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Ed Brisson (born April 13) is the writer of the 24 comic Underground.

Biography and career[]

Ed Brisson is a comic book writer based in Canada. He started writing comic books in the early 1990s. In 2005, Brisson started the press publishing outfit New Reliable Press, publishing eight books. He has also worked as a letterer for Image, Random House, Douglas & McIntyre, among many other publishers.

At one point, Brisson, self-published the crime series Murder Book. He also broke into the spotlight in 2012 with the thriller series Comeback. In 2015, Murder Book was picked up and released by Dark Horse. Since then, Brisson has written and co-created four other series published by Image.

Brisson has also written for other publishers like Boom, Marvel, IDW, and many others. He has been nominated for the Joe Shuster Award for Best Canadian Writer several times.

Brisson lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife and daughter.

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