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The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, was the organization in charge of monitoring and directing commercial air traffic in the United States of America.

Day 1 Edit

Tony Almeida got a copy of Ted Cofell's flight plan from the FAA at 9:45am. It told him that Cofell was flying to Denver on a private plane, so Tony began to check up on terrorists located there. ("Day 1: 9:00am-10:00am")

Day 6 Edit

After 10:00am, Karen Hayes told President Palmer that the FAA had given the order to ground all civilian air traffic after the nuclear bombing in Valencia, California.

Day 7 Edit

On Day 7, the FAA's air traffic control tower "Northeast 3" was attacked with a worm that breached the CIP firewall controlled by Ike Dubaku and provoked a near miss between Flights GSA117 and SRI35).

Later in the day the CIP firewall was breached again and two planes crashed just southwest of the White House.

President Taylor ordered all non-essential flights grounded. The FAA began to ground as many of the 3500 planes above the continental United States as possible, but they knew they could not ground them all before Dubkau's demands had to be met. However by 11:00am there were just over 1000 planes left in the air.

Day 8 Edit

After an EMP destroyed CTU communication systems, Director Brian Hastings sent Agent Skaggs outside to contact FAA. He told Arlo Glass to give Skaggs the drones default flight plans so FAA could take them down before they crashed.

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