Susan Walker took Frick back to her hotel room, and after seducing him, she suddenly snapped his neck, killing him. She scanned his handprint onto a computer and looked at his wallet, confirming his idenitiy. This was at the beginning of a long day concerning a plot for DoD to be breached. Walker was attempting to use Frick's palm print to hack the database and prevent the other three from becoming useful to the terrorists who were looking to steal launch codes.

Background information and notes[]

  • Frick appears exclusively in the mobile phone series 24: Conspiracy, which takes place during the same day as Day 4.
  • Donald Frick's DoD ID number was 9384657463847-984645. The number along the top, presumable a secondary ID was A257629.
  • His date of birth was April 11, 1969.

Live appearances[]