Dotan Baer (born December 10, 1971; age 49) played a Starkwood Air Traffic Controller during Season 7 of 24.

Biography and career

Dotan Baer was born in Jerusalem, Israel. He received a Bachelor's degree in Finance at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. Baer was also a member of the US Army, specifically in the 75th Airborne Ranger.

Baer began his professional acting career in 1999, appearing in the short It's a Wonderful Death. After that, he has appeared in films like Smokin' Stogies, Subway Cafe, I'll Be There For You, American Son (with Tom Sizemore), Hired Gun (with Michael Madsen), Lifted, and Ideal World.

Aside of films, Baer has appeared in TV shows like Medium (with Neal Matarazzo), Bones, Invasion (with Michael Broderick), The Unit (with Dennis Haysbert, Max Martini, and Michael Irby), The Nine (with Lourdes Benedicto, John Billingsley, Michael O'Neill, Conor O'Farrell, and Kim Raver), and Big Love.

Since 2002, Baer has owned Associated Artists Group, a public relations firm representing entertainment professionals in Hollywood, California.

24 credits

Selected filmography

  • Command 357 (2019)
  • Ideal World (2011)
  • Lifted (2010)
  • Hired Gun (2009)
  • American Son (2008)
  • I'll Be There With You (2006)
  • Subway Cafe (2004)
  • Smokin' Stogies (2001)

Television appearances

  • Vet Talks (2019)
  • 24 (2009)
  • 2009:A True Story (2008)
  • Big Love (2007)
  • The Unit (2006)
  • The Nine (2006)
  • Invasion (2006)
  • Bones (2005)
  • Threshold (2005)
  • Medium (2005)
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