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Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds escape Fort Lesker.

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Chase calls Jack and tells him that the lockdown has been initiated. Jack says that they need to leave now, but Chase tells Jack that his cover has been blown and guards are swarming the only exit out of the control room. He tells Jack to go on, but Jack refuses and heads off to save Chase.


Jack in the central room

Jack heads through several corridors and reaches a large central room guarded by over twenty men. After killing one he takes an assault rifle and manages to eliminate them all. He crosses the room and reaches another corridor laden with a trip wire. If touched, Jack would die, so he pushes a container through it to set it off and passes by untroubled. He takes out several guards and reaches the control room where he meets up with Chase, and the two set off.


Jack remembers a helicopter he saw outside, and decides to head there. Chase says that there is a vehicle ramp that looks to be the quickest route, and they head out. As a team they successfully take out many more guards. They reach a door that is locked, and Jack covers Chase while he hacks into it. He hides behind a crate and manages to take out multiple enemies until Chase is finished and they pass through.

They eventually reach a small office for another shootout, then get to the exit ramp and into a jeep. They charge up the ramp, speeding past enemies, and get out the door before it closes. They get out and kill all enemies in the room, then head towards the helipad, taking out any terrorists that they come across. One enough enemies are killed for Jack and Chase to reach the helicopter, they run for it and get on. Jack says that if they are delivering the plutonium to the docks, they need to hurry.

Meanwhile, Peter Madsen is on the phone to Max, who asks if he has arrived yet. Madsen says that he has and that the first ship is being unloaded right now. Max says that there has been a problem at the warehouse, and Madsen asks if Bob Warner is cooperating. Max says that he is because he does not want to lose another daughter, as he watches a video feed of Kate Warner.


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