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Elyse Mirto (born October 2, 1968; age 55) played an injured train passenger in the premiere of Season 4.

Biography and career[]

Elyse Mirto was born in Detroit, Michigan. She is primarily a theater actress, but also has many television credits. She graduated with a BFA in musical theatre and studied Shakespeare at the Royal National Theatre in London.

During her career, she has appeared in TV shows like The Last Ship (with Maximiliano Hernandez and John Pyper-Ferguson), NCIS (with Pauley Perrette), and Criminal Minds (with Aisha Tyler).

Role on 24[]


Mirto's character begging for help.

Mirto had a brief role during Season 4 of 24. She played the role of a passenger on the train that was derailed by terrorist bomber Dar in the beginning of "Day 4: 7:00am-8:00am". Mirto's character was seen pinned amidst the wreckage and writhing in agony as Dar walked past her. She appeared only in that episode and was credited as a co-star.

24 credits[]

Selected filmography[]

  • Wicked (2021)
  • Steele Wool (2019)
  • Reckless Juliets (2017)
  • Avenge (2012)
  • Disturbia (2007)
  • Cowboy Junction (2006)

Television appearances

  • Motel Evil (2021)
  • Dynasty (2020)
  • Criminal Minds (2018)
  • The Last Ship (2015-2016)
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2009)
  • Cold Case (2006)
  • Eve (2006)
  • Numb3rs (2005)
  • Malcolm in the Middle (2005)
  • JAG (2002)
  • Chicago Hope (1999)
  • Sliders (1998)

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