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Ed was a mercenary working with Kozelek Hacker during Day 6.

Day 6 Edit

Ed worked with Hacker and another man to blow up 9407 Hindry Place, taking out the CTU team that entered the building. Ed then drove towards the vehicle that Marilyn Bauer was waiting in with Milo Pressman. After pursuing the truck through a park, Ed cornered them, and the three mercenaries began firing on the truck with automatic weapons. Hacker instructed them not to kill Marilyn, as they needed her alive. However Milo detonated a box of grenades in the truck, throwing Ed to the ground, and they escaped. Hacker, Ed and the third man then pursued them on foot. ("2:00pm-3:00pm")


Ed is shot by Jack

After reaching a back alley and talking to Phillip Bauer on the phone, Hacker called Ed over and told him that they had located the two targets hiding behind a dumpster. Milo rose and began firing on the three, but they returned fire and he was hit in the arm. Kozelek grabbed Marilyn, ordering the other two men to kill Milo. However, just as Ed stood watching over the impending execution, Jack Bauer arrived and shot Ed in the chest. ("3:00pm-4:00pm")

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