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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Emilio was a Mexican narco-terrorist working for brothers Ramon and Hector Salazar during Day 3. He assisted in the torture of Chase Edmunds.

Day 3[]

When Chase was captured and brought in for interrogation, Hector ordered Eduardo and Emilio to extract from him if he had any help. The two used electricity and beatings to see what Chase knew. Hector checked in on Chase while Emilio was beating him with a gardening tool, and shoved Emilio away. Still getting no answer, Hector shot Chase in the hand and ordered Eduardo to use gasoline. Later, Claudia Hernandez (who was loyal to Jack Bauer) asked Emilio for a cigarette light while he took a break outside, but knocked him out and dragged him somewhere. She soon helped Chase kill Eduardo, and they fled with Sergio and Oriol.

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