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Eric Myers was a mole within the FBI counter terrorism task force during Day 3 of The Rookie.

The Rookie[]

Esteban calls Eric

Whilst working at the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., Deputy Director Kate Wyman requested a satellie with thermal tracking capabilities. After Brett Rogers suggested using the Noram Weather Satellite, Eric reminded the others that the satellite they were referring to had been reserved by the NSA as extra protection for the President of the United States' trip to Baghdad. However, the satellite was used anyway. The NSA retook control of the satellite, stopping the FBI from being able to track Alton Maxwell, who had been kidnapped. Eric said that he did not have any other leads.

Later, Esteban Salazar called Eric to ask where Javier Medina, a traitor trying to put Salazar behind bars, was. Eric explained that his boss, Wyman had it, but Esteban said that if he did not tell him Medina's location, Salazar would have Eric killed. Eric agreed to do it, and managed to send the information to Esteban. However, in the process he aroused the suspicious of his fellow workers Brett and Lisa.

Eric is shot

After Lisa and Wyman begin to suspect Eric as a traitor, Wyman tells Lisa to track his monitor. She does this and successfully confirms that he is the traitor. In the FBI's server room, Eric is rapidly deleting files. Wyman enters with a gun, and instructs him to stop, or she will shoot him. He runs away, and her shot misses his head by inches. She pursues him, but finds it difficult in the dark confines of the server room. He makes a break for the exit, and Wyman hears him. Following his tracks, she shoots him in the shoulder, and then again in the knee, smashing a pane of glass.

Wyman approaches him and he unhappily says that she had said before that she did not want to shoot him. She replies that she did what was necessary.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Eric Myers: I'm risking a lot here, alright?
  • Esteban Salazar: And that is why you are paid generously!

  • Kate Wyman: Eric! I don't want to have to kill you.
  • Eric Myers: Then don't.

  • Eric Myers: I thought you said you didn't wanna kill me!
  • Kate Wyman: You're not gonna die; you're just gonna wish you did.

Background information and notes[]

  • It is not specified if Eric has any relation to the 24 villainess Nina Myers who appeared in the first three seasons of the show and shares the same surname as Eric.

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