Wiki 24

Jack Bauer has to escape from the warehouse.


Jack calls Chase and asks if there are any feeds going through security. He says there are, and Jack deduces that it is from the hard drive and if he disconnects it an alarm will sound. Chase can think of no other option, and Jack disconnects it. In the security room Chase sees "Initiating Lockdown" flash up on all screens. Chase says that he will be there soon and heads off.

Meanwhile Jack has to escape from the computer lab. After slowing taking out all the guards Jack gets back to the entrance. As he does, Chase arrives.


Jack tells Chase that they need to leave now, and Chase agrees. They run through the complex and engage all of Madsen's men. They are all killed. Eventually Chase and Jack reach a door that takes them outside. A few more guards are present but are easily killed. Jack follows the path outside around several corners until he reaches a blue door; the exit of the warehouse.

Jack gives the hard drive to Chase and tells him to take it back to CTU. Chase asks what he is doing, and Jack says he needs to find Kate. Chase leaves and Jack continues to guard his position.