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Dwight Hubbard Little (born January 13, 1956; age 66) was a director on 24. He attended the Film School at the University of Southern California.

Biography and career[]

Dwight Little was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He attended the Film School at the University of Southern California. His senior thesis project, "Americano," earned him several awards, including the Focus Film Festival's top prize.

Through his career, Little has directed films like Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Marked for Death (with Tom Wright), Rapid Fire (with Powers Boothe, Al Leong, Carl Ciarfalio, Francois Chau, and Tzi Ma), Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (with Michael Madsen, Jayne Atkinson, Al Sapienza, Mykelti Williamson, and Neal Matarazzo), Murder at 1600 (with Wright, Tate Donovan, Harris Yulin, and Douglas O'Keeffe) and Tekken (with Ian Anthony Dale and Tamlyn Tomita).

Since the 2000s, Little has focused more on a career in TV. Some of the shows, he has directed are The Practice (with Silas Weir Mitchell), The X-Files (with Scott Paulin), Millennium (with Glenn Morshower), Prison Break (with Wade Williams), Castle (with Stana Katic and Julian Sands), Dollhouse (with Harry Lennix), Nikita (with John Billingsley), Drop Dead Diva (with Steven Culp), Scorpion (with Derrick McMillon and Chris Mulkey), and Sleepy Hollow (with John Noble).

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