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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.
Not to be confused with Farah, Naveed's sister.

Farah was a friend of the Araz family during Day 4.

Day 4[]


Farah is confronted by Navi

After Dina Araz and her son, Behrooz, escaped from Navi Araz, they hid out in a hotel and planned their next move. As Navi searched for them, he stopped at Farah's apartment to see if they were there. Farah was hesitant to let Navi inside, and he became suspicious. He forced his way in and searched the main rooms of her apartment, but she wouldn't let him into her bedroom. He was about to push her out of the way when her bedroom door opened and her lover came out to see what the problem was. He saw Navi and threatened to throw him out, but Navi pointed a gun in his face and told him to go back into the bedroom. As Navi turned to leave, Farah begged him not to tell her husband about her indiscretion. He told her that she was a disgrace.

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