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Drew Phelps was a student in Pershing High School during Day 10. His mother was Eileen Phelps.

At 12pm on Day 10, Drew confronted Amira when she entered the school for ignoring her texts. He angrily demanded that she talk to him about her recent activities, but she refused and he grabbed her. At that moment David Harris, their teacher, stepped in and spoke to Drew. Drew confessed her suspicions that she and her brother have been letting anti-American texts and thinks they are planning some kind of attack. Harris advised him to keep silent while he will discretely inform the principal. Drew says that she was know that he squealed on her, but Harris says they don't have any choice. Drew sat in class with Amira behind her, not knowing that she and Harris are actually collaborators. ("Day 10: 12:00pm-1:00pm")

When Drew found Amira and Harris engaging in coitus in a closet, he realized that Harris was the man Amira had been texting. He threatened to report them to the authorities but was knocked unconscious by Harris before he could do so. ("Day 10: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

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