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Elaine Al-Zacar was the mother of terrorist Marcos Al-Zacar. She lived in 4211 East 117th Street on East Harlem, New York City.

Before Day 8 Edit

Elaine was born in the US, and married a Kamistani immigrant, Marcos Al-Zacar, Sr.. They had a son named Marcos Jr.. Elaine was deeply affected after her husband was arrested for alleged connections to extremists and ended up spending four months in jail. Although the charges against Mr. Al-Zacar were dropped, he had trouble finding a job after that and committed suicide about a year later.

Day 8 Edit

Some time after 1:00am, Elaine was asleep at her home when Marcos called her. Without giving much details, Marcos urged her to leave New York City and head to his aunt's house. Elaine got worried and asked Marcos what was happening. He refused to give her more details but insisted that she leave. As he kept on pressing her, she assured him she would get ready to depart despite his failure to explain why.

As Elaine was getting ready to leave, Cole Ortiz and a team of CTU field agents arrived at her apartment. When she opened her door, they started checking the apartment while Cole explained to her what was happening with her son, Marcos. He then took her to St. Julian's Hospital where Jack Bauer approached her. Jack asked her for help in trying to convince Marcos to surrender himself. Stricken, Elaine agreed and approached the chamber where Marcos had locked himself in. Elaine started pleading to Marcos insisting that he surrender himself. However, Marcos refused to do so and, reluctantly, asked her to leave the room.

Some time later, Marcos agreed to surrender when Jack Bauer threatened to harm Elaine. However, Ali managed to activate the bomb detonator remotely and Marcos died in the explosion.

Live appearancesEdit

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