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Farah Azizan was the sister of Naveed Shabazz.

Day 9 Edit

Naveed called Farah, telling her to pack her bags and get out of London as soon as possible. Farah tried to call him back, but he never answered his phone. She then left him a message, telling him she was worried about him and asking if they were still leaving London.

Later that hour, Farah was picking her daughter, Yasmin, up from school when she was greeted by her sister-in-law, Simone Al-Harazi. After embracing Simone, Farah asked her why Naveed wanted her to leave London. She responded by saying that, with the deadline for Naveed's dissertation approaching, the two decided to go on a vacation. When Yasmin was dismissed from school, Simone commented on how much she has grown. Farah laughed, saying that they have to buy new clothes for her every month. Farah would later ask Simone if she wanted to have dinner with her and her daughter, to which she accepted.

Lx06 main

Farah struggles with Simone.

Now at her house, Farah prepared some refreshments and told Simone how excited Yasmin was that her aunt was here. With Simone being increasingly quiet, Farah asked if something was wrong. Simone then told her to take her daughter and leave the city before it was "too late." Troubled, Farah got up and began to dial the police, and Simone told her that she was only trying to protect her from her mother. Farah then noticed that she had a knife in her hand and yelled at Yasmin to get out. Simone grabbed Farah and, in an ensuing struggle, accidentally stabbed her. Farah then perished in her sister-in-law's arms. ("4:00pm-5:00pm")

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