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Edwards Air Force Base was a United States Air Force base in the vicinity of Los Angeles, California.

Edwards AFB was suspected as a possible target for a bombing in connection with the Sweetzer Avenue case, as the Space Shuttle was scheduled to land there. (Trinity)

During Day 4, Jack Bauer told Mitch Anderson, who was preparing to shoot down Air Force One with a stolen stealth fighter, to change his heading to vector 115 southeast to put him on a fast track to Edwards Air Force Base. ("Day 4: 10:00pm-11:00pm")

During Day 5, personnel at Edwards AFB assisted in surveying the northern part of Los Angeles while attempting to find the target of Vladimir Bierko's planned terrorist attack. ("Day 5: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

During Day 6, General Walsh, stationed at Edwards AFB, was the primary contact for CTU Los Angeles as they worked with the Air Force to locate and destroy a nuclear aerial drone launched by Dmitri Gredenko and Abu Fayed. Walsh scrambled F-16s to intercept the drone's last-known position, but was forced to order them into a holding pattern after the drone disappeared from CTU's satellite grid. Ultimately, CTU managed to locate the drone piloting station and prevented it from detonating its payload in San Francisco. ("Day 6: 7:00pm-8:00pm")

Background information and notesEdit

  • An unidentified Air Force base is featured in Season 4, where Mitch Anderson steals the stealth fighter that he uses to destroy Air Force One. This base may have been intended to be Edwards, which is home to the Air Force Test Center and could conceivably house such an aircraft. Los Angeles AFB, located in El Segundo, is also nearby but has no runways or launch capability.
  • The maintenance crew of the real life Edwards AFB is thanked in the credits of "Day 6: 5:00pm-6:00pm", as the base was featured in the episode, doubling as Andrews Air Force Base.


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