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Drake Shelburne was the manager of the Golden Pole strip club in New Orleans during Storm Force.

Storm ForceEdit

Shelburne was leaving his apartment above the strip club at around 7:30 a.m. Jack Bauer was at his door, looking for the stripper Vikki Valence, who had a tip on Colonel Paz and his colleague Hector Beltran, a man that CTU was trying to track down. In an effort to kill Paz, who was with Valence when CTU was tracking her, several men shot at him when he exited the club. He survived, and with the aid of the CTU agents all the attackers were killed. Paz fled the scene leaving a massacre before the agents could take him in. The shots scared Valence who ran away.

Shelburne panicked when he saw the agent's gun, and jumped back, his overweight body shaking the corridor. He threw his arms in the air and identified himself to Jack. When Jack explained the situation to Shelburne, he explained that he had suspected that Valence would have something to do with the gunshots. He willingly went back into his apartment at Jack's request after he was unable to aid the search.

Later, he was interviewed by Jack Bauer, but did not reveal any helpful information. He was taken back to Gulf Coast Regional Centre for further questioning.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • Drake Shelburne: Jeez, you like to give me a heart attack, waving that gun around - I'm going now, just letting you know so you won't shoot...

Live appearancesEdit

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