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This article's subject relates to Season 7 of 24.

Erika was an FBI analyst during Day 7. She was working with Sean Hillinger and Ryan Burnett as part of the conspiracy assisting Sangalan war criminal Iké Dubaku.

Day 7[]

Erika informed Larry Moss that the White House was on the phone and later heard from Janis Gold that Sean Hillinger's wife was on board a plane that had yet to land, indicating that it could be selected as a target. Sean was visibly upset and snapped at Erika when she asked if she could help.

Shortly after noon, Sean apologized to Erika for his actions earlier. She did not react much, but then suddenly referred to how much she enjoyed the prior night with Sean. He admitted that he also enjoyed the previous night. She asked Sean if they could meet that night, but he rejected her. When Janis confronted Sean, he admitted the affair and told her he would end it.

Later, Erika confronted Sean about the possibility of being discovered as a mole in the FBI, especially when she found out that the list was coming to FBI headquarters. Sean convinced her to crash the system before Chloe O'Brian and Larry Moss could read the list. As the servers crashed, Sean embraced her in a kiss and pressed her against a wall, where he shot her in the abdomen. She slid to the floor and died. To provide himself an alibi, Sean shot himself in the arm with the same pistol and then accused her of being the mole.

In the end, her murder and the crashing of the servers proved unsuccessful. Chloe regained all of the files moments later and Sean was quickly apprehended for his part in the conspiracy.

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