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The Drazen syndicate (alternatively, the Drazen family) was a powerful crime collective of terrorists, infiltrators, and Serbian ex-military mercenaries founded by Serbian war criminal Victor Drazen. Its leaders were Victor and his sons Andre and Alexis Drazen, and they were responsible for the terrorism of Day 1. Motivated by revenge, their goal was to murder or frame-up several Americans who carried out Operation Nightfall, primarily: Senator David Palmer, Jack Bauer, and Robert Ellis.

Before Day 1[]

Victor Drazen's wife Elena and daughter Martina were accidentally killed by an explosion ordered by a Delta Force unit which was orchestrating Operation Nightfall. Victor himself was the intended target. However, the Delta Force had been deceived by a body double, and Victor was tipped off by a CIA official named Tony Webster (who was orchestrating a conflicting operation to covertly capture, not kill, Victor). Victor ended up secretly imprisoned in the US, but his extreme wealth and influence allowed him to reorganize his syndicate within American borders to avenge the deaths of Elena and Martina.

The syndicate which Victor, Andre, and Alexis organized comprised the following major assets:

  1. a group of American mercenaries led by Ira Gaines
  2. Ted Cofell (birth name: Borvo Sobrinna), a deep-cover mole and financier
  3. a group of elite ex-military Serbian commandos led by Harris
  4. Nina Myers, a highly-placed mole inside CTU Los Angeles

Day 1[]

The syndicate was responsible for numerous murders before and during Day 1: the deaths of 354 civilians aboard Flight 221; the assassination of NSA operative Robert Ellis in New Orleans; the killings of at least 11 agents and personnel of CTU Los Angeles (including Director Richard Walsh); the killings of at least 9 DoD MUDD staff (including Mark DeSalvo); and the murders of several other civilians and police officers in isolated instances (including Teri Bauer). However, their ultimate goal of assassinating Senator David Palmer and framing Jack Bauer failed. By the end of the day, as a result of various government actions, the syndicate's leadership was wiped out and virtually all of its members were killed or arrested.

Drazen syndicate terrorist attacks[]

Target Episode Masterminds Result Fatalities
Flight 221
"Day 1: 12:00am-1:00am" Ira Gaines, Mandy Successful 360
  • Purpose: Retrieve Martin Belkin's press ID card so assassin Jonathan Matijevich could gain access to David Palmer's breakfast; then, destroy the evidence.
  • Outcome: Mandy successfully retrieved the ID and blew up the plane as she parachuted down. She then delivered the press card to Ira Gaines.
Senator David Palmer
"Day 1: 7:00am-8:00am" Ira Gaines, Jonathan Matijevich Unsuccessful None
  • Purpose: Kill Senator David Palmer during a breakfast at Santa Clarita Power Plant, and frame Jack Bauer for it.
  • Outcome: Sniper Jonathan Matijevich had Jack Bauer arm his weapon so it would have his fingerprints. But when he was about to fire at Palmer, Bauer created a diversion by grabbing the gun of a Secret Service agent, causing Palmer to pulled from the stage in time.
Senator David Palmer
"Day 1: 10:00pm-11:00pm" Victor Drazen Unsuccessful None
  • Purpose: Victor Drazen gave Jack Bauer a tricked phone and told him he should give it to Palmer, so he could hear his demands. The phone was supposed to explode when Palmer answered it.
  • Outcome: Jack gave Palmer the phone without knowing about the bomb. When Palmer answered, Jack guessed that it was a threat and grabbed the phone and threw it out the window.