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Enrique Hinojosa was an agent with the San Antonio Drug Enforcement Administration who worked undercover with Hector and Ramon Salazar for two years.


Enrique was sent with Jack Bauer, Julio, and Bucho to collect a package for the Salazar brothers. Hector told Enrique that Jack might be an undercover spy, while Ramon told Jack the same story about Enrique. Bucho also told Enrique that Jack could not be trusted. However, when Bucho caught Jack on the phone with CTU and threatened to kill him, Enrique shot Bucho and then Julio.

With the loyal Salazar employees out of the way, Jack and Enrique worked together openly. While Jack went to the penthouse, Enrique headed to the basement, where he discovered a tangle of traps and enough explosives to bring the hotel down. Working with CTU agent Rob Miller, Enrique disarmed the bomb in time to save all the hostages.

Once the hostage crisis was resolved, Jack returned to the Salazars with the package and Enrique's bloody badge as "proof" that the spy had been dealt with.

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