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The Drazen compound was the complex in which Jack Bauer and his Delta Force team led Operation Nightfall, a covert assassination mission in which his entire team was killed. This compound was the base of operations for the Drazen syndicate, led by Victor Drazen and his sons Alexis and Andre.

The compound was situated in Đakovica in Kosovo and consisted of a large house and barn surrounded by trees and a small stone wall.

The security detail consisted of 17 men, heavily armed with a mix of Russian made weapons including AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenades and several light machine guns.

The complex was defended by a portable radar array, two BOV-3 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and a Praga armored truck suited with a 30-millimeter anti-aircraft cannon. The radar made constant sweeps or the airspace around Drazen's compound and the vehicles were placed in strategic locations. They had the capability to shoot down a helicopter or even a jet aircraft.