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Fang was a member of the Night Rangers biker gang who was noted for having chromed teeth and claw tattoos on his face.

Fang, Brodur, and a few other bikers intercepted another shipment of slaves as they entered Deadline the night after Day 8. A few of the bikers had to chase down two women who tried to escape, and Fang caught Trish and took her to The Crankcase. While there, Sticks asked Fang where Brodur was, and while the two bikers talked, Fang heard gunfire from Sammy's office. Fang and Sticks spotted Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds leaving his office, and when Fang tried to go inside, he realized it was on fire. Fang was one of the bikers who managed to escape, but several others didn't, and the strip club burned down.

Fang was later ordered to meet Agent Hadley and his team after their plane made an emergency landing on a road in Deadline. Fang loaned the agents a car before leading them to a shopping mart where Rydell had taken Edmunds and several civilians hostage. Sometime after Fort Blake was destroyed, Fang and Marshall started talking about the future of the MC. Fang tried to convince Marshall to stay when they were suddenly attacked by Jack Bauer. Bauer quickly snapped Marshall's neck before he choked Fang to death while he was on the ground. (Deadline)

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