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Eric Neal Young is a producer and director who worked on the mobile series 24: Conspiracy, as well as a special feature on the 24 DVD release of Season 5 titled "Music by Sean Callery".

Biography and career Edit

Young studied at American University where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Later, he completed a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of California.

Young worked as a freelance producer for some time, before he landed an executive position at The Walt Disney Studios. During his time in the company, he was involved in productions like Toy Story II, The Santa Clause, and The Rocketeer, among many others.

Young started his own company, Sparkhill Productions, which produced bonus features for DVDs as well as feature-length documentaries. During his time there, the company was commissioned with producing the 24: Conspiracy miniseries for mobile phones. He served as executive producer of the series. Young also directed some scenes, along with Marc Ostrick.

Young currently serves as a member of the faculty of Chapman University, in Irvine, California, offering courses on film and TV production.[1]

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